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The sudden popularity and proliferation of rewards sites cannot be ignored. It makes sense, too, especially for people who spend a lot of time at home online looking for some extra cash without investing too much time and effort on it (in stark contrast to applying for real-life odd jobs and commuting to work places). Add to that the demands of companies that require honest and real-time market research, and you’ve got GPT and survey sites that people are eager to sign up for because of the promise of rewards in cash or kind – right in the comfort of one’s home.

Now, if you are looking for extra income, it’s only natural to want to know what works and what doesn’t in the online rewards industry. In fact, a lot of survey site bloggers have pretty much made a habit of thoroughly investigating the relative merits of different ones, based on their own experience and from other users’ feedback. So on that note, let’s discuss said merits of GrabPoints versus Points2Shop to see which one is a better fit with what you’re looking for.

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First Impressions First

How long have they been around?

If you have longevity as one of your criteria for joining a rewards site, then this comparison might be of help. Points2Shop has been around since 2007, and has since earned the reputation of giving instant payments for tasks done on the site. GrabPoints, on the other hand, was only established in 2014 but is fast gaining a loyal following the easy way users can earn points and get rewarded fast.

Is registration free and are they open to everyone?

Yes, registration is free for both Points2Shop and GrabPoints. Additionally, both these GPT sites are open to users world-wide. Members must be 13 years old or older (with parental approval in the case of Points2Shop), and only one account per household is allowed for either site. All users must agree to the sites’ terms and conditions prior to signing up.

Furthermore, there is a $5 sign-up bonus at GrabPoints. Meanwhile, Points2Shop offers 250 points (worth $2.50) on registration. Pretty good incentive to join on either site, if you ask me.

How big is their membership at the moment?

Even with the huge gap in the years active as survey/online rewards sites, both Points2Shop and GrabPoints boast of having millions of members. GrabPoints currently has over 4 million registered users while Points2Shop is being used by 5 million active members.

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What You Can Expect As A Member

What methods do they offer to earn?

You can earn in a variety of ways at GrabPoints. Online activities that earn points include taking surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, completing offers, playing games, and referring other people to use the site. GrabPoints also rewards users for promoting the site on social media platforms, and for using promo codes.

On the other hand, Points2Shop offers “fun stuff” (their words) in order to earn points and rewards with them. Members can also take on surveys, download mobile apps, complete offers, watch videos, play games, and even enter contests regularly. The site also different levels of referral bonuses (more on this later).

How much do they pay per task?

At Points2Shop, a hundred points for doing tasks equals a dollar. The points you can earn here vary per task (and could get a bit confusing, so I made sure to do some participative research to shed light on the matter). For instance, you can answer a poll and get around 5 points for it. Playing a couple of games can earn you up to 50 points, while completing surveys can earn you up to 200 points. There are also trials you can sign up for that can give you 50 points or more, but they’re kind of tricky because some require credit card information, which is something I will not recommend to anyone (believe me, I’ve had my fair share of unexplained charges after I tried this option on for size)! I guess the bottom line is, there is no fixed points system here at Points2Shop, though the earning potential – given all the different tasks to do – can admittedly be high.

With GrabPoints, it’s a thousand points to a dollar. As with Points2Shop, the points vary with each task (and along with them, a variety of factors such as length, topic, and the advertisers that need the kind of feedback you provide via the site). Some users have gotten upwards of 300 points for completing a single survey! Mobile app downloads can be worth as much as 500 points (again, depending on several factors involved). There are also paid offers that can be worth thousands of points, but user discretion is again advised and encouraged, especially when credit card trials are part of the deal.

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What are the payment methods and rewards involved?

Since I prefer to be rewarded in cash, I like that GrabPoints has PayPal as one of its payment methods. You can also opt to redeem your earned points for gift cards – something the site has plenty to offer and choose from. You can get GCs for online games, music, cryptocurrency, and even shopping (Amazon, Walmart, and Microsoft Store gift cards can be had here).

On the other hand, Points2Shop, though claiming to offer “the highest payout of all sites”, doesn’t have a PayPal option for users. In one of their FAQs, they explicitly state that “Unfortunately at this time we cannot allow points to go toward cash”, mentioning how their advertisers prefer a points-based system for prizes over a cash incentive. However, there is a wide variety of items to choose from at their rewards gallery, including the ever-popular $50 Amazon gift cards (open only to US members). You can order the item of your choice via Points2Shop and they will be the one to place your order at no cost, and with free shipping to boot.

How much is needed to cash out/redeem?

As previously mentioned, getting an Amazon gift card at Points2Shop means you have to have accumulated $50 in your account, as there are no other gift card values currently being offered. The points needed to redeem stuff depends on the reward you want to get. The site has a low-cost rewards section that includes bumper stickers for a hundred points, pencil top erasers for 150 points, mouse pads, ballpoint pens, and other stationary stuff for a variety of points (from around a hundred to 250). The bigger stuff, like the PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB, would need around 48000 points. So it’s really up to you if you want to work towards “peanuts” rewards, or the big juicy ones.

GrabPoints is more straightforward in this regard. You will only need 3000 points or the equivalent of $3 in order to cash out via PayPal! The other rewards like the gift cards depend on the retailer, but they are also on the low end of the minimum redemption spectrum.

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Is there a referral system?

Yes there is, for both sites.

GrabPoints uses a three-tier country system that determines how much a referral is worth per country. Points2Shop, on the other hand, also has a multi-tier referral system that has a bit of a complicated points structure (the percentage of fees change with how long they stay active members). At most, an active referral can earn you around 50 cents to a dollar.


Have There Been Compliments/Complaints About The Site?

Yes, there have been, on either count, for both sites.

GrabPoints and Points2Shop have both gotten positive feedback for providing a variety of ways to earn. Aside from that, joining is free, and with no maintenance fees for members. Amazon gift cards, a reward that is almost as good as cold hard cash, are also up for redeeming for both these sites. Both sites also have referral systems as a means to earn some extra points, which is always a welcome thing in my book.

Deep breath. And now for the negative stuff.

GrabPoints has received complaints about not having enough videos to watch, and it’s apparently the favorite task of a lot of their users. Surveys also have a tendency to get filled up quite fast, leaving little to none for other members who want to complete them.

The complaints about Points2Shop involve not being able to cash out their points, and having difficulty even qualifying for their surveys in the first place. A lot of users also complain about getting blocked for seemingly no reason. In fact, the bulk of negative feedback for this site revolves around account termination, and they have risen sharply in the past five years or so.


So Who Gets Your Vote?

There’s not much of a contest at this point – GrabPoints gets my vote in a heartbeat. Not only are there lots of ways to earn here, but the minimum threshold for redeeming rewards is one of the lowest I’ve encountered. Points2Shop has lots of potential, but the absence of a cash incentive bums me out, and the falling trust rating and decline in traffic (and ranking), plus all the negative feedback from former users just leave me cold.

How about you? Who gets your vote?