Learn How to Earn Free Gift Cards with GrabPoints

July 13, 2018

GrabPoints has one of the most extensive rewards programs available. By answering surveys, watching videos, completing offers, and downloading apps, you can redeem a wide variety of rewards, including free Amazon Gift Cards, Bitcoin, iTunes redemption codes, and Steam Wallet codes.

And that’s just for starters! There are a lot more rewards for you to get just by participating in GrabPoints. You can check out all these awesome rewards on our Rewards Catalog.

To get you started, we created this guide on how to earn free gift cards on GrabPoints. It’s pretty comprehensive, but make sure you read through the entire thing. Let’s get to it!

Step 1: Sign-Up on GrabPoints

1. Head over to the GrabPoints homepage and fill-out the Join for Free form on the right side of the page:

GrabPoints Earn Free Gift Cards

2. After you click the Sign Up Now button, you will be asked to enter an invite code. Entering an invite code will earn you 500 bonus points instantly – you’re not even done registering, and you’re earning already!

How to plug in your GrabPoints invite code

If you prefer signing-up without an invite code, simply select Skip to continue the process.

Reminder: Invite codes are great for early bonus points, but you don’t need one to sign-up.

3. Answer the demographics questions. We’ll be asking you to provide basic info such as your gender, age, location, and zip code. Providing the necessary info will earn you more points!

Answer demographic questions to make more points

These questions are meant to establish which demographic you belong to. When GrabPoints knows more about you, we can assign you surveys and tasks that are better suited to your demographic.

Reminder: You can skip some or all of these questions. Providing all your info is not mandatory – but doing so will ensure a better overall experience for you.

Step 2: Complete Your Profile

1. Edit your profile on your dashboard. Make sure you fill-out all the fields as accurately as possible. That is to ensure you don’t miss out on notifications, rewards, and location-based offers.

GrabPoints Profile new

2. Provide info for your online wallets. These include your PayPal and bitcoin addresses. A bitcoin address is optional, but you will need a PayPal account to redeem your points as cash.

GrabPoints Wallet new

3. Edit your demographics. This is similar to what you did on the first step. The information you provide will also help us assign suitable surveys to you.

Complete your GrabPoints Profile - Step 3

Step 3: Get Free Gift Cards for Completing Tasks!

There are three ways for you to do this:

1. Complete Surveys for Free Gift Cards

GrabPoints will have a wide range of surveys for you to take, which you can find under the Complete Surveys section of your profile’s dashboard. These surveys have been pre-selected based on your profile and demographics. You will also be able to see the amount of points each survey pays!

GrabPoints Paid Surveys new

Before you start the actual survey, you may have to provide some initial info, such as your age and preferred language.

Once you start the survey, make sure you answer the questions as truthfully and accurately as possible. Doing so will open up opportunities for you to take more money-earning surveys later on.

GrabPoints uses an algorithm that checks for inconsistent or contradictory answers. Providing false or random info may get you disqualified from completing the survey.

2. Watch Videos for Free Gift Cards

The videos that are available for you to view will be under the Watch Videos section of your dashboard. Just like the surveys, these videos have been pre-selected for you, and you will know how many points watching each video will earn you.

GrabPoints Watch Videos new

You will be watching these videos on different websites, so don’t worry if clicking a link on your dashboard takes you out of GrabPoints (you earnings will still be credited to your GrabPoints account). These sites include Smores.TV, Engage.Me, Videology, Jun Videos, and many others.

Adscend Video Offers

3. Complete Offers to Earn Free Gift Cards

This task involves signing-up for offers on other websites. There are a wide variety of offers – for example, some will ask you to sign-up for a free media streaming trial, while others will require you to download a game on your mobile phone and play it for a set amount of time.

GrabPoints Do Offers new

You can check out the available offers in the Complete Offers section of your dashboard. Just like the first two items, you will know how many points each offer will pay you.

Step 4: Trade Your Points for Free Gift Cards

1. Once you’ve accumulated a minimum of 3000 points, you can trade them for free gift cards. You can find the available gift cards and other rewards in the Reward Store section of your dashboard. Simply select the item you’d like to redeem in the menu. The price in points will be deducted from your total earnings.

GrabPoints Rewards Catalogue New

2. You can also choose to redeem your points as cash. Your payout will be sent via PayPal. Please note that cash rewards are available in $3, $5, $10, $20, and $50 increments.

GrabPoints Reward Paypal new

Reminder: PayPal rewards will only be sent to the email specified in your GrabPoints account. So make sure you add the correct email address while registering.

3. And that’s it! We’ll send you your rewards within 48 business hours. You can tell your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus about your earnings. You will earn 250 points for each friend that signs-up on GrabPoints using your referral code!