GrabPoints vs Swagbucks Review

October 11, 2018

GrabPoints vs Swagbucks

There can only be one!

Answering surveys and doing various micro-tasks are some of the easiest ways to earn online. While those methods are simple, you still need to put in time and effort to make it worth your while. And because of that, it’s important to use a survey site that gives you the maximum amount of rewards for your time and effort. You can spend equal amounts of time on two sites, but your earnings won’t always be the same.

So which one should you use?

To help you decide, this article will compare two of the biggest survey sites on the planet: GrabPoints and Swagbucks. This article isn’t a review of either site – both are totally legit, and offer awesome earning programs. But we’re looking for the best of the best. This article will attempt to answer conclusively: which site is the undisputed champion of the survey site scene?

Overview: GrabPoints and SwagBucks

Here’s a tale of the tape between the two sites. This section will show the basic info about each one:

GrabPoints Earn Free Gift Cards


Number of members: 4 million

Amount of payouts: Over $5 million

Year started: 2014

Earning methods:

  • Answering surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Downloading apps
  • Availing of offers
  • Play games

Payout methods:

  • Cash (sent via PayPal)
  • Gift Cards, including gaming, shopping, entertainment, and cryptocurrencies logged out


Number of members: 10 million

Amount of payouts: Over $288 million

Year started: 2008

Earning methods:

  • Answering surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Cash-back shopping
  • Availing of offers

Payout methods:

  • Cash (sent via PayPal or prepaid Visa card)
  • Gift Cards, including gaming, shopping, entertainment, and travel

The Pros and Cons with Each Site

Now that I’ve given you the basic overviews of each site, time to tackle each one’s strengths and weaknesses.

GrabPoints Do Offers new

Pros: GrabPoints

Lots of ways to earn – You’ll never get bored with GrabPoints. If you’re not in the mood to answer surveys, you can always try watching videos, playing games, or doing other tasks.

Lots of survey providers – GrabPoints routes surveys from providers such as Theorem Reach, Revenue Wall, and Pollfish. It also has over 20 daily survey routers not found on Swagbucks.

It’s the highest-paying survey-site in the world – GrabPoints is one of the most rewarding (pun intended) survey sites to use. It’s the highest-paying survey site in the world. The company maintains the highest payout rate by working with high-paying advertisers. A large chunk of the company’s earnings are passed on to members via its rewards.

Lots of Rewards –  First, there’s PayPal, which is always a good thing to have (I happen to prefer cash myself), but GrabPoints also has a ton of gift card options for a wide variety of sites, shops, and establishments. They also offer cryptocurrencies, something Swagbucks does not.

Lowest Minimum Payout – You can redeem your earnings when you’ve accumulated at least $3. That is the lowest payout minimum in the industry! This will give you lots of flexibility when it comes to planning your withdrawals.

Optimized for All Devices – You can use GrabPoints on various devices, whether it’s on a desktop, or iOS or Android phone, and the site will still work perfectly.

Swagbucks Member Home

Pros: Swagbucks

You can choose different earning methods – Like GrabPoints, Swagbucks also has lots of ways to earn. After GrabPoints, Swagbucks has one of the best money-earning programs around.

Lots of exclusive deals – When it came to taking offers, Swagbucks has quite a few that weren’t available anywhere else.

Lots of rewards – Again, like GrabPoints, Swagbucks has tons of rewards for you to pick from. I would give Swagbucks a slight edge here, since they have gift cards from a super-wide range of shops. They don’t offer cryptocurrency, though. So keep that in mind.

And now, onto the cons of each site:

Cons: GrabPoints

You can’t make this your day job – GrabPoints is the highest-paying survey site around, but that doesn’t mean you can quit your job or pay off your mortgage this way. The money you earn on GrabPoints will be enough to supplement your income, though. And that’s still pretty good.

Cons: Swagbucks

Low earnings per task – The earnings on Swagbucks are no match for earnings on GrabPoints – in fact, the earnings on this site are pretty low, overall.  

High minimum payout – Despite the low earnings for tasks, you need a high amount to redeem most rewards. For example, you’ll need at least $5 to redeem Paypal whereas GrabPoints only requires $3 worth of points. Some gift cards require even higher minimums.  It may take a while before you earn enough to withdraw.

Earning Comparisons

All of the information above is just a lead-up to the most important section of all: the earning comparison. You’ve probably been waiting for this since the beginning of the article, so let’s hop right to it. We’ll be comparing the three major earning methods on both sites: answering surveys, watching videos, and taking offers.

Answering Surveys

grabpoints vs swagbucks answering surveys

Conclusion: you can earn up to 81.55% more (or $3.89 more, on average) answering surveys on GrabPoints!

Watching Videos

grabpoints vs swagbucks watching videos

Conclusion: you can earn up to 37.5% more watching videos on GrabPoints!

Completing Offers

grabpoints vs swagbucks completing offers

Conclusion: you can earn up to 37.59% more (or $10.96 more, on average) completing offers on GrabPoints!

And the Winner Is…


Swagbucks is a formidable competitor, with its wide range of earning methods and rewards. But GrabPoints provides the highest earnings for tasks, and has a minimum withdrawal that is easier to manage. GrabPoints is, without a doubt, the undisputed champion of the survey site scene!