GrabPoints vs OfferNation Review

November 21, 2018

We’ve been doing a series of blog posts that compare GrabPoints to other rewards sites. For this blog post, we’ll be comparing GrabPoints with OfferNation.

When it comes to rewards sites, knowing which site is the best (i.e. the one that pays you the most) can be a bit difficult. And that’s because there are just so many rewards sites out there on the internet wild. And since all rewards site requires you to invest time and effort first, by the time you find out whether a site is worth using or not, it’s usually too late.

And that brings us back to this blog post. We’ll be comparing GrabPoints with OfferNation. Which one has the better payouts? Which one has the most rewards? Which is one is simply better than the other? This blog post will attempt to answer those questions.

GrabPoints Earn Free Gift Cards

What Makes GrabPoints and OfferNation Legit?

First off, this is not a review of either site. There’s no need to tell you that both GrabPoints and OfferNation are legit, because guess what? They are legit. The fact that we’re comparing our site (GrabPoints) with OfferNation shows that OfferNation is a good, dependable rewards site.

But before we compare both sites and try to show you which is one the better rewards site (spoiler warning: it’s GrabPoints, of course), let’s list down what both sites have going for them. And they are:

Both GrabPoints and OfferNation have great websites

You can usually tell whether a site is legit or not by the way it looks. Scammers won’t bother putting the time and effort into creating a good-looking site. Both GrabPoints and OfferNation are legit, and as a result, have really nice-looking websites.

It isn’t just about the looks. Each one has sufficient info to know how to earn money on their site. Both GrabPoints and Offernation are also easy to use and navigate.

Both GrabPoints and OfferNation have multiple survey providers

Both sites use a variety of survey providers, from survey walls (answered within the site) or survey routers (answered outside the site). These providers include top names in the market research industry like SaySo Research, Peanut Labs, YourSurveys, and Speak Up!

Signing up is free on both sites

Free sign up is a big sign that a rewards site you’re about to try is legit. Many scam sites request a registration fee, or worse, a “processing fee” when you try to make a withdrawal. On GrabPoints and OfferNation, the only thing you need to put in is your time and effort.

Both sites will pay you  

This is what it boils down to, right? Whenever you use a new rewards site, I bet you ask: but will they pay me? There are so many shady rewards site out there that have the tendency to disappear once you make a payout request. Well, GrabPoints and OfferNation are not one of those sites. Use either one, and you’re guaranteed to get paid.

But get paid how? And how fast? That’s what we’ll be covering in the sections below. But we may have gone a bit ahead of ourselves. Let’s check out the basics of GrabPoints and OfferNation before diving into the pros and cons of each site.

In this section, let’s dig into some basic info about the two sites.

GrabPoints Overview

GrabPoints is the highest-paying rewards site in the world. If that isn’t enough to catch your attention, nothing will! But that’s not an empty boast. We only bring that up because at the end of the day, members such as yourself are the ones who benefit from this.

GrabPoints can afford to give members the highest-paying rewards on the planet because the company only works with legit, top-level companies. These companies hire GrabPoints to conduct market research to its members (via surveys and similar tasks). Since these are large companies, GrabPoints is able to pay members more than other rewards sites.

How much more? In total, GrabPoints has distributed over $5 million to its members. And you know a site is on to something when its user base blows up in just the span of a few years. GrabPoints has been around since 2014, and in only 4 years, its user base has expanded to over 4 million members!

That’s a pretty big jump, but the site has been able to maintain an overall positive experience for its members. For starters, there are lots of ways to earn on GrabPoints. Members can earn points for answering surveys, watching videos, completing offers, and referring friends. For each of these tasks they complete, they get points. Once they reach a minimum number of points (which happens to be one of the lowest in the rewards scene), members can redeem free cash and rewards.

These rewards come in the form of gift cards, and they’re pretty awesome. These cards are suitable for a wide variety of people, from gamers, to fashion-lovers, to DIY aficionados  – there are no throw-away cards here.

GrabPoints Paid Surveys new

OfferNation Overview

OfferNation is part of a network of rewards sites. This network includes familiar names in the rewards site scene, namely Super Pay and Rewarding Ways. This proves that OfferNation really knows what it’s doing.

