30+ Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtual Assistant Jobs

Being a virtual assistant has become a popular way to work remotely and at your own chosen schedule. In fact, virtual assistant jobs are widely considered to be the most sought-after types of home-based careers. It doesn’t matter if it is among work-at-home-moms (WAHMs), college students, retirees, and just about anyone in-between who needs another stream of income. This is especially important during these times of work-from-home normalcy with emphasis on the health and safety of workers.

If you are reading this today, chances are you are also interested in trying your hand at becoming a VA – or at least want to learn more information about it. So first, what exactly is a virtual assistant, and what kind of work is expected of one?

You can regard it as a personal office assistant who works remotely, for one. This means it encompasses a single job and is more of an umbrella term that covers a myriad of tasks typically associated with regular office assistance. The difference is that everything is done remotely and virtually. There will be very little to no personal interaction between the client and the virtual assistant. This makes it convenient for those who are introverted, have practical reasons for needing to stay home while working, and other workers who choose to be remote rather than report to an office every day.

With that in mind, it’s good to know the kind of tasks you should expect when you get hired for virtual assistance. Read up on the following section to get an idea of the jobs you are likely to be facing as a VA.


What Kind of Virtual Assistant Jobs From Home Can You Do

What Kind of Virtual Assistant Jobs From Home Can You Do?

Before we launch into what we hope to be an exhaustive list of virtual assistant jobs, it’s important to determine first what kind of VA niche you are willing to specialize in. As previously mentioned, there is not one single job tied to being a virtual assistant. However, if you are well-versed and thoroughly experienced in one particular skill – such as data entry or organizing schedules – it’s wise to highlight it in your job description or resumé. This will make clients and future employers easier to spot your skill if they are on the lookout for it. Otherwise, you could very well be lost in a sea of other generically-skilled virtual assistants in online job portals and marketplaces.

Realizing what your strengths are and playing to them could also help you launch your own specialized virtual assistance business in the future if you are so inclined. That said, the tasks that are expected of a virtual assistant could include any or a combination of the following:

  • Social media management

Many workers doing virtual assistant jobs part time usually handle the social media accounts of their clients and employers. They can do this during their “off” time – when they are in-between chores, after their main job, or whenever they find themselves free of other things to do.

Updating social media platforms might seem like a leisurely task to many, but a lot of clients simply do not have time for them – hence, they outsource the job to willing VAs (and pay them for it, if we might hasten to add).

  • Data entry

As our previous data entry jobs post mentioned, data entry tasks are regarded as potentially dull yet ultimately reliable virtual assistant jobs from home. You will most probably do either some or a whole lot of data entry when you get hired as a VA, but it will all depend on what your client requires of you.

Data entry also encompasses many kinds of activities, but you can expect some spreadsheet work, filing, typing, and other seemingly rote tasks that nevertheless keeps your client’s business or personal stuff organized.

  • Accounting or bookkeeping

If you have a background in accounting or bookkeeping and think you can offer it as a specialized niche in virtual assistance, you might just be able to snag clients in the banking, marketing, advertising, and other lucrative industries.

Not all virtual assistants are inclined toward matters of finance, so yours would be a rare but much-coveted experience and skill. With that in mind, make sure to highlight your accounting history if you wish to advertise to the right kind of audience.

  • Scheduling of appointments

One of the most common virtual assistant jobs for beginners is as simple as scheduling and keeping track of the client’s appointments. This could include personal calendars like birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

It could also mean fitting in clients and other people for interviews and meetings with your employer. It’s basically the equivalent of being a living and breathing reminder or calendar app, with a special emphasis on important dates and corresponding events.

  • Booking flights or venues

As with scheduling appointments, this particular task is typically part and parcel of being a virtual assistant. While it might initially seem that it won’t require too much time and effort to accomplish, this kind of task nevertheless requires an organized and coordinated person to do it successfully.

Travels usually involve more than just booking and buying a ticket, after all – there are insurances, hotel bookings, transportation, cancelations, weather considerations, and other factors that come into play. This holds especially true for clients who do a lot of business traveling or are involved in the industries of tourism, travel, and the like.

