How to Earn Free V-Bucks In Fortnite

November 13, 2018

When it comes to virtual currency, people who use them often try to exhaust different means in order to acquire more, more, more. Of course, the expected and mainstream way would be to whip out your credit card and just buy how much you need (for upgrades, power-ups, skins, etc.). Or some take advantage of promo purchases that promise big discounts for currency packages and bundles, thinking that they could save them money in the long run.

The main problem with these very common methods is that there is a tendency to overspend. Believe me, I’ve seen my fair share of maxed-out credit cards because of in-game purchases. And dealing with the aftermath feelings of guilt, remorse, regret, and shame afterward is never good.

Good thing there are alternative and creative ways to do so…for free! Virtual currency paid for by real-world currency might be the norm, but many Fortnite players have found other practical means to earn their V-Bucks without ponying up some serious dough (or getting into serious debt). If you’re interested to know exactly how read on to learn.

Log-in Regularly

It sounds simple and easy because it is. You basically log in daily to your Fortnite game and get a bonus simply for being an active player. The important thing for this method is to log in every single day without missing a beat. Doing so will get you those coveted V-Bucks for free (number of V-Bucks vary per day) so you have something to build up on and use for upgrades over time.

For instance, on the eleventh day of logging in, you will get 50 V-Bucks; on the 112th log-in day, you get 800 V-Bucks; you get a thousand V-Bucks if you log in on the 336th day. You can refer to this list for the complete log-in rewards.

It isn’t all about instant gratification like getting a huge cache of V-Bucks in one go, but it’s a safe, sure, and the dependable method you can always rely on.


Go on Daily Quests

A Daily Quest at Fortnite will earn you 50 V-Bucks, which is helpful for purchasing what you want at the Item Shop. These quests are like supporting activities to your main mission. They vary according to quests, so on some days you will be expected to destroy stuff like a specific number of arcade machines, fire trucks, propane tanks, TV sets, and playground equipment – and yes, even a bunch of garden gnomes and Teddy Bears somewhere down the line! There are also location discovery, retrieval, killing enemies, mission specialist completion, and survival quests to accomplish. Do all these on a daily basis, and you’ll soon be rolling in V-Bucks and ready to take on bigger and tougher missions. See the daily quests.


Keep Leveling Up

Well, duh. It’s the point of playing the game, after all.

But reaching several milestones on different tiers will also earn you points, as well as prizes. V-Bucks are some of the expected rewards or prizes you can expect when you level up in the game. You can always check the kind of prizes you’ve won for successfully leveling up on the home page (and your progress, while you’re at it). Once you reach a new higher tier, your V-Bucks prize will be unlocked, and you will be ready for the next level. When you play through the game’s main story arc, you will also be able to unlock some shield defenses, which in turn can earn you hundreds of V-Bucks! Hooray for virtual loot!

Use Your GrabPoints Cash Earnings to Purchase V-Bucks

Go for online rewards sites for extra pocket money! It won’t make you rich, but it can help you afford some much-needed free vbucks for your game upgrades. It’s a practical way to earn some extra dough for your virtual currency as well as other purchases outside your usual budget. And because you need quick cash for your urgent missions, a rewards site where it is easy to earn and cash out is always your best bet. I mean, really, there’s no point to waiting around for a week or longer to cash out what you’ve already earned, right?

Earn free v-bucks on GrabPoints

Because of their low payment threshold and fast payment processing (you can request for a PayPal payment as soon as your account has $3 in it!), GrabPoints is a highly recommended choice. This GPT site has several doable tasks on its menu that anyone can do on their free time. For instance, you can earn points by completing surveys, watching videos, playing games, referring other people to the site, and even using promo codes!

It’s also free to sign up, so you won’t have to worry about paying money to get money (which is just a ridiculous scheme). PayPal requests can be processed in as short as 24 to 48 hours! That means less time waiting and more time purchasing V-Bucks. And once you’ve cashed out via PayPal, you can log in to your Fortnite Epic account, click on your name to get to your profile payment setting, then set PayPal as your payment method for easier purchases.

Don’t Fall For Fake Currency Generators

This particular method makes it to the list specifically to serve as a warning NOT to fall for it. While it’s understandable that the desire to earn free V-Bucks is strong especially during a particularly exciting quest, please do not fall for the promise of sites that somehow generate them for free. This is not only an impossible promise but also potentially dangerous for you and your security and privacy.

A lot of these fake V-Bucks generators (as well as other virtual currency) are simply scams that use links which people can easily click on. They are then taken to pages or other links that require their credit card or account log-in information, or other personal stuff that should never be shared. Bear in mind that there are no real “hacks” to earning V-Bucks for free especially if it involves merely clicking on dubious links. You really have to find ways to earn them by doing them legitimately, such as with the previous tips mentioned above.

If, unfortunately, you’ve found yourself clicking on these scammy links in the past or recently, make sure to change your password using a different device from the one you’ve clicked on for fake currency generators.