How to Earn Free CS:GO Skins the Legit Way

Free CS GO Skins

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CS:GO is one of those games that rely on “skins”. A skin can either be a new outfit for a character, or a kind of “finish” for an object in the game, like a weapon. It’s one way for a player to truly make their characters and items look unique and theirs alone. However, it doesn’t really contribute to anything more than upgrading their visual appeal. There are no power upgrades or boosters associated with skins, though some designs would admittedly give an advantage or disadvantage to players (more on this in a bit).

So why is it a much-coveted thing among CS:GO players and other similar games? For starters, they don’t really come free (at least not in the way other people think). Think of it as a sort of cosmetic item that still gets every player in a frenzy if the promise of one for free is floated about. You can get them for playing Global Offensive via the occasional loot drop when you go on certain missions. However, these come in weapon cases that can only be opened with in-game keys that cost around $2.50 each. So yep, money is still involved.

For another, some of the skins are rarer than others. These skins typically have designs that help the items or characters blend into the background, like a camouflage pattern or similar. Other lower-rarity skins are typically brightly colored, making it easy for you to stand out and for others to see you as a target. Then there are the extremely rare Souvenir skins which are only available during Global Offensive esports events. This is why trading skins have become a normal thing to do for games like these.

However, there are other practical ways to earn CS:GO skins the legit way, tried-and-tested way.


Avoid Free CS:GO Skins Generator Scams

So the first item on this list to earn CS:GO skins the legit way is to not fall for scammy generators promising free ones. There simply is no such thing as a free skins generator, especially if the site or link promising that is asking for personal information such as your password or credit card information. If you come across such fake generators, don’t even entertain the notion of trying it out – just ignore it because it will spell nothing but trouble for your accounts’ security.

CS GO Skins Generator Scams


Play Global Offensive and Earn Skins via Random Drops

With CS:GO, the “free” skins come sporadically, but when you get one it’s like winning the gaming lottery. These drops are limited although there are hundreds of skins available on Global Offensive, categorized by rarity (low to high), exterior quality (degree of wear and tear), and if they are Normal, StatTrak, or Souvenir skins. As previously mentioned, you can get skins on certain missions, but you will have to unlock the weapon cases with special keys in order to use them. For that, you will have to specifically purchase the key in-game, or trade them within the Steam Community Market.

Cash Out Your Earnings on GrabPoints and Buy Skins

Since money seems to be involved in most of the legit ways to buy CS:GO skins, GrabPoints gives you one of the easiest and most fun ways to do so. Simply sign up for free with GrabPoints, and you can immediately start earning points which you can redeem for cash or gift cards (hint: a lot of the redeemed rewards at GrabPoints have to do with gaming!).

Most of the tasks can be done whenever you have free time, so you won’t have to worry about losing precious time away from your Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game. You can choose from a good variety of activities on the GrabPoints menu: answering paid surveys, watching videos, playing games, downloading apps, taking up offers, using promo codes, and even taking advantage of the referral program for even more points earned passively!

GrabPoints always makes sure to give its users the kind of convenience they deserve when it comes to cashing out earnings. The result is a ridiculously low withdrawal threshold. Once your account has $3 in it (more than enough to buy a key to uncrate a weapon case with a skin inside), you can instantly request to cash out! With your GrabPoints earnings withdrawn from PayPal, you can then go buy CS:GO skins on external sites that sell them (along with other gaming tools and boosters) like in GamerAll.

And you don’t even have to wait around too long to get your cash via PayPal because GrabPoints processes withdrawals within 48 to 72 business hours (though many users have been pleasantly surprised to receive their earnings in as little as 24 business hours).

GrabPoints Earn Free Gift Cards


Use Free Affiliate Codes

There are certain “skin betting sites” which give away affiliate codes you can use to rack up points…for skins! Otherwise referred to as “skin gambling”, this offshoot of the gaming industry are basically third-party sites where users can bet on skins via a series of casino-like games such as Roulette, Jackpot, etc. Instead of using real money, you can trade and trade skins provided they are not under banned lists or trade restrictions.

This method is not entirely risk-free, of course. Many fraudulent websites pose as skin gambling casinos and use potentially dangerous links to get sensitive information. Therefore, it is important to conduct some prior research to check for legitimacy. You can see via social media sites and forums if a skin betting site is authentic and has good feedback. Take special note of payment or “withdrawal” proof from actual users. Also check if there is actual customer support and if the site itself is functional with a user-friendly layout and design. Added bonus points for being legit would be if the site gives away free affiliate codes (that actually work), promos, and the occasional free coins!


Earn Free Steam Wallet Codes From GrabPoints

Or, you can do this in a more practical way – sign up with GrabPoints and choose the Steam Wallet Claim Codes as your reward! Steam Wallet Claim Codes are just one in dozens of rewards on the GrabPoints rewards menu. But it is with Steam Wallet that you can actually add to your account and buy the kind of skins or other tools you will need for your game.

Before you can redeem your Steam Wallet Claim Code, though, you must first reach a minimum of 5000 points. Once you do, head on over to the GrabPoints Rewards Store and pick out Steam Wallet as your reward. The codes come in denominations of $5 & $10 (at GrabPoints, a thousand points is equivalent US$1 in real-world currency).

So yes, there are smart, legit, and practical ways to earn CS:GO skins. You don’t need to involve yourself in controversial (and highly illegal) gamer practices such as betting on matches just to earn them. More importantly, do not fall for the promise of free skins by fake generators because nothing good will come out of trying these out (you can get your identity stolen, or credit card and other accounts hacked, for starters). As with most things in life, working methodically towards a goal is the only way to come out with a truly rewarding experience – which, in this case, is getting the kind of skins you want for your Global Offensive characters and weapons!

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