  • Email or cold-call marketing

Part of virtual assistant jobs sometimes includes managing the client’s inbox, reading, understanding, and drafting correspondence for business-related emails, and other similar tasks. Your client might assign you these tasks from the get-go, so they could become your default virtual assistant activities.

There could also be some cold-call marketing involved, especially if the client is running a business or is in sales. Usually, there is a prepared spiel and target quota to make the calls easier and the parameters clearly defined.

  • Planning events

Along with booking venues and conducting appointments for their clients, this particular task is another common one among virtual assistants. While coordinating and organizing are often done digitally, some real-life inspections, approvals, and meetings could also be expected from the VA to make the event go smoothly and without a hitch.

The planning would entail talking to venue owners, suppliers, and other aspects of event organization – including making sure everything is on time and contingency plans are in place (just in case).

  • Doing research

A virtual assistant is also expected to do some research work – though typically not all the time if you aren’t really a researcher. For instance, if the client is a content creator, is in advertising, does copy, runs a website or blog, or is involved in an industry where certain things need to be verified or written about, it could easily be part of a VA’s job to do some research on their behalf. Because the job is remote, the research would normally be done online, as well (though it would still all depend on what the client needs).

  • Answering phone calls and emails

Some of the most common tasks associated with virtual assistant jobs for beginners involve answering phone calls and emails for the client (or their business). This is all done remotely.

The VA is usually given access to the client’s business email account for faster correspondence on work-related matters. There will also likely be a dedicated mobile number for the virtual assistant to answer on the client’s behalf. The client could expect you to have a consistent tone and style when answering calls and emails, too.

  • Transcribing audio files

As several blog posts in the past here already discussed, transcription work falls under a broad umbrella of designated tasks – be they strictly for a transcriptionist, or for data entry workers and virtual assistants alike.

Since most industries rely on some form of transcription work in their process – especially if you work for a medical, legal, or entertainment business or entity – it’s safe to assume that some transcribing is in order for a virtual assistant. Some clients could require certification, experience, or training, but general transcription typically doesn’t have strict prerequisites.

  • Translating documents

If you specialize in translation, know a second (or several) language, and want to highlight this skill as part of your virtual assistant tasks, you will likely be selected by a business or institution that requires an in-house translator for their documents and other files.

This particular niche could fetch a higher rate than more general VA tasks, of course. Just be sure to be on the same page as your client as to the other virtual assistant tasks they expect you to do apart from translation.

  • Clerical or administrative tasks

Like with real-life office assistant work, you would be expected to do clerical and administrative tasks as a virtual assistant. The aforementioned answering of calls and emails, setting appointments and scheduling events, booking flights and accommodations, and other tasks of similar nature are to be expected.

As well, you could be tasked to do some typing, word processing, making sure there is strict compliance regarding workflow and processes (if there are other remote staff involved), organizing and filing documents, and ensuring proper paperwork and permits are in order for the client.

  • Ghostwriting

If you have a background in writing, you could prove to be invaluable to your client as a virtual assistant. Aside from drafting letters, emails, and other correspondence on their behalf, you might also be tapped to do ghostwriting – be it for their personal or business blog posts, website content, or marketing copy.

If you have exceptional writing skills, you could become your client’s “voice” for the text they want to put out for readers and their selected audience. Some virtual assistants are also tasked to come up with guest posts for other blogs as a form of networking and to have a broader audience. Others are asked to come up with regular columns or contribute to publications like magazines, newspapers, or online forums and social media platforms.

  • Public relations tasks

Part of being a virtual assistant is doing PR work. If your client needs to promote or advertise something, you will likely be tapped to do public relations virtually – either in social media platforms, via email blasts, or by other digital methods.

If you are a writer, you could also be tasked to write boilerplate press releases for your client’s company, business, or organization. Along with these might be other tasks that have to do with press outreach on behalf of your client, such as getting in touch with media and public relations outfits.

  • Representing for meetings or events

There will be times when a client cannot be present for meetings – yes, even virtually, by phone, or online! During these times, a virtual assistant could be deputized to “stand” in their place and be their representative. Similar to how personal assistants rep their clients, their virtual counterparts could do the same and answer questions and give information on their employer’s behalf.

