How to Earn By Watching Videos

October 8, 2018

Traditional television is old-school. And with online video streaming becoming the dominant way people consume media, advertisers are also looking for new ways to cash in on this development. Buying ad space on TV is still pricey, so advertisers work with companies such as GrabPoints to provide guaranteed exposure to their ads. Advertisers pay GrabPoints, and when you finish watching a video, GrabPoints pays you!

How This Works

It’s really simple: you watch videos, and for each one you complete, you earn points. Once you’ve reached the minimum amount of points required, you can redeem your earnings as cash or gift cards.

That’s the condensed version – below are detailed steps on how to earn by watching videos in GrabPoints:

GrabPoints Watch Videos new


Step 1: Register

To sign up and watch videos, the only info you need to provide is your name and a valid email address. But you can also earn by answering surveys, and to do that, you will have to provide demographic info like your age, location, and employment. You’re not required to answer surveys, but we highly recommend it. The earning methods you participate in, the greater your earnings will be!


Step 2: Check out the different channels

Watching videos on GrabPoints is sort of like watching regular TV or YouTube. You find a channel you want, and start watching videos. The channels available to you will depend on your location, but you can expect a wide range of channels that cover topics such as sports and entertainment. And just like TV, you can flip between channels to find something that interests you.


Step 3: Watch videos!

This step involves just that – watching videos. You will not be required to watch anything you don’t want to – you can watch as many or as little videos as you want.

Step 4: Earn points

Points will be credited to your account when the video ends. Some offers will require you to watch a couple of videos before you can earn points, so read the requirements carefully. The requirements can be found on the offer wall or if the video is available in the GrabPoints Video section, simply click the “i” icon.


Step 5: Earn more by watching more

You can watch as many videos as you want from as many channels that are available to you. The more videos you watch, the greater your earnings will be, of course.

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Step 6: Withdraw your earnings

Now, this is the part everyone’s been waiting for. Once you’ve accumulated a minimum of 3,000 points (worth $3 in real-world money), you can request a payout. These payouts can come in the form of cash (sent to you via PayPal) or as one of many gift card options. You will receive your reward within 48 hours.



And that’s about it. This guide is pretty detailed, but the actual experience is really simple. We hope you sign up soon and start earning! If you have any more questions, check out our help desk.