GrabPoints vs Earnably Review

October 30, 2018

Earning via GPT and survey sites has become such a normal thing that practically everyone I know who freelances (and even those with stable office jobs) do it as a side gig. It makes sense, too – you won’t have to commute to and from work, there’s no need to make a separate budget for outside meals and gas or cab/bus/train fare, and you don’t have to put together a corporate wardrobe just to sit down in front of the computer and earn a paycheck.

I have to reiterate, though, that these sites are in no way meant to replace full-time, more stable jobs with steadier incomes. Though the potential to earn high on some GPT and survey sites is there, there are so many factors that will likely prevent you from relying on them as a main source of income. They are best used as extra sources of cash or other rewards – maybe for additional pocket money or to go to a special fund for holiday shopping or travel.

With that said, we’re comparing two promising GPT sites today: GrabPoints and Earnably. Are they both worth your while (even if it’s a couple-of-hours-a-day kind of while), or are they sites you shouldn’t’ even waste time on? Let’s take a closer look.

GrabPoints Earn Free Gift Cards

First Impressions First

How long have they been around?

Both Earnably and GrabPoints are relatively new to the GPT and survey site game.

Earnably was put up in 2015, while GrabPoints was established in 2014. Having been active at roughly the same amount of time, I’d say the two sites are neck and neck when it comes to longevity.

Is registration free and are they open to everyone?

It’s free to sign up with Earnably and you only need to use an email address and a password. The same goes for GrabPoints – joining up won’t cost anything. Since both sites offer PayPal cash as a payment option and if that’s something you want to use for cashing out at either side, make sure that the email you provide upon registration is the same one you use for PayPal transactions.

GrabPoints can be used by anyone worldwide. For the most part, Earnably is available for worldwide membership too, though there are specific countries that currently have membership restrictions. These are Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Liberia, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Sudan, Thailand, Tunisia, Venezuela, and Vietnam.

How big is their membership at the moment?

GrabPoints currently has 4 million members (and counting). There are no site stats indicating how big Earnably’s membership is right now, but since referral links are their thing and members earn 10% of referral earnings for life – I would hazard a guess that membership is in the millions.

Earnably Home

What You Can Expect As A Member

What methods do they offer to earn?

There are lots of ways to earn at Earnably, with the above-mentioned referral system as just one good example. You can do daily surveys, take up offers on their Offer Walls, watch videos, play games, download apps, and take advantage of promo codes.

You’ll be happy to know that GrabPoints offers many methods to earn, as well. Aside from taking surveys, you can also download apps, watch videos, play games, complete offers…and earn from their referral system (more on this in a bit).

How much do they pay per task?

In Earnably, a hundred points equals a dollar. For GrabPoints, a dollar means a thousand points. This might seem like quite the discrepancy, but everything really boils down to how much points you can earn per task, and how quickly you can redeem those points for cash or other rewards.

As an example, the offers on Earnably vary, points-wise. In one Offer Wall, you can see offers ranging from around 2 points to 20+ points. You’re going to have to rack up enough points to meet the hundred point minimum to cash out, so there’s quite a bit of work to do.

With GrabPoints, there are paid offers that could be worth up to hundreds of points, though there is also the risk for getting spammed for trying credit card trials (that you have to unsubscribe to, or else risk getting charges on your account). The surveys can also earn you anywhere between 45 points to tens of thousands, but again, it all depends on variables like demographics, length of test, the partner company requiring feedback, etc.

Earnably Redeem Rewards

What are the payment methods and rewards involved?

As previously mentioned, both sites offer PayPal as one payment method. Earnably also throws in gift cards from Amazon, Starbucks, Spotify, and League of Legends plus bitcoins if you like earnings redeemed that way. GrabPoints also allows users to cash out via PayPal, as well as redeem their points for gift cards from different retailers. Another popular form of reward come in the form of prepaid cards for games like Xbox and Minecraft.

How much is needed to cash out/redeem?

Here, I’m happy to report that these two GPT sites have some of the lowest minimum payment thresholds in the vast field of online rewards sites. It takes only the equivalent of $2 in your Earnably account before you can cash out via PayPal! The gift cards vary in value, so the points needed to redeem them vary, as well.

GrabPoints is known for having a low cashout requirement at just $3 via PayPal. The other rewards like gift cards are also pretty easy to redeem, and can immediately be used because the site makes sure to pay fast (usually within 48 business hours).

So really, it’s quite the pleasant surprise to know that both sites are considerate enough not to make members wait for their earnings by providing a steep trigger payout, or processing them for longer than a couple of days.

GrabPoints Refer Friends new

Is there a referral system?

As previously mentioned, yes for both sites!

Earnably has a system that really rewards the person who referred others to sign up and be active users. Each referral that earns 1 point earns you 0.1 point. For a hundred points you will earn 10, and so on and so forth. And you can also earn from your referrals’ referrals! Each one earns you an additional 5% once they sign up using your referral link.

GrabPoints also has a good referral program but the points value vary from country to country. Needless to say, it’s a great way to sit back and earn some passive income.

Have There Been Compliments/Complaints About The Site?

The most common positive feedback for Earnably would have to be on the low minimum payment threshold, plus the generous referral system. Also, there are numerous ways to earn on their site, and not just by answering surveys. On the other hand, there have been complaints about Earnably not paying on time, or getting accounts suspended all of a sudden.

GrabPoints, on the other hand, also gets praises for having a low minimum cash out amount and plenty of things to do to earn points. A common complaint with them is that the surveys often get filled up really quickly, and that videos are few and far-between.

So Who Gets Your Vote?

Of course, this being a post on a blog for GrabPoints, ultimately I confess to being biased because it really is one of my favorite survey and GPT sites. It hasn’t failed me yet as an alternative source of income, so I have no reason to change my mind and initial impressions about it.

But this is where I find the dilemma of choosing (or not choosing) between two legitimate survey sites a good problem to have because hey, there’s no law against signing up for both, right? I like what Earnably offers, especially since they cash out fast and have a low minimum payment just like GrabPoints. For me, that means they are a considerate site and won’t make you wait in frustration for your earnings.