GrabPoints vs PrizeRebel Review

November 2, 2018

There are a lot of survey sites out there. Quite a few are scams (you know how you are), but a lot are legit. The funny thing is that it can actually be harder to compare legit sites with one another. When a site is a scam, it’s usually easy to spot and avoid. But legit sites all look great.

So which one should you use? This article will try to narrow down the field for you by comparing two popular survey sites: GrabPoints and PrizeRebel.

I also need to mention that this is not a review of either site. I wouldn’t be comparing these sites if they weren’t legit (which they definitely are). I’ve used both GrabPoints and PrizeRebel extensively, and while they’re both really good, one is definitely better than the other. Instead of spoiling it immediately (gotta have some build-up, right?), I’ll be giving a detailed comparison of GrabPoints and PrizeRebel. There’s a lot to cover, so I’ll be breaking it up into various sections, to make things easier to digest.

Okay with all that said, let’s get this show on the road!

The Lowdown on GrabPoints and PrizeRebel

Before we jump into the nitty-gritty of GrabPoints and PrizeRebel, let me break down the basic info of each site.

GrabPoints Earn Free Gift Cards



GrabPoints has dubbed itself the highest-paying survey site in the world. That’s a pretty big accomplishment, considering there must be hundreds, if not thousands, of competing survey site out there in the wild. The company was started about four years ago, and since then, their members (over 4 million) have earned a combined $5 million through the site!

These members earned that by answering surveys and doing other simple tasks, such as watching online videos, testing apps, taking offers, and trying mobile games. Each task they complete earns points, which members can redeem as cash, which is sent through PayPal, or as gift cards. In addition to high payouts, GrabPoints also offers lots of gift card options for different shops and websites, as well as gaming codes to games such as Clash Royale and RuneScape.



PrizeRebel was started in 2007. Since that time, their user base has grown to over 7.5 million members, who have earned a combined $15 million. Members earn on PrizeRebel by taking surveys, completing offers, watching videos, and completing tasks – somewhat similar to GrabPoints.

Earnings can be redeemed as cash (sent via PayPal or bank transfer) or one of over 500 gift card options.


The Positives and Negatives of GrabPoints and PrizeRebel

Let’s list down the positives –  and the negatives, of course – of each site.


GrabPoints: the Positives

You’ll get paid more on GrabPoints – A survey site is only as good as the advertisers it has. GrabPoints only works with legit, high-paying companies. Instead of keeping all that money for itself, GrabPoints offers the highest payout rates to its members. Nobody pays their members as well as GrabPoints.

You’ll have lots of earning options – They’ve got lots of earning methods. While taking surveys is the most popular method, you can try all the different methods as well. More options mean more opportunities to earn.

You’ll get more surveys to complete – The site also “routes” surveys from third party providers. GrabPoints can connect you to over 20 daily survey sites. These sites include legit names in the industry, such as Theorem Reach, Revenue Wall, and Pollfish.

You won’t have trouble reaching the minimum payout – On GrabPoints, you can redeem your earnings as soon as you’ve accumulated a minimum of $3 in earnings. That’s really easy to reach (although I personally prefer saving my earnings for a bigger payday!). If you need your money right away, it’ll be good to know that you can reach the minimum requirement without too much trouble.

You can use GrabPoints on the go – The website of GrabPoints was designed to work on all devices, whether it’s a desktop, laptop, or iOS or Android phone. This gives you a lot of flexibility when using the site. You can even use it on the go, since it works so well on mobile.

You’ve got lots of rewards options – GrabPoints has lots – and I mean lots – of gift card options. These gift cards can be used in a wide range of establishments and shops – and GrabPoints even offers a cryptocurrency option.

GrabPoints: the Negative

You can’t make this your career – This isn’t a negative per se, since GrabPoints doesn’t claim you’ll be able to retire on your earnings – unlike scam sites, which promise you earnings that are simply too good to be true. GrabPoints has the highest pay rates, but manage your expectations just the same.

Let’s check out PrizeRebel next:


PrizeRebel: the Positives

High survey success rate – I’m not sure how the site does it, but I don’t get disqualified while taking surveys as much as on other sites. I don’t have a tech background, so I’ll just assume that the magical powers of the internet and PrizeRebel have conspired to assign me surveys I can actually complete.

Low minimum payout – The minimum payout of PrizeRebel is also $3 – just like GrabPoints.

Responsive customer service – I’ve noticed that their customer service team is always quick to respond to questions and complaints, particularly those on public forums such as Survey Police.


PrizeRebel: the Negative

Payout rate has gotten lower – PrizeRebel used to pay pretty well, particularly for surveys. But recently, I’ve noticed that that rate has been getting lower. For example, surveys that would have paid $1 before now pay only about $0.65.


“How Much Can I Earn on Either Site?”

The previous sections were just a lead-up to this one, which answers the most important question of all: how much can you earn? When it comes to comparing sites, you can’t challenge actual numbers. So let’s compare earnings on three of the most popular tasks on each site: answering surveys, watching videos, and taking offers.


Answering Surveys

grabpoints vs prizerebel answering surveys

Conclusion: you can earn up to 56.18% more (or $2.68 more, on average) answering surveys on GrabPoints!


Watching Videos

grabpoints vs prizerebel watching videos

Conclusion: you can earn up to 25% more watching videos on GrabPoints!


Taking Offers

grabpoints vs prizerebel taking offers

Conclusion: you can earn up to 37.31% more (or $10.88 more, on average) completing offers on GrabPoints!


The Verdict

Based on the information and comparisons above, GrabPoints is definitely the better rewards site! GrabPoints pays more (always the most important factor), has more earning methods, and has a wide range of reward options. You can also use it on various devices, which is a big advantage when you want to complete surveys and other tasks on the go.

If you want to get maximum earnings while using a rewards site, go use GrabPoints!