GrabPoints vs PointsPrizes Review

November 6, 2018

So for today’s review, we have a couple of sites that use the word “points” in their names. I may be overstating what I personally find obvious here, but GPT sites that use points to help you calculate the rewards you will be getting are some of the most fair ones I’ve encountered thus far. You see, there are some GPT and survey sites that have random payment schemes or tiers that are just so confusing, you end up wondering how much you’ve earned – and in turn, how much you need to earn to cash out.

That being said, we are going to discuss the relative merits of GrabPoints and PointsPrizes. From the start, I will confidently declare that I find both to be legit, having satisfactorily tried them out personally. Both are good at helping you earn the kind of extra cash that will prevent you from dipping into emergency or life savings. And both have gotten good feedback from other users, as well.

As usual, the aim of this review is to compare and contrast what both sites offer by way of earning online during your extra time. So without further ado, let’s dissect their features thoroughly and see which one gets your vote in the end.

First Impressions First

How long have they been around?

Both GrabPoints and PointsPrizes are relatively new GPT and online rewards sites, compared to others that have been around for a decade or longer. GrabPoints used to be known as ZoomBucks, and was relaunched in 2014 with notable upgrades. Meanwhile, PointsPrizes was established only in 2016, in France. So both sites have been around for just a couple of years.

What’s very noticeable about the two is how similar their websites look in layout and format. The whole uncluttered, what-you-see-is-what-you-get vibe is present in both, with all pertinent information presented straightaway. I’m not really complaining because I’m a fan of sleek, no-nonsense layouts. It’s just hard not to notice the similarities, is all.

How big is their membership at the moment?

PointsPrizes boasts of having 11,714,568 current members, which is quite impressive. GrabPoints has around 4 million members at the moment. Both are respectable numbers to have, given that they’ve only been active for less than five years.

And since they share similar layouts, there are certified reviews and testimonies from users which can give you an idea of how members find their stay in the sites. A quick glance can tell you how many stars the users give them, or you can simply refer to the average rating out of 10 that’s collectively taken from all user feedback.

What You Can Expect As A Member

What methods do they offer to earn?

PointsPrizes gives users a menu of different options to earn. As a member, you can choose to take up offers from their ad clients, complete paid surveys, watch video ads, and earn via daily bonuses.

pointsprizes dashboard

GrabPoints also offers a good variety of tasks in order to earn points. You can opt to watch videos, take surveys, complete offers, download apps, use promo codes, or take advantage of their referral program.

How much do they pay per task?

Over at PointsPrizes, the points you earn vary according to the task you take on. For instance, depending on the offer you take up on their Offer Wall, you can earn anywhere between 40 to 140 points, and even more if you’re lucky! A daily poll typically earns you 5 points. You can actually keep track of your earned points on PointsPrizes via their dashboard. On it, you can track how close you are to your PayPal money goal, as well as how many points you’ve earned so far, how many referral points you’ve accumulated, and even the number of points you’ve spent ever since you became a member.

At GrabPoints, a thousand points equals a dollar. It’s more straightforward that way. There are also paid offers that can earn you upwards of a hundred points, and the surveys can also be worth anything between 50 points to even thousands, if you qualify for them.

What are the payment methods and rewards involved?

You’ll be glad to know that both PointsPrizes and GrabPoints offer cash outs via PayPal! Aside from cash payments, PointsPrizes also offers digital gift cards as rewards – there are around 40 of them to choose from at their prize catalogue.

GrabPoints runs along the same rewards lines, with both cash payments and gift cards to redeem as soon as the minimum payment amount is met. There’s a pretty extensive list of gift cards in their rewards section. They’re categorized into gaming (some popular ones include Steam, Playstation Store, Xbox, and Rixty Gift Codes), shopping (you can choose from Walmart gift cards, Amazon claim codes, eBay gift cards, Lowes coupons), and more.

GrabPoints Rewards Catalogue New

How much is needed to cash out/redeem?

Now this is where there is a marked difference between these two GPT sites. GrabPoints has one of the lowest minimum payment thresholds around, with just $3 before you can cash out via PayPal! They’ve also gained the reputation for fast payouts, with most rewards getting redeemed in as short as 48 business hours (though the “official” processing time is around 72 hours).

For a gift card worth $20, you will need to earn 3000 points on PointsPrizes. This might seem like a steep amount to work towards, but it is doable, at least according to user feedback. The site also allows users to monitor their prize delivery via the History section. An ETA feature is always good to have to keep track if your rewards are well and truly on their way to you.

Is there a referral system?

Both PointsPrizes and GrabPoints have referral systems. PointsPrizes gives you up to 10 bonus points for every referral who signs up using your link. What’s more, once they complete tasks satisfactorily, you can get 10% of your referrals’ earnings.

With GrabPoints, there is a tier system in place with the bonus points varying depending on the home country referred. Bonus points are credited to your account as soon as your referral earns a thousand points.

GrabPoints Refer Friends new

Have There Been Compliments/Complaints About The Site?

PointsPrizes has apps for both Android and iOS users. And while GrabPoints doesn’t, they take pride in their responsive mobile version.

There is also a unique compliment regarding PointsPrizes and the way they hold the user’s privacy in high regard. Because of recent news about huge data breaches, the site actually doesn’t ask users for a password or other sensitive data. All they need is just an email where they can send the rewards and for verification purposes. Users like how the site takes steps in protecting their identity and privacy, and is pretty straightforward about answering common questions in their FAQs.

The main complaint about PointsPrizes, meanwhile, centers around how high their minimum payout is at $20. In stark contrast, GrabPoints gets lauded for only requiring the equivalent of $3 for cashing out. One of the biggest complaints about GrabPoints, however, is that their VIP Program, which allowed members to get 50% of on all offers, is unfortunately no longer available.

So Who Gets Your Vote?

Having been a member of GrabPoints for quite some time now, I would recommend that you try this online rewards site as an extra source of passive income. It has consistently rewarded users promptly and fairly, with a menu of doable and fun tasks that won’t bore you the way surveys-only sites sometimes do.

However, I am not going to discourage you from giving PointsPrizes a try, either. Like GrabPoints, it generously offers a referral system so you get better chances to earn passively. It has also gotten its fair share of good feedback, and with its emphasis on protecting users’ identities and privacy, seems to be a trustworthy GPT site worth keeping.