  • Planning personal itineraries

Aside from booking flights and accommodations, a virtual assistant could also be tasked to plan entire itineraries for the client. Aside from corporate and work-related ones, the VA might also be asked to handle scheduling and other planning aspects for the client’s personal travels. This could include family-type trips or for solo rest and recreation, so some communication with travel agencies, airlines, hotels, and other hospitality organizations might be in order.


Tools You Will Need For Virtual Assistant Jobs

Tools You Will Need For Virtual Assistant Jobs

Since you will be working remotely, you will need to be equipped with the proper tools for your job as a virtual assistant. There might be specialized equipment such as with transcription or those who are relied on to come up with graphic designs. However, for the most part, simple and familiar office equipment are the tools of the trade for many virtual assistants. While we’re at it, we are also going to add the attitudes and skills needed to succeed in virtual assistant jobs.

  • Reliable Internet connection

This is a must for communication and sharing of files between a virtual assistant and the client (plus others who might be part of a remote staff). While it’s an essential tool for anyone who does remote work, VAs, in particular, will need a lot of web-based applications to communicate and accomplish tasks satisfactorily.

  • A personal computer or laptop

Borrowing a public or someone else’s computer is a no-no for a virtual assistant due to a number of practical and important reasons. For one thing, a lot of the work involved with being a VA has to do with client confidentiality and trust, so a borrowed laptop or PC would be frowned upon. For another, you could expect plenty of office and web-based applications and software to be downloaded and used. Having your own computer means easier access and less hassle to use these tools on a daily basis.

  • Basic computer skills

In line with owning your own computer, you will need to know how it works, of course. You won’t need to be a computer whiz in order to be an effective virtual assistant, but you must at least be computer literate. Basic skills like word processing, printing, scanning, creating spreadsheets, folders, albums, and PowerPoint presentations, and other digital “office” applications should be familiar to you before you even think of applying as a VA to someone.

  • A smartphone or tablet

Aside from a laptop or desktop computer, having a smartphone or tablet could help you organize your apps, documents, and other files for your clients much better and faster. Some compatibility concerns could also be addressed by having different devices that operate on iOS and Android so that you could be in sync with your client and other remote workmates all the time.

A time tracking app or software
Apps and software like Hubstaff can help keep track of a remote employee’s productivity and the projects they are currently working on. Having one installed and running in the background could help remind you of deadlines, and document at which stage a project is currently in, hear and give feedback from and for clients and teammates, and more. A time tracking app can also help you keep track of your billable hours, if applicable.

  • Instant messaging system

A virtual assistant will always need to be reachable and communicative. If you are part of a team, it is especially essential for easier coordination and when your boss needs to make company-wide announcements, reminders, or conduct online meetings. Your clients will likely have you download and install a system that everyone else (or at least they themselves) use for better organization and so that everyone is in sync with current and future projects.

  • Digital planner and calendar

You will most likely be doing a lot of scheduling of appointments, events, flights, meetings, and other important dates for your client. You will need a digital planner or calendar for this – pen and paper desk calendars and planners should be rendered obsolete because they are no longer reliable. Thankfully, there are programs and apps created expressly for scheduling and keeping on top of things for better organization and coordination.

  • Task management program

Productivity should be optimized even among remote workers. One of the best ways to ensure this would be to utilize an integrated task management system such as Asana or something similar. This will help make projects better organized, plus deadlines and tasks clearly defined within a team. For a virtual assistant, this particular tool will prove to be especially helpful in streamlining processes and scheduling for the client and other staff members.

  • Invoice and payment gateway

Having a reliable payment gateway like PayPal will help invoicing and getting your salary in an organized and efficient manner. You can have the settings be on repeat for due dates when your invoice is due so you won’t ever have to forget about charging your client for your services. A dependable and secure payment software can also help you keep track of receipts and charges to serve as reference for future clients and contracts.

  • Being patient

Now we’ve come to the part where attitude also plays an important role in the life and career of a virtual assistant. Patience is always number one when it comes to jobs like these. You can expect rote and repetitive tasks like filling out spreadsheets, data entry, audio transcription, and plenty of meetings. Having patience will help you anticipate potential obstacles and come up with solutions instead of being frustrated.

