How to Earn Free Mobile Strike Gold

November 29, 2018

Mobile Strike is one of the most popular mobile and PC games on the planet. In this blog post, we’ll be showing you how to earn free Mobile Strike Gold, which is one of the game’s most valuable resources.

But first, a little info on the game itself.

Mobile Strike: a Primer

Even if you’ve never played Mobile Strike, chances are you’ve heard about it, thanks to those ubiquitous ads starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Ah-nold’s face is all over the game’s various marketing materials) Mobile Strike is a massively multiplayer online strategy video game, or MMOG, and is available for download on iTunes and the Google Play store.

In the game, players make a bid for world dominance. They do that by building military bases and declaring war on their rivals. You can increase the increase the speed of your construction and upgrade your weapons by spending the in-game currency called Mobile Strike Gold. As you could tell, Mobile Strike Gold is an extremely important aspect of the game

You can pay for Gold via the X. But the game doesn’t have to be pay to win. This blog post will show you how to earn free Mobile Strike Gold!

Given the importance of Gold in the game, people are always looking for legit ways to earn free Gold. Sadly, this also means that there are a lot of scam sites out there that are too willing to exploit people’s need for Gold. We’ll be teaching you how to avoid those sites in a bit. First, let’s check out the different legit ways to get free Mobile Strike Gold:

Get free gold just by starting

When you first start playing Mobile Strike, you will get 400 free Gold! Although you will most likely spend that Gold pretty quickly on upgrades and speed-ups, it’s great to have that much Gold right off the bat.

Earn gold by completing missions

Mobile Strike rewards players who work hard at getting better at the game. Whenever you complete a mission, you will get rewarded with an appropriate amount of Gold.

Mobile Strike Missions and Items

Connect to Facebook

Mobile Strike has great social media integration. When you connect your Mobile Strike account to Facebook, you will get 100 free Gold!

Refer friends

Referring friends is also a great way to get free Gold. When someone signs up as your referral, you get 40 free Gold. Since Mobile Strike is more fun with more players, gather your friends and organize Mobile Strike parties… with them signing up as your referrals, of course. And the best part of this is you can earn even more bonus points when they level up!

Open supply crates

Supply crates are located at the bottom-left corner of the screen. You can’t always open these crates; you’ll have to wait for the timer to run out. When it does, the supply crate will start to wiggle, telling you that you can now crack it open. When you crack open supply crates, you get a bunch of rewards, such as free Gold!


Sign-up for an Epic War account

Your supply crates will eventually peter out. To make sure they keep coming, sign up for an Epic War account. When you play Mobile Strike on Epic War for PC, you get a cool 500 Gold absolutely free!

Join an alliance

Nobody can take over the world alone – you gotta join an alliance to do that. Joining has all sorts of strategic alliances, including getting added protection and sharing resources. Yep, build strong enough relations with your neighbors, and you can share free Gold with each other! But make sure you give as much as you take; nobody wants to have a leech on their crew.

Mobile Strike Alliance

Upgrade to VIP status

Now, this isn’t a Gold-earning method. But it’s a great way to earn bonuses, and we thought it was worth mentioning here. Whenever you log-in to your Mobile Strike account, you get free VIP points. Log-in daily, and your VIP points will rise even faster. When you accumulate points, you move up a level. Each level has its benefits; for example, at VIP Level 2 you get a significant boost by way of a 7-minute increase in construction time, and a 5% boost in food, oil, stone, iron, and coin production. These supplies can help you finish missions, which will, in turn, earn you free Gold.

Mobile Strike VIP Satus

Complete Tasks on GrabPoints

And here’s one of the best ways to earn free Mobile Strike Gold (we may be biased, of course!). You won’t get free Mobile Strike Gold on GrabPoints, but you can earn easy money on the site, which you can use to purchase Gold in-game. And since GrabPoints is the highest-paying rewards site on the planet, it’ll be easy earning enough cash to buy your Mobile Strike Gold.

On GrabPoints, you earn cash by completing a bunch of simple online tasks, including completing paid surveys, watching videos, completing offers, and downloading and testing apps on your mobile device. These tasks are super-easy to do, and when you complete a task, you get awarded points.

When you accumulate at least $3 worth of points, you can request a payout, either as cash or gift cards. And here’s the great thing about this: payment processing is only 48 hours! Meaning you’ll get your cash to buy Mobile Strike Gold within 2 days. Getting your rewards quickly means you can always keep up with your Mobile Strike opponents!

Sign-up for a GrabPoints account now! With GrabPoints, you’ll always be the aggressor on Mobile Strike, and not the defender.

GrabPoints Do Offers new

Avoid scams!

Due to the high demand for Mobile Strike Gold, a lot of scams have popped-up out in the internet. Avoid these sites at all cost! You’ll know they’re a scam because they use words like “hack,” or “clawback,” or “generator.” There is no such thing on Mobile Strike. The only legit ways to earn Gold in the game are listed above. These scams will try to weasel you out of your credit card info or other personal details. So, we repeat, avoid scam sites at all cost!

So those are the certified-legit ways to earn free Mobile Strike Gold. Keep these methods in mind and you should be taking over the world in no time!