GrabPoints vs iRazoo Review

November 13, 2018

We spend nearly an entire day’s worth of doing online activities at any given week, so it only makes sense to use a portion of that time to earn money, right? Thank goodness for the presence of GPT and survey sites! They allow us to do most of what already do online, like watching videos, playing games, and answering surveys (admit it; a lot of us do silly surveys on social media platforms to know what our superhero name is, or what kind of cheese we like based on our zodiac sign) – then we get paid for it.

For most of us, it has gotten to the point that sometimes, it boils down to whether a particular GPT site is more fun to earn from compared to others, or if it gives us rewards almost instantaneously. Doing the same thing over and over again, even if the tasks vary, can get quite tedious. Being rewarded without being made to wait for it is almost like a luxury, sometimes.

With that in mind, we’re reviewing two GPT sites today: GrabPoints and iRazoo. In comparing and contrasting their different features, we can hopefully come to informed decisions about which one is truly legit and rewarding, as well as being worth our time and effort.

First Impressions First

How long have they been around?

iRazoo (use invite code 9H27QS to get 500 free points upon joining) has shown impressive endurance as an online rewards site, having been around for at least a decade now. In stark contrast, GrabPoints is only a few years old (established in 2014). For those who consider longevity in their criteria of legitimate sites, iRazoo would understandably have the edge at the start. However, newer sites have also been proving themselves to be formidable sources of online rewards and extra income, which we will get to in detail in a little bit.

I love that both sites chose a clutter-free and navigable site layout. Both have pleasing and sleek designs with subdued color schemes, and managed not to bombard their pages with too much text, images, and blinking distractions.


How big is their membership at the moment?

iRazoo boasts of having paid members nearly $47 million in cash (and counting) as of this writing, so it’s safe to say that their membership runs in the millions, as well. On the other hand, GrabPoints has around 4 million current members. Registration is free for both sites.


GrabPoints Earn Free Gift Cards

What You Can Expect As A Member

What methods do they offer to earn?

At iRazoo, there are several ways to earn via various tasks and activities. You can answer surveys, download apps, watch videos, complete offers, use promo codes, perform daily goals, and play games. There is also a referral program which allows you to earn as soon as someone uses your referral code to sign up, and more points if they stay active members (more on this in a bit).

GrabPoints also offers members a myriad of creative ways to earn online. Aside from answering surveys, members can also download apps, play games, complete offers, watch videos, use the referral program, and take advantage of promo codes from different social media sites to gain even more points.

I give a thumbs-up for both sites with their menu of interesting activities because it does get dull answering survey after survey, day in and day out. A little variety really goes a long way when doing online stuff.


GrabPoints Do Offers new

How much do they pay per task?

Let’s start with the signing up benefits first. With iRazoo, not only is registration free, but also gives you a hundred points just by entering your email address. This is apart from the 500 points you earn if you used a referral code to sign up. GrabPoints, in turn, is also free for members to join. If you use an invite code to sign up with them, you instantly earn 500 points!

To give you a brief overview of your earning potential for both sites (before we break down how much you can make per activity), at GrabPoints, a dollar is equal to a thousand points earned. The potential points you earn per task will vary based on a number of factors (for surveys, it’s usually about how long it is, the client requiring feedback, and what the topic covered might be, etc.). Downloading apps on the site has been a constant favorite among users, because they can earn as much as 500 points per download as long as they strictly follow the rules.

iRazoo gives users a couple of points for each minute of a game played. A lot of users seem to like this particular activity because it is enjoyable, and before they know it, they’ve racked up hundreds of points without really noticing it. For surveys, you can expect anywhere between a point to 25 points, depending on the survey involved. Another favorite among members seems to be their promo codes. Users have shared getting up to 60 points for weekly promo codes, and 10 points for daily ones. If a member becomes active, that’s a great source of collected passive income right there.

What are the payment methods and rewards involved?

Both GrabPoints and iRazoo offer cash payouts via PayPal, as well as other rewards like gift cards. iRazoo lets users choose their rewards once they meet the minimum cash out or redemption requirement. Gift cards are processed within a week, and PayPal cashouts take around the same time. GrabPoints also offers tons of gift cards for redemption. There’s quite a good variety here for users of different ages – from young gamers who want to upgrade their games, to moms who like using shopping GCs for their daily needs, to just about anyone in-between!


iRazoo Reward Store

How much is needed to cash out/redeem?

Now we get to the main difference between these two online rewards sites, which is the minimum payment threshold. With iRazoo, getting your first reward means racking up at least 3000 points. You can then choose any $5 gift card (like Amazon or Home Depot) in their rewards store, as previously mentioned. However, you will need the equivalent of $20 in your account to be able to cash out via PayPal.

In stark contrast, you will only need 3000 points, or $3, to cash out at GrabPoints. Payment is pretty speedy here, as well. Some users claim to have gotten their money within 24 business hours, though the official processing time is anywhere between 48 to 72 business hours.


GrabPoints Refer Friends new

Is there a referral system?

Yes there is, for both sites. iRazoo allows users to earn hundreds of points for every referral that signs up using their unique referral code. To sweeten the deal some more, you will get 500 more points once the referred person racks up 1000 points in the site!

GrabPoints also gives an invite code for every new member to share with others. There is a three-tier system where each country falls under, so the points earned per invite code clicked by a referred person varies. When a referral earns their first 1000 points on the site, you will also get a corresponding number of bonus points credited to your account!


What Does One Have That The Other Doesn’t?

For starters, GrabPoints has a Live Feed where it shows how members from all over the world (you can filter the feed by country, etc.) are earning and redeeming their rewards! This earns the site an upvote as far as payment proof goes. iRazoo doesn’t have this feature, so we’re just going to go by their claim of having paid out millions to members.

In turn, iRazoo has a mobile app while GrabPoints doesn’t; though the latter is designed to be mobile-efficient and user-responsive for users on the go.


Have There Been Compliments/Complaints About The Site?

People like that iRazoo (use invite code 9H27QS to get 500 free points upon joining) has lots of activities to earn on their site. On the other hand, the biggest complaint so far for this site is the somewhat steep cash out amount at $20.

With GrabPoints, people generally like that they can get their earned money almost immediately because the cashout threshold is so easy to meet. Those who like playing games in this site, though, usually complain about earning only a point for each minute of playing a game.

So Who Gets Your Vote?

Both sites are legit and good with mostly positive feedback from their users, but GrabPoints takes the lead for its low payment threshold and quick payment processing. GrabPoints has also earned the distinction of giving higher payouts to users (as illustrated by this infographic), compared to other popular survey providers.

And while the $5 threshold for gift cards is pretty awesome (for both iRazoo and GrabPoints), having people work with difficulty towards cashing out when they really need the cash is a bit iffy. Especially if you really need the money for whatever reason.

Still, both of these rewards sites are definitely legit and are good for earning opportunities online. It’s really just a matter of weighing their pros and cons, and deciding which one is best suited for your schedule, financial needs, and other personal requirements.