  • Being organized and attentive to details

You will most likely be hired for your attention to detail and organization skills. These are given traits of a virtual assistant and should always be present in every task you will perform. This means using the tools mentioned above to make sure the right processes are in place and all details pertaining to each process are available for everyone to refer to and follow.

  • Having time management skills

Things can be organized to a fault, but they will be useless without proper deadlines and timelines to follow. Use the appropriate time-tracking and calendar apps or software, along with other office management tools to ensure that everyone is on track and on board with the projects being tackled. It will be one of your default jobs to make sure things are being done on time.

  • Having effective communication skills

Communication is key in any job, but more so with virtual assistance. You will be managing your client’s schedule and aspects of their business or personal endeavors on their behalf. You will also likely be talking to venue owners, travel agents, their clients or customers, and other people they interact with on a daily basis. Knowing how to be professional and friendly in your manner of communication – whether it’s by phone, email, or chat – will make you a valuable asset to your employer.


Where to Get Dozens of Virtual Assistant Jobs For Beginners

Where to Get Dozens of Virtual Assistant Jobs For Beginners

We have now come to the resources part of this blog post. Most of the companies and websites indicated here are hiring home-based virtual assistants, or at least have handy resources at the ready for those who need them.

  1. 24/7 Virtual Assistant offers clients a wide variety of virtual assistant capabilities, including administrative support encompassing filing and sorting, collating, photocopying, keeping track of important documents, records, and correspondences, word processing or typing, appointment scheduling, and more. The company holds offices in Atlanta and in India. If you wish to be a virtual assistant with 24/7 Virtual Assistant, you can expect to hold shifts during US times of 9 AM to 5 PM EST, or 10 PM to 6 AM EST to accommodate clients from other countries.
  2. As a crowdsourcing marketplace, Amazon mTurk aims to provide job-seekers with tasks they can earn from, whether it’s seasonal, part-time, or full time. If you want to look for virtual assistant jobs in any location, simply type in the appropriate keywords on the two search bars at the top of the page. Then you can choose to filter by job type, category, location, business type, and more to narrow down the best fit for you.
  3. Assistant Match provides virtual assistants with training, resources, and clients. They also want to help those who are just beginning to transition into the work-from-home scenario by giving them more information on how to succeed at it. You can register with the site to become a virtual assistant and access Assistant Match’s resources of job opportunities.
  4. Belay Solutions boasts of being “100% remote since before it was cool”. Bragging aside, Belay offers virtual assistant services to its clients to help them manage their businesses or organizations more efficiently. They tout the services to anyone – from executives, entrepreneurs, creatives, church leaders, and practically everybody in need of simplified business solutions. If you want to apply with Belay, click on the Jobs link which will take you to an application page filled with further information and resources for VAs.
  5. Boldly offers virtual assistant jobs from home and other remote staff to businesses and entities registered with them. The site proudly features a certification banner for “Great Place to Work in 2020 USA”. There is a link at the top bar for Virtual Assistants which, when clicked, will lead to a page filled with information and resources about why you should get a VA with Boldly. If you want to try your luck at being part of their team, click on the We’re Hiring link at the bottom of the page. It will take you to another page to fill out an application, and even more videos and information about being a VA with them.
  6. Byron wants clients to “eliminate your busy work with people-powered assistants”. This on-demand assistant platform aims to give clients the right kind of VA services for their business or personal needs. They further claim that their virtual assistants are “top tier”, and have been vetted and subjected to several level testing for around a hundred skills such as research, data entry, phone calls, customer support, administrative, writing, marketing, and more. If you are interested in applying with Byron, click on the Become An Assistant link below the homepage and fill out the application form.
  7. The main objective of Contemporary Virtual Assistance for its clients is to delegate, focus, and grow their business with the help of VAs for hire. Some of the expected activities from their roster of virtual assistants include updating sites, working with technology clients don’t want to bother with, providing email or phone customer support, coordinating appointments and schedules, and more. Click on the Careers link if you wish to apply with Contemporary Virtual Assistance. It will lead you to a page indicating which positions are currently available for hiring.
