Over 40 Stay At Home Jobs For Moms!

June 19, 2020

More and more, the appeal of stay at home jobs cannot be denied. Aside from not dealing with daily traffic and commuting woes, there are some significant savings to be had in this set-up. Plus, there’s always the allure of managing your own time. This is especially applicable to home-based moms and homemakers. They have busy schedules on top of their social and extracurricular obligations, and a lot of them could certainly use another stream of income for different expenses and financial situations.

Thankfully, remote work is now nearly as common as office-based ones. While most work from home jobs can be accomplished by practically anyone who is Internet-savvy and has the time and inclination for it, it’s good to note that some jobs suit certain demographics better than others.

This is why we are going to tackle a unique kind of stay at home jobs today: those for work-at-home-moms (or WAHMs). Some of the jobs listed will cover both the demographic of WAHMs and other remote workers. Still, we’re taking care to make the list as specialized and helpful as we can for those home-based job seekers who can appreciate the flexibility and other benefits that come with it.

But before we do, let’s discover what makes a good remote job for these times – whether it’s for moms or anyone else.

What Are The Best Stay At Home Jobs Today?

The answer, in a nutshell, is plenty. Hundreds of job portals, helpful forums, and blogs on how to make money can give you lots of opportunities to get a remote job these days. However, the best ones offer the following traits and will not let you waste your time on something that is not worth your while.

  • It allows you to stick to your regular schedule.

Most, if not all, moms lead busy lives as it is. The allure or necessity of a home-based job should therefore not interfere with their daily schedules. Neither should it prod the job-seeker to drastically change their itineraries to fit the new job requirements.

This means the best kind of job for them would allow a flexible schedule that encourages them to work during the hours when all their other obligations have been met.

  • It doesn’t demand too much onboarding or a learning curve.

Some potentially lucrative jobs like medical transcription and coding, unfortunately, require some extensive training and the investment on some tools. This could appeal to those who sincerely want to make a go at being a medical (or legal) transcriptionist as a career or long-term work. They could consider it an investment that would have financially rewarding returns, after all.

However, if an already tight schedule only has room for part-time work (or at least an uncomplicated one), then it’s best to seek out jobs that you already have prior experience with – or at least do not demand too much of a learning curve if it’s entirely new to you.

  • It makes it worth your while, payment-wise.

Make it a point to research the going rate for the job you have in mind. Then factor in your experiences, skill set, certifications, work folio, and other things that could justify a higher pay rate than others who won’t be able to offer the same.

Doing this will give you an idea of what kind of salary to expect for the work you are required to do. If the offer is too low, don’t take it. There are bound to be others who are willing to have you onboard for what you can bring to the table.

  • It encourages you to have a work-life balance.

Having a flexible remote job means you can work your way around certain special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. It also means you have time to make sure you are in optimal health and are allowed to take the occasional breaks and vacations.

There are lots of ways to make sure you stick to and excel at your home-based job while not neglecting your other duties. This includes not getting stressed and sick over trying to juggle both your job and other obligations.

  • It isn’t stressful, too demanding, or introduces scope-creep.

Speaking of stress, it should not be a regular part of your job! Sure, the occasional frustration is expected with any kind of work. However, being stressed to the point of getting sick or feeling overwhelmed by the task at hand should never be the norm. If your employer or anyone/anything else in your job is the source of your stress, address it ASAP – otherwise, it could just get worse over time.

As for scope creep, it has become a sad occurrence with freelance work (and even regular work, for that matter). Tasks that have nothing to do with your main work, and requests to perform non-work related errands should never be part of a fair home-based job scenario.

  • It won’t scam you.

If a potential employer asks you to shell out some money, sign up for an expensive training program or company packet, or asks for personal and sensitive information such as credit card and bank details – don’t even think twice about avoiding them. No decent job will ever intrude on your privacy or ask you to invest in them when you’re the one seeking employment with a decent salary!

40-Plus Sources of Jobs For Stay at Home Moms

The WAHM or work-at-home-mom can no longer be considered a new phenomenon. Today, thousands of stay at home mom jobs allow homemakers, mothers, caregivers, and anyone else who needs to be at home most of the time to have a welcome stream of income.

This means mothers won’t have to miss out on their loved ones’ milestone moments and special occasions. And with the current conditions of heavy traffic, stressful commute, rising gas prices, and other frustrating factors, being a stay at home mom who also makes a living sounds like the best idea ever.

