GrabPoints vs EarningStation Review

EarningStation Review

Many rewards site users ask the question: Which rewards site gives us the best buck for our time and effort? That’s what it all boils down to. A rewards site can look pretty or have fun stock photos, but do all those things translate to a positive experience for members?

To find out which rewards site is worth your time and effort, we’ve been comparing GrabPoints with similar sites. We’re doing this to give you a clear, side-by-side picture of each site. We’ll list down each one’s earning methods, and their advantages and disadvantages.

Today, we’ll be comparing GrabPoints and EarningStation. This blog post isn’t meant to determine whether they’re legit – and that’s because they are legit. Both sides are already awesome. But this blog post is meant to discover which one is better.

We’ll be showing you how each site works, and in the end of this blog post, we’ll be declaring one the better rewards site. Before we get into the nitty-gritty, below are a few basics about GrabPoints and EarningStation

Get to Know Each Site

There’s a lot to cover, but for starters, let’s check out the basic info about GrabPoints and EarningStation. Below are overviews of each site:

GrabPoints Earn Free Gift Cards

GrabPoints: an Overview

The rewards site has been around for quite some time now. There are sites dating back to the late 90s (which in internet years, is basically forever!). GrabPoints is a relative newcomer to the scene – the site was launched in 2014. They aren’t the longest-running rewards site on the internet (yet), but they pride themselves in being the highest-paying. And when it comes to serving up a great experience for users, nothing beats being the highest-paying company in the field.

GrabPoints members earn by answering surveys, taking offers, and watching videos. These tasks are really simple to do, but they give members an opportunity to earn money and gift cards. Whenever a member completes one of these tasks, they get a certain amount of points. They can then redeem these points as either cash or gift cards. Cash is sent out via PayPal. And there are lots of gift card options (which we’ll be checking out in a bit), that you can pick from.

Once you have a minimum of $3 in your account, you can request a payout. That minimum amount is one of the lowest in the industry, and it means you will have the opportunity to withdraw your funds sooner and more often. GrabPoints also processes payouts within 48 hours! In a scene where weeks-long processing is the norm, GrabPoints’ 48 hour processing time is a huge benefit for members.

In the four years GrabPoints has been around, they’ve distributed over $5 million in earnings, to their over 4 million members. So as mentioned above, they haven’t been around the longest. But they’ve been doing some pretty remarkable things for their members, which we’ll be checking out later in this blog post.

EarningStation Choose how you earn

EarningStation: an Overview

EarningStation was started in 2011, but they didn’t start making waves in 2014, which is roughly the same time GrabPoints was started. And like GrabPoints, EarningStation can be considered an upstart in the scene. Their earning methods follow the typical rewards site template. You can earn by answering surveys, completing offers, watching videos, shopping, and referring friends.

Members also earn points whenever they complete tasks, and they can redeem these points as either cash or gift cards. Like GrabPoints, EarningStation gives you quite a few options when it comes to gift cards.

Feedback online is pretty good. People have been having good experiences with EarningStation.

GrabPoints Do Offers new


GrabPoints and EarningStation: The Pros and Cons

Time to dig a bit deeper. The best way to scope out each site is to break things down into pros and cons. First up, let’s look into GrabPoints.


Pro: You’ll get your earnings sooner

There are two reasons for this: the minimum withdrawal on GrabPoints is only $3, and processing time is a speedy 48 hours. The $3 means you can withdraw your earnings more often. You don’t have to go on a long, uphill battle to earn enough to withdraw. And fast processing time means you can depend on getting your earnings.

Imagine this: you’ve got a night out planned with your friends this weekend. It’s midweek and you just requested a payout with GrabPoints. Since processing only takes 48 hours, you can expect to have your earnings in time for the weekend. Since GrabPoints is so reliable, you can make plans around your payouts.

Pro: There’s a gift card for every type of person

The GrabPoints rewards catalog is pretty sweet. There you’ll find all sorts of gift card options. Even if you usually prefer cash, there’s a big chance you’ll find a gift card that suits your needs and interests. That rewards catalog is pretty diverse: there are cards for popular shops and establishments, as well as gift cards for video games and consoles. Gift cards are delivered via email, and also feature the same blazing-fast processing times!

Pro: No other site pays this much!

GrabPoints has declared that they’re the highest-paying rewards site in the world. That’s a pretty bold claim, but can they back it up? From the looks of it, yes. Check out this chart. It compares earnings on GrabPoints to that on other rewards sites. Earnings on GrabPoints are consistently higher. Below is a summary of that graph, which shows your earnings on GrabPoints for the three most common tasks: answering surveys, watching videos, and taking offers:

Answering Surveys on GrabPoints

Answering surveys is one of the most commonly-used earning methods on GrabPoints, and for good reason – answering surveys is fun, and it’s cool to know that your feedback is helping businesses make better decisions and products. Earnings on GrabPoints are great, too. Check out the earnings from the different survey providers GrabPoints uses:

GrabPoints Answering Surveys

Watching Videos on GrabPoints

If you prefer passive income, this is the earning method for you. You can watch all sorts of videos on GrabPoints – from entertainment to tech to lifestyle – and you earn whenever you complete watching each video. You can watch one video after another while doing other stuff to increase your earnings.

GrabPoints Watching Videos

Taking Offers on GrabPoints

Taking offers on GrabPoints involves signing up for free memberships or trial subscriptions. You will sometimes be required to make an initial purchase or provide your credit card info, but you can always cancel your membership after the trial period is over.

GrabPoints Taking Offers

Con: This is mostly good for pocket-money

It can’t all be good right? But this isn’t bad per se. On GrabPoints, your earnings will amount to pocket money. But don’t get us wrong – pocket money is still pretty good. But to be fair, GrabPoints doesn’t make any outrageous claims that you’ll get rich doing this. And even so, GrabPoints still pays you more than other rewards sites.

EarningStation Choose how you earn


Next, let’s check out EarningStation. What are the pros and cons? Read on to find out.

Pro: It’s fun to use

They’ve got lots of earning methods, so you can pick and choose based on your mood – you’re not limited to just answering surveys.

Pro: You have the option of getting physical gift cards

Digital gift cards are great (and better for the environment) but they don’t make great gifts. If you prefer old fashion physical gift cards, EarningStation got you covered. There’s a long processing time for these, though – it’ll take 4 to 6 weeks. So take that into consideration when requesting physical gift cards.

Con: Only US residents can apply

This isn’t a come one, come all website. It’s a shame, because that leaves out a large chunk of people who use rewards sites on the regular.

Con: High minimum payout

You can only request a payout when you’ve earned a minimum of $25 that is extremely high, and will limit how often you get your withdrawals.

Con: Shoddy customer support

We’re lucky to have not needed to contact EarningStation’s customer support, but commenters online have, and the feedback isn’t very good. Commenters basically complain about getting stonewalled when they have concerns, such as missing credits. Sometimes mistakes do happen, but the lack of communication when it comes to rectifying that problem is alarming.


The Verdict

GrabPoints is, without any doubt whatsoever, the better rewards site! In a nutshell, the following GrabPoints elements make it better:

  • It’s the highest-paying rewards site in the world
  • Low minimum payout means you can withdraw your earnings sooner and more often
  • Fast processing time makes the site more dependable
  • Lots of reward options

EarningStation is a good site with a good rewards program, but it’s nowhere near as good as GrabPoints.

If you’re looking for a great online rewards experience, go with GrabPoints!