GrabPoints vs. Get-Paid Review

November 14, 2018

So which rewards site is better? GrabPoints or Get-Paid? Spoiler alert: it’s GrabPoints. We don’t mean to be brash or anything, we’re just stating a fact. But it isn’t all about us. We believe GrabPoints is the better rewards site, because it provides higher payouts – the highest payouts in the world, actually – than Get-Paid and other rewards sites.

When deciding which rewards site is better, you need to focus on the quantifiables. And the only quantifiables that matter when it comes to rewards sites are: how much does it pay? And how fast can you get your earnings? Everything else is just a bonus. A nice site design, easy navigation, great customer service, are all good to have. Even necessary, in the case of customer, service. But at the end of the day, we always ask: but how much can you get paid?

We know merely saying that GrabPoints is better isn’t enough. So in this blog post, we’ll be comparing the different elements of GrabPoints and Get-Paid. We’ll be focusing on those quantifiables, because we think those are the factors that matter the most. Now, just to be clear, Get-Paid is a totally legit site. If you use Get-Paid, you’re definitely going to get paid. But how does it compare to GrabPoints?

GrabPoints Earn Free Gift Cards

Let’s find out!

An Introduction to GrabPoints

We’re going to say this outright: GrabPoints is the highest-paying rewards site. In. The. World. We could end the article right there, but any discerning rewards site users will want to know more. And that’s cool – we’re really proud of GrabPoints and would love to tell you more about this kickass site.

The company behind GrabPoints stays updated on what’s new in the rewards industry. That allows them to consistently provide the highest-paying rewards in the world. The site has been around since 2014, but it hasn’t taken long for GrabPoints to build an impressive user base. Over 4 million members use GrabPoints, and the site has distributed over $5 million in earnings to those (we’re willing to assume very satisfied) people.

Another great thing about GrabPoints is that it offers convenient payouts. This comes in two ways: first, the minimum withdrawal on GrabPoints is only $3. Second, payment processing is only 48 hours. Compare that with other rewards sites that sometimes make you want days, even weeks, more. Low minimum and fast payouts enable you to manage your finances more effectively. So how do you make that money? Let’s cover that in the next section.

GrabPoints Earning Methods

On GrabPoints, members earn points by completing online tasks. These points can be redeemed as cash or gift cards later on. These tasks are pretty easy, and can be done during your free time.

The most popular way to earn on GrabPoints is by answering surveys. Members have a lot of fun doing this, and we can see why: companies want to know what you think about certain products or topics before introducing new products. So it’s pretty cool being able to have a say in their decisions.

In addition to answering surveys. GrabPoints members can also earn by completing tasks, watching videos, and downloading and testing apps on their mobile devices. It’s a great overall experience, because members can switch between tasks to suit their mood. Not feeling any of the available surveys? Watch videos! Can’t find any videos that interest you? Try completing offers! Using GrabPoints is an awesome experience – of course, we’re biased, but the growing GrabPoints user base speaks for itself.

An Introduction to Get-Paid

Get-Paid has been around since 2005, and is owned and operated by Sight Media Inc. and Raz Weizman. The company is a solid player in the online market research and rewards industry.
The site is pretty ancient in internet years, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been keeping up with the times. In fact, Get-Paid seems to be just as driven as most newcomers to the scene.

Like GrabPoints, members of Get-Paid earn by completing simple online tasks. But it takes things a step further by offering a level-up system. Members receive experience points (XPs) for each task completed. When they reach a certain level, they move up a level. And moving up opens up more earning potential. If you play role-playing games, you’ll be familiar with this system. It’s a great way to encourage participation in their earning programs.

Get-Paid Earning Methods

There are a lot of ways to get paid on, er, Get-Paid. In fact, this is one of the best things about the site. On Get-Paid, you can do some of the basic rewards site tasks: answering surveys, watching videos, and completing offers. But Get-Paid takes it further. You can also earn by transcribing text, downloading and using Get-Paid’s proprietary toolbar, making outgoing calls to companies, doing data entry (like adding info on calling cards into an Excel spreadsheet). The site’s list of money-earning tasks are always being updated, so members are encouraged to check the website pretty often. This is for sure one of the best things about Get-Paid.