  8. Equivity VA is constantly seeking virtual assistants who are “resourceful, detail-oriented, proactive and extremely organized.” If you think you have all these qualities, keep scrolling and reading the site’s homepage for further qualifications and information on how to apply as a VA with them. They need virtual assistants who have excellent communication skills, responsiveness, can work independently and with limited oversight, have initiative, among others. They also prefer those with a Bachelor’s Degree in any four-year college program, have proficiency in search engines and online rating sites, know common email platforms, with previous experience as a VA, and are based in the US.
  9. Guru is a job portal for freelancers to get hired. Some of the more professional jobs listed in the site include administrative and secretarial, sales and marketing, writing and translation. If you want to look for virtual assistant work specifically, you can either click on the Find Jobs link at the top bar to get to a page with a dropdown menu of job categories. Personal or virtual assistance is in a subcategory under Administrative and Secretarial. Or, you can always type in your keywords in the search bar for faster results.
  10. Fancy Hands aims to provide US-based “assistants for everyone”. Their services are also available via mobile apps for both Android and iOS users. Some of the assistance provided by Fancy Hands include research, home or personal assistance, events planning, restaurant or travel coordination and booking, and more. Clients can call, send a message, or use a chat system to “request” these activities, which are usually short ones but can be recurring for as long as the client needs assistance.
  11. Fiverr is a tried-and-tested place to get virtual assistant jobs part time or full time. This freelance service marketplace offers a myriad of remote work for those seeking them. If you want to see what kind of VA jobs are available, simply type in ‘virtual assistant’ in the search bar. The search results usually yield hundreds of profiles with a five-star rating system, plus the talent fee they are asking for – just in case you want to get an idea of how much to charge for your own specialized services.
  12. FlexJobs offers plenty of remote jobs that are suitable in this day and age (and circumstances). There is a wide array of jobs that will suit anyone’s lifestyle and preference, from part-time to full-time, employee or freelance, to onsite or with flexible and alternative schedules. You can start looking for VA jobs by typing in virtual assistant in the job search bar on top and narrow down the search further by typing your zip code, city, or state.
  13. Glass Door wants you to ‘find a job that fits your life” – which is really what remote work is all about. It breaks down its process in four simple steps: find the right job via their site, research companies that look to be the right fit for you, compare salaries, then apply for the job you want. After registering with your email address, you can start exploring virtual assistant jobs on the site or via the app, which is available for both iOS and Android users.
  14. Indeed makes the job search process so much easier with a no-nonsense site layout and functionality. After creating your profile with them, it will take just a few seconds to post your resume so potential employers can find you. You can also refer to company reviews and find a salary that fits your needs. There are two search bars – the “what” and “where” – to help you narrow down the search further.
  15. LifeBushido helps people all over the world who prefer to work part-time by offering them jobs in virtual assistance and customer service support. If you have what the site calls “unique talent”, you are encouraged to join them as a virtual assistant or in other part-time remote capacities. They tout work-from-home moms and dads, caregivers, seniors, students, and other job seekers as part of their workforce, which is highly encouraging to those who might be seeking an extra source of income.
  16. Monster has the goal of helping job seekers find the right kind of work for them better and faster. You can search for virtual assistant jobs by typing in choice keywords in the search bar. Or, you could try looking via the links for all jobs available, fresher jobs, contract jobs, and part time ones. You will need to upload your resume and create a profile first, after which the site will send you an email with jobs that match your criteria and experience. You could also try looking for VA job vacancies by company, skills, industry, or if an employer is an international or local one.
  17. Office 88 invites users to be part of their “freelance tele-staff”, which is a unique way to describe home-based virtual assistants, web designers, translators, secretaries, and other remote workers. You will be asked to fill out a registration form and answer a short test, depending on the kind of task you want to take on. The site promises to get back to you shortly after accomplishing and submitting these pre requirements.
  18. Okay Relax is aptly named for its intention to help their clients become stress-free by way of offering virtual assistance. Some of the tasks a VA can be expected to perform here include personal ones like venue planning and organizing, online recommendations for gifts and other things, giving personal messages to the client’s family and friends, signing up for membership in behalf of the client, or cancelling subscriptions for them. There are also business-related tasks like booking appointments and venues for the client and staff, and family and travel-related activities, too.