Being an online tutor

Being an online tutor

Teaching online classes has become a popular remote job for anyone with a background as an educator, or who specializes in particular subjects. There are many opportunities for those interested in becoming online tutors, thanks to sites that either allow students to have someone knowledgeable help them out with schoolwork, or teach them useful things in a virtual set-up.

  1. Tutors is a site that is set up like a virtual college, where students can sign up for tutorials in specific subjects like Math, Science, English, Chemistry, and more. And as its name implies, the lifeblood of the site would be the tutors they need for these lessons. It is free to sign up with the promise that tutors can set up their own prices, schedules, and connect with the students they like. Plus, they do not take commissions or subscription fees.
  2. SameSpeak encourages native English speakers to become English coaches to students from all over the world. The hours are quite doable, with the average session lasting around 30 minutes. Every successful half-hour session will earn you $10.
  3. Tutapoint hires US-based educators who are certified, and prefer to employ those who are retired, college-level professors, graduate students, and generally anyone who is passionate about teaching others. They have stringent requirements about keeping their teaching roster high quality and professional, so there is consistent screening even with the lessons.

Doing data entry tasks

Doing data entry tasks

Data entry is one of the most common jobs for stay at home moms because of the flexibility and ease it offers. It is also because most businesses require some form of it or another. It doesn’t have to be boring and rote, too – some data entry tasks, in fact, can be pretty interesting once you give it a try! These could include curating images, doing mini-reviews or synopses of television shows or movies, identifying people and patterns, and more.

While data entry vacancies can be filled in-house, many of these businesses opt to outsource them for financial and practical reasons. That’s where remote workers like you come in! You can start doing data entry at your own leisure and in the comfort of your own home without interrupting your regular schedule.

  1. The Smart Crowd considers itself “the world’s largest provider of at-home work” so it’s a good place to start looking for data entry jobs. The site has been around for at least two decades and promises “specific compensation fees” that are visible before you even begin to accept work from them. If you need further convincing of its legitimacy, it’s good to note that they have been around for a respectable and impressive amount of years, with consistently positive overall feedback from clients and workers alike.
  2. As its name implies, Micro Workers is all about performing micro-tasks such as data entry and other easy but continuous tasks that won’t take up too much of your time. Job seekers simply have to scroll through the home page to seek the kind of data entry work that suits their schedule and other circumstances. Oh, and the minimum payment threshold of just $10 here is highly doable and reachable, too!
  3. Remote is, of course, all things that have to do with remote work. Any work-from-home mom from anywhere in the world can find employment in this job portal – yes, even of the data entry kind. There is a helpful pink button on the homepage called Job Board, and when you click on it, you will find listings for “remote jobs for anyone, anywhere”.
  4. Amazon mTurk specializes in outsourcing virtual tasks like data entry, validation, searching for terms, analysis, moderation, and more. They call these tasks “HITs”, or human intelligence tasks. The site sees crowdsourcing as a viable and practical solution for breaking down time-consuming projects into manageable tasks performed by distributed workers – and rightfully so.
  5. Simply Hired is another job search engine where dozens of data entry jobs are on the menu. You can opt to search by job title, skills, company, or even your zip code (though if it’s remote work, we doubt that this is really necessary). You can also choose to browse by specific job requirements and salary range.

Participating in online rewards programs

Participating in online rewards programs

Another flexible form of home-based “job” has to do with being a member of truly rewarding rewards sites. There are so many to choose from that have been proven legit and worth the time and effort of participating in the menu of tasks they provide. But we took care to list only the tried-and-tested, which, apart from the rewards they offer, also take into consideration the kind of non-rigid schedule a WAHM would appreciate.

  1. GrabPoints is becoming increasingly popular for being one of the highest-paying rewards sites currently in existence. The tasks involved here are easy and painless, too – from answering surveys to completing offers, through to watching videos and downloading apps (and more)! Plus, the site pays fast – often in as little as 48 hours. You can choose from dozens of gift cards for shopping, stationary supplies, and other needs. Or, you can opt to cash out via PayPal.
  2. Survey Savvy needs consumers’ opinions to help shape the future of products and services all over the world. Participants can answer survey questions that will, in turn, provide the site’s partner businesses and entities with the proper marketing tools to develop what they have to offer. Another great thing about this site is that it’s available as a mobile app to take with you on your trips to the grocery store, dentist’s or doctor’s offices, and just about anywhere waiting is involved.
  3. ZoomBucks allows WAHMs to do everyday online tasks on their own time, like watching videos, answering surveys, completing offers, and more – and then get paid or rewarded for them! Once the minimum number of points is obtained, users can opt to cash out via PayPal, or choose from a vast array of gift cards which they can use for gaming, shopping, and more.
  4. Swagbucks is arguably the most recognizable rewards site today. It also remunerates users for participating in surveys, offers, online games, and other common online activities. The rewards come in the form of helpful gift cards from popular retailers like Amazon and Walmart or cashing out via PayPal. Currently, the site claims to have paid out over $400 million in cash and kind to its members.

