How to Earn Free PokéCoins in Pokémon

November 23, 2018

Ahh, PokéCoins, the lifeblood of Pokémon GO. It is what helps keep the game interesting and competitive. That’s not to say the game doesn’t come free for download, because of course it does. However, the success of free games like this lies on how hooked fans are willing to spend real-world money to get these much-coveted currency for upgrades and other tools for their game progress. In a recent survey, it was discovered that the US has spent the most overall on Pokémon GO in-app purchases, with an estimated revenue of around $424 million!

It’s hardly surprising. With the PokéCoins currency, you can buy in-app items such as Poké Balls, Incense, Lucky Eggs, Lure Modules, Egg Incubators, Bar Upgrades, and even Pokémon Storage Upgrades. Buying those on a regular basis will cost you hundreds to thousands of PokéCoins, and even more so in real-life dollars. Fortunately, there are ways to earn free PokéCoins without resorting to plunking down your hard-earned cash (though there is still a practical and creative way to do precisely that, which we will also mention in a bit).

Do Not Fall for PokéCoin Generator Scams

This needs to be the first item on the list if only to warn people of its potential harm and threat to security and privacy. There are so many fake “free” PokéCoins generators out there, and so many users are falling for them, unfortunately. Know this before all else – there is no such thing as a free PokéCoin generator!

It simply doesn’t make sense for a free game to give out ways to generate free Pokémon Go Coins as well. If you see one promising you of such currency riches, ignore it and don’t click on any links being offered by it. Others have gotten their passwords and even credit card information compromised by doing precisely that. If you have clicked on a potentially scammy link, please change all your passwords from a different device to prevent your important accounts from getting hacked.

Pokemon Go Scam

Play the Gym System

This is considered one of the most legitimate ways to actually earn free PokéCoins, though it is by no means the easiest. It doesn’t help that Gym rules seem to be upgraded all the time!

When you play Pokémon GO, you basically have to train your Pokemon for battle in red-shaded areas. These are the Gyms. You can also take over them, which means that you have to reach level five in the game so you can start choosing a team.

Your team members can capture a Gym and train your Pokemon for battle and to help defend your Gym (while strengthening your Motivation meter). For you to be able to earn precious currency, you’re really going to have to hustle to take over Gyms and most probably spend a lot of Potions while doing so (hey, I did say it wasn’t going to be easy)!

For each Pokemon you have in a Gym, you instantly get 10 PokéCoins. You also get one PokéCoin for each ten minutes that your Pokemon stays in the Gym. There is a catch, though – you can only earn up to 50 PokéCoins a day from all Gyms and Pokemon. A maximum of twenty Gyms joined by each player at once. There can also be just one specie of Pokemon per Gym, which complicates matters a bit if there are duplicate species within your team.

You can choose to cash in on your PokéCoins every 21 hours at the Shop (consider it a recovery period for each cashing in).  For maximum efficiency, it’s recommended to stay in a Gym for a longer period rather than battling to take other Gyms all the time.

Pokemon Go Gym

Buy PokéCoins Using Your GrabPoints Earnings

If you’ve ever wondered what other people meant by going for online rewards sites for “beer money”, well, here’s the perfect application for it! While being a member of a legit GPT or paid survey site won’t take the place of a stable and regular-paying job, it will give you the kind of pocket money or rewards you can spend on game upgrades. And based on user feedback and records, the Gaming gift cards at GrabPoints are some of the most redeemed rewards in the shop!

Here at GrabPoints, there are many ways to earn points and redeem them for cash or other exciting rewards (Paypal cash or gift cards – take your pick). It is free to sign up and be a member, and you won’t have to worry about any kind of maintaining fees whatsoever as long as you remain an active user. You can choose the sort of doable task you feel like doing in your free time, whether it’s answering surveys, watching videos, playing games (why does this seem like the most obvious choice given the context?), completing offers, downloading apps, using promo codes, and even inviting others to sign up with GrabPoints.

And here’s something to sweeten the deal even further: you can start cashing out once you meet GrabPoints’ low threshold for withdrawal at just $3! That means no waiting for a while just to earn enough to be able to cash out. And with the site’s fast processing, you can have your money in your PayPal account in as fast as 24 hours.

You can also choose to raise a minimum of 10,000 points before you can claim your free iTunes or Google Play Store gift codes. You can then use your free gift codes to get Pokémon Go Coins.

Earning free Pokémon Go Coins is highly possible using the legitimate ways mentioned above. However, they never come “free” in the real sense of the word, in that you still have to put in some work in order to earn them. If something or someone offers you free PokéCoins without you having to do anything in exchange, run far, far away from it like you’ve fully executed a Razor Wind!

GrabPoints Earn Free Gift Cards