On OfferNation, members earn by answering surveys, completing offers, referring friends, and that’s just about it. It would have been ideal if they had other earning methods, but at least they’ve got tons of survey providers.

OfferNation isn’t as big as other rewards sites. They have only about 126,401 members, and have distributed $343,979.86 in earnings. That isn’t an earth-shattering amount, but at least they do give money to their members. OfferNation has a low minimum payout and super-fast payment processing, just like GrabPoints.

Offer Nation Home member

GrabPoints and OfferNation: Pros and Cons

Okay, with the basic info out of the way, it’s time to list down the pros and cons of each site. This is where it gets interesting because here’s where you’ll be able to compare the relative advantages and disadvantages of each site. Let’s start with GrabPoints.


Pro: It’s the highest-paying rewards site on the planet

On GrabPoints you’ll have the highest-paying tasks and get the best rewards. Nuff said. Okay, not nuff said… you probably want to see the proof. Check out this infographic, which shows you how much you’ll earn doing tasks on GrabPoints, and how much you’ll earn doing similar things on other sites. Here’s a summary:


Answering Surveys on GrabPoints

Survey Provider Earnings Per Survey Answered
OpinionSurveys $0.83
SaySo Rewards $1.50
Speak Up! Surveys $0.75
YourSurveys $0.94


Watching Videos on GrabPoints

Video Provider Earnings Per Video Watched $0.008 $0.008


Taking Offers on GrabPoints

Offer Provider Earnings Per Offer Taken
BarBox $10.80
CBS All Access $2.25
GoDaddy $7.02
ShoeDazzle $9.00
Tripping $0.09


Pro: Lots of fun ways to earn

You can earn on GrabPoints by answering surveys, watching videos, and completing offers (as well as making referrals). This translates to a great overall experience to members. In case you’re not in the mood for answering surveys, you can try watching videos or doing other tasks. This keeps you engaged, and entertained.

Pro: Fast and reliable payment processing

The minimum payout is only $3, and you get your rewards within 48 hours. That’s pretty fast, and allows you to withdraw and use your earnings more readily.

Pro: Lots of gift card options

GrabPoints has tons of gift cards, which cover video games, retail, and entertainment. If you like gift cards, you’re in luck. Just check out GrabPoints’ impressive catalog of gift card options.

GrabPoints Rewards Catalogue new


Pro: Low minimum payout

You can request a payout when you’ve accumulated at least $1. That’s one of the lowest  – if not the lowest – minimum withdrawals we’ve heard of. However, you will have to pay a processing fee to get that money (more on that later), which can really affect your earnings, if you’re only withdrawing $1 at a time.

Pro: Fast payment processing

It only takes 24 hours for OfferNation to process payment requests, and they claim that processing time can even go as low as 4 hours! <

Pro: Several cash payment options

If you prefer getting paid in cash, they’ve got PayPal, Payza, Skrill, and even Bitcoin options. This is pretty awesome.

Con: You’ll have to pay a processing fee

When you request a cash payout, you’ll have to pay 2% fee (or 3% for Payza, and 10% for Bitcoin), which is a bit of a bummer. That 2% may not look like much, but it’ll really dig into your earnings, especially if you only withdraw a couple of dollars at a time.

Con: Limited earning methods

On OfferNation, you answer surveys… and that’s about it. You can also earn by referring friends, but referrals should be considered a supplementary earning method. As far as primary methods go, surveys are all OfferNation has. You’re pretty much stuck with just surveys.

Con: Limited reward options

We liked the fact that they have several cash payment options. But when it comes to gift cards Amazon Gift Cards is all it has. Cash is always nice, but a lot of rewards sites users like gift cards for the convenience they offer  – plus, they make nice gifts, too.

Offer Nation Members Rewards


This was a pretty closest competition  – perhaps the closest of all comparisons we’ve done.

But GrabPoints is still the better rewards site! Sure, you could say we’re biased… because we definitely are. But facts and numbers don’t have a bias. When you look at the plain facts, GrabPoints is plain better than OfferNation… and every other rewards site, for that matter.

So give GrabPoints a shot  – as mentioned earlier, sign-up on our site is free, and memberships are open to everyone in the world. So what’s the risk? Sign-up, give the site a try, and we’re confident that after using GrabPoints, you’ll be biased towards the site, as well!