How to Earn By Completing Offers

October 11, 2018

Taking Offers

A Guide to Earning on GrabPoints

Lots of companies, from websites to streaming services to online publications, want you to try their products and services. They usually offer free trial periods for their services, in the hope that you stay on and get the paid subscription. To give their offers an added boost, they team up with GrabPoints to incentivize these offers. Taking offers on GrabPoints is a great way to earn!


How This Works

It’s easy: you check your GrabPoints dashboard for any free offers that are available. You sign-up for the ones you like, and then you get paid whenever you complete the offer.

That’s the TL;DR version – below are detailed steps on how to earn on GrabPoints by taking offers.

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Step 1: Register

To sign up and start taking offers, the only info you’ll need to provide is your name and a valid email address. But we recommend that you also provide your complete demographic info, so you can earn by answering surveys. Answering surveys is a great way to earn, and you shouldn’t pass it up!


Step 2: Take offers that you’re interested in

You’ll find the available offers under the Complete Offers tab in your dashboard. You’ll know beforehand how many points each offer will give you, and any specific requirements the offer may have  (more on that in the Step 3).

Offers usually come in one of several varieties:

Paid Trial Offers  – These offers require you to pay a small fee for a trial period. Once the trial period is over, your credit card will be charged for a regular subscription. But remember that you will always have the option of canceling before the paid subscription kicks in.

Non-Paid Trial Offers  – As the name implies, these are totally free. But like the Paid Trial Offers, your credit card may be billed once the trial period is over. As always, you have the option of canceling before that paid period goes into effect.   

Visiting Websites  – You earn by visiting sites, but the task may also require you to do additional actions like registering, providing your email address, or answering a survey.

Testing Apps  – You earn by installing an app on your phone. You might have to keep it installed for a set amount of time, or reach a specific level if it’s a game.

Taking Cashback Offers  – Visit any of our partner online stores. Whenever you make a purchase, you earn points.

Step 3: Earn points

The offers come from a wide range of companies, and often come with specific requirements.

For example, a mobile game-related offer will pay you points after you sign-up for the game, create a character, and reach a certain level. An entertainment-related offer will pay you after get a free subscription to their service.

Take note: some of these offers will require you to provide your credit card info or make a purchase. For example, an offer from a VPN company will earn you points after you purchase a subscription using a valid credit card. But the points you’ll be earning from offers such as this will be way higher than usual.

Once you fulfill the offer’s requirements, you’ll get the points.


Step 4: For more earnings, take more offers

Taking an offer is optional, and you can take as many offers as you like. Needless to say, the more offers you take, the more you will earn!

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Step 5: Withdraw your earnings

Once you’ve accumulated a minimum of 3,000 points (worth $3 in real-world money), it’s time to get rewarded! Payouts can come in the form of cash (sent to you via PayPal) or as one of many gift card options. You will receive your reward within 48 hours.


Taking offers is one of the most fulfilling ways to earn on GrabPoints. You get to explore new websites, try new apps, and get cool subscriptions – all while earning points. Make sure you know what each offer requires, and you’ll be good to go!