  19. People Per Hour hires freelancers for a myriad of remote jobs, including virtual assistance. You can click on the blue button that says “I want to work as a freelancer” or sign up using your email or Facebook account. Then you can be part of their roster of freelancers who have their accounts and areas of expertise up, so any client who needs a virtual assistant can pick you out and hire you.
  20. Red Butler reassures clients that they have “professional virtual executive assistants” who can get any task done. They have been around since 2005 and promise to perform activities on behalf of their clients like taking care of their email and business or personal calendars, answering calls, managing their inbox, performing administrative or receptionist duties, and more.
  21. Remote has plenty of virtual assistant jobs to offer on their menu. You can start searching for them by using choice keywords on the search bar – try the company name, keyword combinations, specific tasks, etc. You will immediately see a list of the newest remote job postings with timestamps of when they were put up, so you can rest assured there are fresh jobs to choose from.
  22. Smith AI says “come work with us!” They make this invitation even more enticing by offering comfort and convenience while earning an income from home. Smith promotes a “fun and productive work environment that is challenging, varied, and highly rewarding”. Part-time positions are available for four hours a day (five days a week or more), while full time ones are available for 40 hours a week. Primary responsibilities include answering calls and performing web chats, taking messages, booking appointments, transferring calls, and more.
  23. Super Human claims to be passionate about productivity. They want their members to help “shape the future of email, communication, and productivity” with open positions in lead software, full stack, IOS and QA engineering, as well as content lead and customer acquisition. If you think you share the same vision as Super Human, simply click on the blue Join Us button at the homepage.
  24. Taskrabbit is a popular freelance mobile and online marketplace that offers virtual assistant jobs, too. Though more commonly known for quick, manual tasks, clients can also seek remote workers to do data entry, office administration, personal assistance, events organization and coordination, and similar jobs. Click on the Become a Tasker link to create your account with the site, then browse through available jobs via the Services by City or All Services links.
  25. You can apply to become a virtual assistant with Time Etc. which in turn will match you with clients and professionals that are best suited to your work experience and expertise. Reviews about the selection process with this site claim it is strict, but fair, with only a small percentage of applicants approved. Small wonder, because they claim to have provided VAs for such prestigious companies as Apple, Facebook, and others in the US and UK!
  26. UAssistMe offers clients virtual assistance services for everyday business needs. These tasks can cover both administrative and marketing ones, with hand-picked virtual assistants whose expertise cover communications, finance, graphic design, business administration, web development, and more. If you have what it takes to be a VA job with UAssistMe, click on the Join Our Team link at the bottom of the homepage to begin the application process.
  27. VaVa Virtual Assistants currently has job openings for website developers and virtual executive assistants. The latter has a link that leads to a page explaining what you could expect from the job, including the hours, responsibilities, qualifications, required proficiencies, compensation (the page states $15/hour with a monthly pay range between $200 – $1,500), and how to apply.
  28. Virtual Assistant USA has a menu of tasks that a VA can perform for their clients, including administrative, technological, marketing, strategy, and all the subtasks, tools, and activities that make them up. The site has been around for at least a dozen years, and claims to have stumbled upon the formula for doing virtual assistance the right way. To be a VA with them you have to be a US citizen, be a native English speaker, have college-level educational attainment, and have at least ten years of experience with virtual assistance.
  29. You can look for virtual assistant jobs for beginners at Virtual Staff Finder by signing up with the site and going through the steps to get hired. The registration process aims to get you matched with the right job and client with your description. Then they will hand pick potential VAs for their clients by testing them and having the client conduct interviews. If you pass muster, you get hired.
  30. Zirtual aims to provide work-life balance for its clients by way of quality virtual assistance. Virtual assistants who are successful in applying with them can expect such tasks as email management, scheduling and planning, expensing and invoicing, social media management, research and reports, personal tasks, and more for their clients. If you’re ready to join them, click on the Become a Virtual Assistant link at the bottom of the homepage, and follow the information and instructions on the page.