GrabPoints vs InboxDollars Review

October 17, 2018

Our time is extremely valuable, and that applies to the time we spend using rewards sites. The money-earning tasks on these sites are simple, but they do require us to put in the time. And since you’re already putting in the time, you might as well use one that gives you maximum earnings for it, right?

And that is why we’ll be comparing two sites in this blog post: GrabPoints and InboxDollars.

It’s worth noting that both GrabPoints and InboxDollars are legit. Both sites are awesome. Both sites have great money-earning methods. And, most importantly, both sites will pay you. But to the discerning rewards site user, “good” isn’t good enough. There can only be one top dog in the rewards site scene.

This blog entry will be unpacking each site and showing you their respective pros and cons. Hopefully, the info here will show which site is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the absolute best.

First, Some Basic Info About Each Site

We’ll be laying down detailed information about GrabPoints and InboxDollars in a bit, but this section will be showing you the basics of each site. So let’s get to it!

GrabPoints Earn Free Gift Cards

GrabPoints: The Basics

GrabPoints was founded in 2014. The site is only about four years old, but it’s been undergoing some pretty explosive growth lately. GrabPoints has over 4 million members – that’s about 2,700 new members per day. In those four years, GrabPoints has distributed over $5 million in cash and other rewards to its members.

These members earned those rewards by doing simple tasks, the most popular of which is answering surveys (which is why GrabPoints and similar sites are sometimes called “survey sites”). But answering surveys is only the tip of the iceberg. In addition to answering surveys, members can also earn by watching videos (the site has multiple channels to cater to different interests), testing apps, playing games, and taking offers or free trial subscriptions on other sites.

It’s a pretty robust earning program, but that isn’t even the best thing about GrabPoints. The most awesome thing about GrabPoints is the fact that it’s the highest-paying survey site in the world. No other rewards site pays as good as GrabPoints. Plus, GrabPoints processes payout requests extremely quickly. Once you reach the minimum payout threshold ($3, which is really easy to reach), you can request a payout, which you will receive within 48 hours!

Great earning methods, high earnings, fast payout processing – it’s no surprise why GrabPoints user base is growing at such a fast pace!

InboxDollars Home

InboxDollars: The Basics

InboxDollars is one of the longest-running rewards sites in the world. They’ve been around for a whopping 18 years, which in internet years, is equivalent to a few centuries. But that’s a good thing. How many internet companies have been around for 18 years? They survived the dot-com bubble bursting, and they deserve props for that.

Being around this long, InboxDollars should know a thing or two about creating a positive overall experience for its members. That’s pretty evident when it comes to its earning methods. In InboxDollars, you can answer surveys, play games, watch videos, avail of location-based promos, avail of cash-back offers, and read emails. That’s a pretty extensive roster of earning methods!

But lots of earning methods won’t be of any good if the earning potential is low. Earning potential is really where it’s at. So how does InboxDollars stack up? Let’s break it down in the next section.

GrabPoints and InboxDollars: the Positives and Negatives

There are a lot of similarities between these two sites, but it there also some differences, so an apples-to-apples comparison would be impossible. So let’s list down the good and bad stuff about each site instead


Positive: Extremely Fast, Reliable Payouts

Once you’ve earned at least $3 on GrabPoints you can request a payout, and get this – payouts are processed in only 48 hours! That’s extremely fast, compared to other sites (we’ll cover InboxDollars payment processing in a bit).

What this means to you is that you can withdraw your earnings quicker (it’s super-easy to reach $3) and you can depend on getting your rewards on time. This is pretty handy if you need to cash-out some money for the groceries this weekend.

Positive: GrabPoints is Fun to Use!

Using GrabPoints is a fun and rewarding (pun very much intended) experience. It’s fun because there is a wide variety of earning methods, and you can always pick and choose based on your preference.

Answering surveys is their most popular earning method. But what if you’re not into answering surveys? No problem. You can watch videos. Not in the mood to watch videos? You can check out their offers and other earning methods.

Positive: GrabPoints is “Portable”

The GrabPoints website is responsive, meaning you can use it on either your desktop or mobile devices. The sites work perfectly, regardless of the device you’re using. And that’s a major plus because it means you can earn on GrabPoints while you’re on the go.

Waiting in line at the ATM? Whip out your phone and watch a few videos. Got some free time waiting for the bus or train to arrive? Answer surveys! The earning methods on GrabPoints are perfect for when you’re out and about.

Positive: They Have the Highest Rewards

Whenever you check out GrabPoints, the site makes it a point to tell you that they’re the highest-paying rewards site in the world. And you know what? That’s because they are! But it’s not some empty marketing spin – you can argue with numbers. Check them out:

Answering Surveys on GrabPoints

Below is a chart showing earnings on GrabPoints from different survey providers:

GrabPoints Answering Surveys

Watching Videos on GrabPoints

Watching videos is a great way to earn because it’s passive. Just leave the videos playing while you do your chores or wait in line. Here’s how much you can earn watching videos on GrabPoints:

GrabPoints Watching Videos

Taking Offers on GrabPoints

These tasks involve you signing-up for trial memberships or subscriptions. Like videos and surveys, these tasks are provided by, well, offer providers and made available on GrabPoints. Below are the earnings you can get for each offer you avail of:

GrabPoints Taking Offers

Negative: You Can’t Make This Your Livelihood

To be fair, GrabPoints doesn’t claim that you can do this. They don’t make claims that are too good to be true. But just to lay it out for you: the money you earn on GrabPoints is for “supplemental income.” You can’t pay your mortgage or send your dog to an elite dog college (if there ever was such a thing). But you can use GrabPoints for earning some extra money for groceries, or for pocket money. And since GrabPoints pays quickly, you can rely on it for those purposes.

So that was GrabPoints. Let’s move on to InboxDollars:


Positive: Lots of Ways to Earn

Like GrabPoints, InboxDollars also has lots of earning methods. On InboxDollars, you can answer surveys, watch videos, read emails, get cashback offers, and play games.

Positive: Location-Based Promos are Cool

Location-based promos are great, because they offer a truly personalized experience. If you’re not averse to letting InboxDollars know your location, you can get notifications about promos and offers that are available in your area.

Negative: Unclear Earnings

The site isn’t very upfront about how much you can earn doing this tasks. So that makes it a bit difficult to project and plan your earnings when committing time and effort to using InboxDollars.

Negative: Minimum Withdrawal is $30!

This is one of the least-appealing things about InboxDollars. $30 is already a crazy high amount, but imagine how long it must take to earn that when you’re only earning cents per task completed. Being able to earn enough to withdraw your earnings could be a long, uphill climb.

Negative: Long Processing Period!

If and when you’ve accumulated $30 in earnings, you can request a payout… which will take 10 to 16 process. In any context, that’s an extremely long wait. Coupled with the long time it takes to earn the minimum withdrawal, it’ll take a while for you to see the fruits of your labor.

If you need to use your rewards for necessities… don’t. Payment processing takes too long, unless you have the means to wait up to two weeks (more, actually). It’s up to you to decide whether that wait is worth it, but do consider the implications it’ll have on your budget.

The Verdict

GrabPoints is, without a doubt, the better rewards site. It’s the highest-paying site in the world, has lots of great and fun earning methods, and it’s extremely reliable, thanks to its low minimum payout and blazing-fast processing.

If you’re looking for a rewards site with an excellent overall experience, go use GrabPoints!