GrabPoints vs MyPoints Review

November 22, 2018

As a disclaimer, this is sort of a biased review in favor of GrabPoints. You are reading this in a GrabPoints blog, after all. But at this point in time, and with all the past GrabPoints versus another survey or GPT sites ever written here, I would like to think that cold, hard facts best speak for themselves. The bottom line of nearly all of the past reviews here is that GrabPoints is truly the highest-paying online rewards site in existence.

However, it doesn’t mean that other survey sites can’t be recommended even on this platform if they are really legit sites to earn from. After all, this is the purpose of discussing and dissecting the relative merits of two things. By comparing and contrasting what GrabPoints and MyPoints have to offer to users, we can come to certain decisions based on what they offer, and what advantages one may have over the other. So without further ado, let’s get on with the review, shall we?

GrabPoints Earn Free Gift Cards


First Impressions First

How long have they been around?

MyPoints is quite the tenured rewards site. It has been active since 1996, and currently has a 4-star (equivalent to “Great”) rating or 8.6 out of 10 trust score over at Trustpilot. It is owned and operated by Prodege, LLC, a company focused on consumer influence. On the other hand, GrabPoints is still pretty new. It’s only been established in 2014 but is fast gaining a reputation for being both a quick-paying and high-paying online rewards site. It also has a current “Great” or 4.6-star rating at Trustpilot.

Looks and functionality-wise, both have navigable and uncluttered layouts. All the information you need prior to signing up is presented via tabs, links, and thumbnails right there on the home page.

How big is their membership at the moment?

GrabPoints currently has around 4 million active members. There is a testimonials section on the home page where you can read mostly good feedback from some of its more active users. MyPoints doesn’t indicate how big their membership is at the moment, though the Prodege page claims to have around 50 million members who have “collectively received over $500 million in cash back and gift cards” (it is important to take note that they also run another very popular survey site, so these numbers may be a conglomeration of all the rewards site they own and operate).


What You Can Expect As A Member

What methods do they offer to earn?

With MyPoints, you can earn points via a number of ways: shopping online, answering market research surveys, watching videos, reading email, playing games, finding deals, printing out coupons, and by referring other people to sign up with the site (more on this later) are just some of them.

At GrabPoints, there are also plenty of ways to earn points and redeem them for various rewards. Members can answer surveys, download apps, watch videos, play games, complete offers, use promo codes, and use the site’s referral program for even more earnings.


MyPoints Deals member

How much do they pay per task?

The points you will earn vary with each task with both MyPoints and GrabPoints. For MyPoints, the average earning is 5 points just to click open an email (and more for reading them). Surveys can earn you as much as 400 points, depending on the length, subject, and the partner company needing the market research. If you watch a complete video playlist, you can earn up to 500 points daily. Members can also search the web using the Yahoo! Search engine to earn up to 170 points randomly. One of the most favorite tasks among users, though, is playing games on MyPoints. Not only is it entertaining, but members can also earn up to 8 points per dollar playing their favorite games.

With GrabPoints, survey-takers usually make more on this site compared to other popular survey sites in existence. We’re talking anywhere between 50 points to the thousands once you qualify for the better-paying ones. As well, there are paid offers that can earn you hundreds of points without breaking a sweat.


GrabPoints Do Offers new

What are the payment methods and rewards involved?

The point-to-cash conversion at GrabPoints is pretty straightforward and easy to work towards. A dollar is equal to 1000 points. At MyPoints, $5 is equal to 700 points. It’s important to bear these conversions in mind so you will know when it’s time to redeem the rewards and prizes of your choice.

You can redeem your earned points at MyPoints for gift cards from around 70 popular retail and restaurant brands. You can also opt to cash out via PayPal or a Visa prepaid card. Or, you can choose to add some mileage to your United Mileage Plus account for future travels.

GrabPoints also offers cash and gift cards as rewards. Cashing out is via PayPal, while gift cards to dozens and dozens of shopping, gaming, and other shopping gift cards are sent via email.

MyPoints Redeem Rewards member b

How much is needed to cash out/redeem?

I’m happy to report that these two online rewards site I am discussing today have some considerably low payout thresholds, allowing members to meet them without any frustrating waiting involved.

MyPoints only requires a $5 minimum amount in your account in order for you to request a payout. You can start to request a cash deposit via PayPal as soon as you reach this amount, or choose your gift card (you can shop within the site if you wish) or mileage in their Rewards Store.

GrabPoints has an even lower minimum withdrawal requirement at just $3! It’s actually one of the most well-loved features of the site, as constantly mentioned in satisfied member feedback.  To sweeten the deal some more, the site also processes payment fast. Some users have claimed to have gotten their reward in as little as 24 business hours!

GrabPoints Rewards Catalogue New

Is there a referral system?

Yes to both sites! With its Refer-a-Friend program, you can earn 10% of your referrals’ qualifying points at MyPoints. At GrabPoints, there is a country-based tier system where points vary according to the country of your referred friend. Once your referral earns their first thousand points, your bonus points will be credited on your account right away.


So Who Gets Your Vote?

In a nutshell, GrabPoints gets the vote. While both MyPoints and GrabPoints have irresistible features and offer such as low payout thresholds, lots of activities and tasks to accomplish, a good array of rewards, PayPal as a payment gateway, plus referral systems to earn more points –  I conveniently neglected to mention one important thing:

GrabPoints is available to users worldwide, while MyPoints is only available to users from Canada and the USA.

So even with decades of it being around, MyPoints hasn’t opened their doors yet to users who can partake of their rewards while helping to shape the way consumer products and services affect lives globally. The availability of GrabPoints to practically anyone in the world makes it a far better source of added income for many.