GrabPoints vs ClixSense Review

October 15, 2018

On the surface, rewards sites are all pretty similar. They offer rewards – usually cash and gift cards – for completing a variety of tasks. These tasks usually include answering surveys, watching videos, and taking offers. But with the hundreds – if not, thousands – of rewards sites popping up, they can’t all be legit, right?

Getting overwhelmed with all these choices is pretty much to be expected. So which one do you go for? To help you decide, this series of blog posts will be comparing GrabPoints with another rewards site. This time, we’ll be checking out GrabPoints and another popular rewards site: Clixsense

This isn’t necessarily a review of either site. This article will only be comparing each one to help you decide which is worth your time and effort. It’s also worth noting that each one is totally legit. If Clixsense weren’t legit, we wouldn’t be including them in this write-up in the first place!

Wanna know which one is the better rewards site? Read on!


Get to Know GrabPoints and ClixSense

The article will provide a pretty detailed look into how each site works. But before we get into that, let me give you an overview of each site first. First up is GrabPoints:

GrabPoints Earn Free Gift Cards

GrabPoints Overview

You can consider GrabPoints an upstart in the rewards and survey scenes. The company has been around for only about four years. But they’ve accomplished a lot in that amount of time. They currently have over 4 million members, and have distributed over $5 million (and counting) worth of rewards.

GrabPoints has all the earning methods that rewards site peeps will be familiar with. On GrabPoints, you can earn by answering surveys, watching videos, downloading and testing apps, and taking special offers. you earn points for each task completed, and you can redeem your points as cash (sent via PayPal) or gift cards. GrabPoints has tons of gift cards – whichever type of establishment you prefer, chances are GrabPoints has a gift card for it.

The most noteworthy thing about GrabPoints is that it’s the highest-paying survey site in the world. High payouts is something that is definitely unique to GrabPoints – this has to be the reason why its user base has grown by leaps and bounds in only four years. And now on to ClixSense:


ClixSense Overview

ClixSense has been around since 2007, but they used to have a different business model. Back then, the primary way to earn on the site was to click ads. They recently upgraded their earning program to include taking surveys, taking offers, and accomplishing tasks.

While ClixSense’s revised earning programs are relatively new, they’re a totally legit site. When you count the previous version of the site, they’ve distributed over $34 million to members. You can redeem your earnings as cash, which is sent via Dwolla, Payoneer, Skrill, Tango Card, or cheque. There seems to be a lot of cash payout options here, but PayPal is noticeably missing. Also, you’ll have to take into account the corresponding fees and processing times with ClixSense. I’ll be covering that in the next section.


GrabPoints: the Pros and Cons

Now that you’ve gotten to know each site, allow me to break-down the pros and cons of each site. Let’s start with GrabPoints:

Pro: It’s the Highest-Paying Survey Site in the World

GrabPoints pays the most for each completed task. It is able to provide high payouts by working with only top-paying advertisers. The surveys and tasks provided by GrabPoints are commissioned by these advertisers. GrabPoints shares the awesomeness in the form of high payouts.

Numbers don’t lie – below is a graph showing payouts for common tasks on GrabPoints:

Answering Surveys on GrabPoints

Answering Surveys on GrabPoints


Watching Videos on GrabPoints

Watching Videos on GrabPoints


Taking Offers on GrabPoints

Taking Offers on GrabPoints


Pro: Lots of Earning Options

In addition to withdrawing your earnings as cash, you can also request payouts in the form of gift cards. GrabPoints has dozens of gift cards across a wide variety of establishments, websites, and services. This makes cashing-out an enjoyable experience on GrabPoints!

Pro: It has Lots of Available Surveys

Answering surveys is one of the most popular earning methods on GrabPoints. Apart from its survey wall, GrabPoints is also a survey router. It connects you to over 20 daily survey sites, including companies such as Theorem Reach, Revenue Wall, and Pollfish – all legit names in the market research and survey industries.

Pro: Earn on the Go

GrabPoints has taken considerable effort to ensure that it has a top-notch mobile experience. The GrabPoints website is responsive, and works well across different devices — whether that device is an iOS, Android mobile device, or your desktop computer.

The mobile experience is the result of GrabPoints’ insights on user behavior. The best time to answer surveys or watch videos is during your spare time. For most people, that spare time is during their commute or while waiting in line at the grocery or ATM. With a mobile-optimized experience, GrabPoints members should be able to earn rewards wherever (and whenever) they are.

Pro: Easy to Manage Minimum Payouts

Once you’ve earned the equivalent of $3, you can request a payout, either as cash (sent via PayPal) or as a gift card (sent via email). That minimum payout threshold is one of the lowest in the industry. You shouldn’t have trouble reaching that amount. And that means you can withdraw your earnings more often. And speaking of withdrawing your earnings…

Pro: Blazing-Fast Payment Processing Times!

All payout requests are handled within 48 hours! GrabPoints’ fast processing speed is light years ahead of the competition’s.

The fast processing speed, coupled with the low minimum payouts, means you’ll have an easier time accumulating and withdrawing your earnings.

Con: Manage Your Expectations

Yes, GrabPoints is the highest-paying survey site in the world. But it still isn’t a get-rich-quick site. GrabPoints is good for earning a few dollars each month on the side – enough to help with the groceries or to add to your monthly savings. But the fact that GrabPoints doesn’t package itself as a get-rich scheme is actually a good sign. Nobody will get rich answering surveys, and any site that claims you will is probably a scam.


ClixSense: the Pros and Cons

So that was GrabPoints. Now on to the pros and cons of ClixSense:

Pro: They Adapt to the Times

Back in the day, clicking ads was the only way you could earn on ClixSense (hence their name). The people who own and operate the site must have seen the shift in the rewards scene. People preferred more engaging earning methods such as answering surveys. ClixSense adapted to the changing times, and they’re all the better for it.

Con: Earning Potential is Unclear

Earnings for surveys range from a low of $0.30 to a high of $0.50. This is considerably lower than what you can earn answering surveys on GrabPoints (see above), but beyond those numbers, ClixSense doesn’t disclose much more. So it’s difficult to foresee just how much you’ll be earning on this site.

Con: They Charge Fees on Withdrawals

The site has a minimum cashout $10 ($20 if you prefer Payoneer), and you can receive your cash via Payoneer, Tango Card, Dwolla, Skrill, or cheque. There’s a 1% when you withdraw via Skrill, and a $2 fee when you withdraw via Payoneer. Cheque payments are free the first time, but you’ll get charged $1 for each transaction thereafter.

Con: Long Processing Times

For starters, the minimum cashout is pretty high, so it might take you a while before you can withdraw your earnings. And when you do, processing also takes a while. Once you request a payout, your request is placed on a queue, and it could take 5 to 7 business days to process! And if you’re a new member, your payments could take up to 15 days. That is way too long a wait for your earnings.


In Closing

With the information made available, it’s clear that GrabPoints provides the better overall experience – and highest earnings! ClixSense is legit, but survey earnings on their site is nowhere near that of GrabPoints.

For more earnings and a better experience, use GrabPoints!