GrabPoints vs EarnHoney Review

November 8, 2018

A rewards site can make lots of claims about why they’re better than other sites. They can offer cutesy photos, inspirational quotes, and promise that you’ll have lots of fun using their site. All of that is great, but when it comes down to it, the potential earnings should be the main deciding factor whether a rewards site is worth your time, right? What good are nice visuals when you earn peanuts? And how much fun can a site be when it takes up to a few weeks for you to get your earnings? So yeah, for a site to be great, it has to offer the highest payouts… and process those payouts fast!

We’re obviously biased here, but we think GrabPoints fits that bill. GrabPoints is the highest-paying rewards site in the world, and you can get your earnings within 48 hours. But to illustrate how great these features are, this blog post will be comparing GrabPoints to another rewards site – in this case, EarnHoney.

Before we get on with this blog post, we need to point out that this isn’t a review per se. Both GrabPoints and EarnHoney are completely legit. We’re pretty sure you’ll get paid if you use EarnHoney. But how much can you get paid? And how does the overall experience compare with that on GrabPoints? Those are just some of the questions this blog post will be answering. So let’s get to it!

GrabPoints and EarnHoney Overviews

Before we do a side-by-side comparison of GrabPoints and EarnHoney, let’s check out some basic info about each site. Below are overviews of each site, and they can function as your introduction to each one.

GrabPoints Earn Free Gift Cards

GrabPoints: an Overview

GrabPoints has been around since 2014. Some rewards sites have been around for way longer, but in just four years GrabPoints has risen to the top of the rewards site heap. It was able to do that by giving its members the highest-paying rewards in the world. And the numbers speak for themselves. Membership on GrabPoints has grown to over 4 million members in just four years. And in that time, the site has distributed over $5 million in earnings. If we could rewrite the thesaurus, we’d put “explosive growth” and “GrabPoints” in the same entry.  We’ll be showing you how much you can earn on GrabPoints later, but needless to say you can’t grow a user base that fast without giving the highest rewards in the industry.

How do I Earn on GrabPoints?

You’ll never get bored using GrabPoints. On the site, you can answer surveys, watch videos, complete offers, and install apps. This is awesome, because if you ever get bored doing one task (not that you ever will be!) you can always switch tasks. Plus, more earning methods means more earnings. The payouts per task will depend on how long and complex a task is, but overall, they’re still pretty simple and easy to do. Whenever you complete a task, GrabPoints will reward you with points. And you can redeem your points later on for cash or different gift card. Okay, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. This was meant to be just an overview of GrabPoints. We’ll be talking about the specifics later. But now, let’s check out EarnHoney. Are they as sweet as the name implies? Let’s find out!

EarnHoney Home

EarnHoney: an Overview

EarnHoney, like GrabPoints, has been around since 2014. But there isn’t a whole lot of information about the site. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Their website still has lots of info on how you can earn and use the site. There’s even a sort of news ticker that shows how much people are earning in real-time. This is an awesome feature, since some rewards sites give off that ghost town vibe.

How do I Earn on EarnHoney?

The word “Earn” is, of course the most crucial word in the name EarnHoney. On the site, members can earn by doing tasks. These tasks are pretty similar to GrabPoints. They include completing surveys, watching videos, playing games, and completing offers. Pretty basic for a rewards site. For each task you complete here, you will earn “HoneyDollar$” which means points. For simplicity’s sake, this blog post will just use the word “points” instead of “HoneyDollar$.”

Is GrabPoints Better than EarnHoney?

In a word, yes. This section will give you a list of reasons why GrabPoints is better than EarnHoney. We’re obviously biased, but at the end of the day, these are quantifiable reasons.  As we mentioned earlier, the numbers speak for themselves. Numbers don’t lie – and that’s the truth! So let’s check out the reasons why GrabPoints is better:

1. GrabPoints has faster payout processing

GrabPoints sends out rewards within 48 hours of a member making a request. That has to be one of the fastest payment processing times in the rewards industry. EarnHoney only sends payouts twice a week: on Mondays and on Fridays. And there’s a cut-off when processing payments: if you request a payout on a Thursday, you won’t get your rewards on Friday. Instead, you’ll get it on

EarnHoney has a lower minimum payout requirement at $2 (GrabPoints’ is $3), but the payout schedule is pretty unwieldy.  GrabPoints’ payout minimum is still pretty low, and a fast processing speed means you can rely more on your GrabPoints earnings.

2. GrabPoints has higher payouts

Not just higher payouts… the highest payouts. If you doubt it, check out this infographic. It shows how much you can earn on GrabPoints doing the most common tasks  – namely, answering surveys, watching videos, and completing tasks vs how much you can earn on other sites. While the chart doesn’t show EarnHoney, it does compare GrabPoints to some of the most popular names in the rewards industry. And we can confidently say GrabPoints’ payouts are higher than EarnHoney… or any other rewards site, for that 

Here’s a summary of how much you can earn doing those tasks on GrabPoints:

Answering Surveys on GrabPoints

Survey Provider Earnings Per Survey Answered
OpinionSurveys $0.83
SaySo Rewards $1.50
SaySo Rewards $0.75
Speak Up! Surveys $0.75
YourSurveys $0.94

Watching Videos on GrabPoints

Video Provider Earnings Per Video Watched $0.008 $0.008

Taking Offers on GrabPoints

Offer Provider Earnings Per Offer Taken
BarBox $10.80
CBS All Access $2.25
GoDaddy $7.02
ShoeDazzle $9.00
Tripping $0.09

GrabPoints Rewards Catalogue New

3. GrabPoints has lots of payout options

On GrabPoints, you can trade your points for either cash (sent to you via PayPal) or as one of a huge range of gift cards. GrabPoints’ rewards catalog is pretty extensive. It offers lots of options for different interests and backgrounds. Are you a gamer? GrabPoints has PlayStation Store codes, Xbox Codes, and Steam Wallet Codes, among other gaming-related options. Love shopping? We got you. You can get Amazon gift cards, eBay gift cards, Walmart gift cards, Macy’s gift cards and Gap gift cards.  

4. GrabPoints is easier to use on the go

Both GrabPoints and EarnHoney have a responsive web design. That means you can view either site using your mobile phone, and it won’t look like a garbled mess. This is an advantage because it means you don’t have to download a separate app just to use GrabPoints and EarnHoney. A responsive site is especially useful since these tasks are best suited for people on the go.

But here’s the thing: while both sites are web-friendly, the GrabPoints site simply looks better. The layout is cleaner, the content is easier to read, and it’s easier to find the info you’re looking for. This isn’t just superficial; a better site translates to a better overall experience. GrabPoints is pretty committed to giving its members an awesome experience while using the site.

EarnHoney’s site looks a bit sketchy. Now, to be clear, the company itself isn’t sketchy. But it sure looks like they haven’t invested as much in creating a kick-ass site.

The Conclusion

So that concludes our comparison between GrabPoints and EarnHoney. It’s pretty clear that when you compare the two sites, that GrabPoints is the better option for you. EarnHoney is legit, but GrabPoints gives a better overall experience. And that is because GrabPoints offers the highest payouts, super-fast processing times, and lots of great gift card options.

You won’t be disappointed when you try GrabPoints. And since memberships are free and risk-free, we can’t wait for you to sign up and become a member!