Tips to Earn Quickly By Completing Paid Surveys

October 18, 2018

Market information is more valuable than ever! Companies are willing to pay to get info about their target markets, and since market research is a daunting task, even for large companies, they often work with sites like GrabPoints to provide surveys to their members.

GrabPoints only works with legit, high-paying companies and as a result, GrabPoints can pass on some of the highest payout rates in the world! When you complete the survey, you’ll get the points. The pros earn hundreds of dollars every month with surveys. See the below leaderboard as an example!


How Surveys Work – Learn the Basics First

Before we get into tips, let’s talk about how surveys work. As mentioned above, companies hire GrabPoints to distribute surveys to you and other members. You earn points for completed surveys, and once you’ve reached the minimum amount of points required, you can redeem your earnings as cash or gift cards via our rewards store. Let’s start with the basics, and then move on to the tips from the pros!

Step 1: Pick Your Survey Provider

There are a few ways to earn on GrabPoints with Surveys, and different providers work for different users based on demographics and location:

    • GrabPoints Surveys

      Simply visit the surveys page, scroll to the bottom and see surveys targeted to your age, zip code, and location. Once redirected to a potential survey, you may be asked more questions to ensure that you qualify – for example, income.

    • Survey Walls

      Survey walls include PeanutLabs, Yuno, CPX Research & Revenue Wall. With survey walls, you will need to provide your information on the survey wall and will be matched with surveys accordingly.

  • Survey Routers

    GrabPoints also includes survey routers, meaning it acts as a portal to surveys offered by other companies, such as YourSurveys (unlimited survey router) & Dynata. If you don’t qualify for a survey via a router, you may be redirected to another survey that matches your demographics. YourSurveys allows unlimited completes a day while Dynata allows 10 completions daily.

Step 2: Provide More Information to the Wall or Router

Once redirected to a survey router or wall, you may need to register or provide more information. This process usually takes a few minutes, and you will need to once for each provider.

You’ll add your basic info, such as your name and email address, as well as more specific ones like your age, job, and gender.

Step 3: See Surveys

The info you provided in Step 2 is called demographic info, and the site needs it to know which surveys are appropriate for you. The site will curate a list of surveys that are a good match for you based on the info you’ve given. You will be able to see these surveys on the survey wall.

Step 4: Answer surveys

Now it’s time to start earning! Surveys usually have their points value listed. When you complete the survey, you’ll get the points. With some providers like CPX Research, you can even earn with partial completions and disqualifications.

Take note; you may be disqualified in the middle of taking a survey. Don’t worry; it simply means that either the site has reached its quota of answers, or it determined that you’re not actually a good match for the survey. This is completely normal and all users experience this.

Step 5: Earn Points

Whenever you finish answering a survey, the listed points will be credited to your account. Take note again that some providers will pay you for partial completions or when you are disqualified.

Step 6: Repeat for More Earnings

Once you’re done with a survey, go ahead and look for more. You will never be required to answer surveys you don’t want to – participation is purely optional, although it’s always a good idea to answer as many surveys as you can.

To earn more, try to look for surveys with the word “Unlimited” in their title. That means  they don’t have limits on the number of surveys you can take per day.

Step 7: Withdraw Your Earnings

Once you’ve accumulated a minimum of 5,150 points (worth $5 in real-world money), you can request a payout. These payouts can come in the form of cash (sent to you via PayPal) or as one of many gift card options. You will receive your reward within 48 hours.

GrabPoints Cash Out Your Points

Pro-Tips To Skyrocket Your Earnings!

Tip 1 – Check Often and Start Quickly!

You can find surveys on the surveys page. To see variable rate surveys targeted towards your profile, scroll to the bottom, where you’ll see something like the below:

Variable rate surveys

Each survey includes the time to complete, the amount you’ll receive, and the name of the survey. Keep in mind that surveys are ordered with the easiest surveys at the top. Start attempting surveys from the top and work your way down for maximum success!

The time provided is a guide, so this is the average time it takes to complete the survey. It may or may not take longer than this, but be sure not to rush through the surveys as providers can penalize you for doing so.

In short, if you see a survey, do not delay and attempt right away (especially the surveys at the of the list). This applies to all survey providers!

Tip 2 – Watch the Live Feed & Leaderboard!

The live feed shows a constant stream of offers crediting within GrabPoints. Market research providers may increase or decrease in inventory from day to day, so we recommend watching the live feed to see what’s popular at any given time.

Tip 3 – Honesty is the Best Policy!

We understand that it could be tempting to speed through a survey, but we highly discourage this behavior. This could result in a suspension from the survey provider and in a worst-case scenario, a suspension of your GrabPoints account.

Along the way, you may see “speed trap” questions. For example, you may be asked to enter your birthdate on one page and your age on another to ensure they match. You may also be asked simple questions such as, what color is grass?

Consistency and honestly is key to success with surveys!

Tip 4 – Screen Outs and Full Quotas

Screen outs occur when the survey needs more demographic information and determines that you aren’t qualified for the survey. For example, GrabPoints does not ask you for your income, but a survey may require a certain income bracket to qualify. The survey will then ask you for your income and screen you out if it doesn’t match the demographic requirements.

Quota full simply means that the survey has researched its requirements. If you find this happening, refresh your surveys page to show the latest and greatest surveys. Remember, survey inventory refreshes often, so it’s important to have the most up to date list at all times.

Do not get discouraged by screen outs and full quotas. This is normal behavior, and all users experience this. The pros are well aware of this and simply continue on to the next survey.

If you are screened out of a survey, do not attempt to change your details. This is considered manipulation and will result in an account suspension.

If you find yourself constantly getting screened out from surveys, try CPX Research. This is a provider that awards points for disqualifications.

Tip 5 – Try Other Providers

If GrabPoints surveys aren’t working, try other providers! Some providers have more inventory for some countries than others, and the options are endless. Try Dynata, YourSurveys, PeanutLabs, Yuno, CPX Research, or RevenueWall! Again, pay attention to the live feed to understand whether a provider has more inventory for any specific day!

Tip 6 – Slow Survey Day? Try Offers

The pros love surveys and earn hundreds of months with this method, but everyone has slow days. If you experience a slow or low inventory day, try offers. Don’t forget to complete offers from mobile and desktop since different offers apply for different devices!


Don’t let the amount of info in this guide intimidate you – answering surveys on GrabPoints is an easy, fun way to earn. If you’ve got any questions about this, or any of our other earning methods, don’t hesitate to reach out to support!

Good luck, and see you at cash out!