The Pros and Cons of GrabPoints and Get-Paid

Let’s try to itemize what’s good – and what’s not-so-good – about GrabPoints and Get-Paid. Not everything will be an apples to apples comparison, but we’ll be analyzing each site based on the following criteria: earning potential, earning methods, payment processing, and convenience. Fair enough? Let’s do this!

GrabPoints Rewards Catalogue New


Pro: Lots of Payout Methods

When you’ve earned a minimum of $3, you can redeem your points as cash or gift cards. Cash, which is sent via PayPal, is always nice to have. But GrabPoints really shines with its gift card options. Their rewards catalog is full of rewards that suit different interests and personalities. If you’re into gaming, there are gift card options for the PlayStation Network, Steam Wallet, Pokemon Go, and other games. If you’re into shopping, you’ll dig the gift cards for Amazon, Walmart, Macy’s, GAP, and Target. These aren’t throwaway gift cards – these are cards people legitimately want!

Pro: Fast and Reliable Payouts

As mentioned above, the minimum payout is only $3. With all the different earning methods on GrabPoints, you’ll hit that amount in no time. But what’s even better is that when you request a payout – either as cash or a gift card – you’ll get it within 48 hours. That’s ultra-fast, and helps you manage your earnings better. Let’s say you need your Walmart gift card this weekend for groceries. If you withdraw your earnings 48 hours, you can rely on getting your card in time for grocery day.

Pro: Easy to Use on Mobile Devices

You don’t need to download a separate mobile app just to use GrabPoints on your mobile phone. It’s got a responsive, or mobile-friendly, design. No matter which device you use GrabPoints on, whether it’s on a phone, tablet, or desktop PC, you can expect the same great experience.

Pro: The Highest Payouts in the World!

And this is the main event! No other site pays better than GrabPoints – and we’re pretty confident about that fact. You can check out this comparison of earnings on GrabPoints with other rewards sites. Below is a summary of these earnings. They cover the three most common tasks you could do on GrabPoints: answer surveys, watch videos, and complete offers.

Answering Surveys on GrabPoints

Survey Provider Earnings Per Survey Answered
OpinionSurveys $0.83
SaySo Rewards $1.50
Speak Up! Surveys $0.75
YourSurveys $0.94

Watching Videos on GrabPoints

Video Provider Earnings Per Video Watched $0.008 $0.008

Taking Offers on GrabPoints

Offer Provider Earnings Per Offer Taken
BarBox $10.80
CBS All Access $2.25
GoDaddy $7.02
ShoeDazzle $9.00
Tripping $0.09

Con: “Highest Payouts” Doesn’t Mean You’ll Get Rich

You won’t get rich doing tasks on GrabPoints… but the same can be said about all other rewards sites, too. In fact, you’ll know a rewards site is a scam if it makes outlandish promises that are obviously too good to be true. The money you make on GrabPoints should be considered “supplemental.” You can use it for groceries, or the occasional shopping spree.

Get-paid Home


Pro: Level-Up Method is Awesome

The experience point method is an interesting way to incentivize members to keep using Get-Paid. It gives members a great sense of satisfaction when they complete tasks, and encourages them to keep doing even more tasks. Of course, we would have preferred if you just earned at the highest level immediately, but it’s still a cool program to have.

Pro: Fast Payouts

The minimum withdrawal amount is only $1, and you’ll get your earnings within 24 hours! That’s one of the fastest, if not the fastest, payout processing we’ve found.

Con: Low Payouts

We’ve read reports that the payouts on Get-Paid aren’t as good as other rewards sites. Even if the minimum withdrawal is pretty low, it might take a while for you to reach that amount.


Our initial claim still stands: GrabPoints is the better rewards site! Get-Paid has a lot going for it – especially the fast payouts – but overall, high payouts are what makes GrabPoints better. If you’re after high earnings, and a reliable payout program and processing, you should try GrabPoints! Give it a shot, and discover for yourself why GrabPoints is the best rewards site in the world!