Becoming a freelance writer

Becoming a freelance writer

If you’re a mom who has the gift of prose but wants to work from home rather than in a publishing house or advertising agency, you’re in luck! So many businesses, entities, and organizations are willing to hire you today.

It’s a good thing that there are job portals and other sources of employment that offer remote writing on their menu. The flexibility of the hours is a good incentive, but the range of subjects to write about is also a great factor to look into.

  1. Zip Recruiter has a helpful search algorithm for both job seekers and employers. There is a drop down menu that allows you to search by job, salary, review, and even support. But you can always use the search bar for keywords. Typing in “writer” yields thousands of writing positions ready to be filled – it’s a simple matter of matching the salary offered and the kind of writing required to what you are looking for.
  2. Working Nomads focuses specifically on remote workers who work digitally, so WAHMs are a natural shoo-in for that particular demographic. If you’re looking for freelance writing work that is home-based, it’s good to start with the Job Alerts button so you can get notifications of the ones that match your experiences, schedule, and skills best. But there is also a Writing category on the left hand side of the homepage, which will give way to hundreds of potential job postings from the past couple of weeks alone.
  3. Media Bistro wants you to start building your media career with them. What they offer via their site is a network of connections to hiring managers and potential employers. You can look for writing jobs via the search bars for job title, company, city, state, or metro area, and even choice keywords. You can also scroll through their Job Board to see if something catches your eye.
  4. Freelancer, as its name suggests, is all about hiring experienced freelancers for practically any job online. They have a category for writing under their Find Writing Jobs drop down menu. From there, you can choose what you want to do: copywriting, ghost writing, article writing, and other kinds of writing tasks.
  5. LinkedIn is more of a social media version of these job portals, but it is still a good resource as far as matching the right kind of writing job to one’s work experience goes. The awesome thing about this site is how other people you’ve worked with – both colleagues and former employers – can vouch for the skills you’ve racked up, thereby creating a bigger and broader network for you.

Decluttering and selling stuff

Decluttering and selling stuff

Though it isn’t technically a job, decluttering and putting things up for sale is still a source of income and can help you stick to your regular schedule while you’re at it. Home-based moms and homemakers can tackle scheduled cleaning up of closets, attics, and garages, while doing an inventory of which items can fetch them some extra cash.

  1. Decluttr promises to pay users most for tech stuff – at least according to their latest comparisons of carriers and other direct buyback services. At any rate, if you want to sell used but still in good condition gadgets like mobile phones, DVD players, gaming consoles, as well as other non-tech items, this is a good place to start.
  2. Every home has books people have outgrown. This holds true for households with students and professionals who go through textbooks like anything. Fortunately, Cash4Books specializes in selling textbooks online for people in need of some extra cash. Users simply need to type in the ISBN of the book they want to let go to get a price quote, after which the site offers free shipping and payment via PayPal. Payments are typically issued 13 days on average after the books are mailed.
  3. Chairish is a tongue-in-cheek yet appropriate site name to remind people that second-hand household things can still be “cherished” and appreciated. They specialize more in designer pieces, luxury items, and collectibles such as high-end rugs and ornaments. So if you have a treasure trove of priceless or rare antiques and vintage items at home, you can potentially make a good profit off them here.
  4. Poshmark is best known for being an online marketplace for quality used clothing. However, there is a reason why “posh” is part of its name – they prefer branded clothes and accessories over generic or chain-store ones. The site also offers free authentication to help you sell your items to discerning buyers.
  5. Vinted asks you if you are “ready to declutter your closet?” If you are, you’ve come to the right place. You will simply need to click on the blue Sell Now button to start letting go of your gently loved or unused clothes for cash. The site lays out the goods in a catalogue style for easier perusal. Plus, they pay via PayPal, which makes it convenient for sellers.

Being a social media manager

Being a social media manager

Some of the best stay at home jobs entails doing stuff you normally do – which in most cases involve checking out a variety of social media sites regularly. There is a good reason why being a social media manager has become one of the most sought-after nomadic or remote jobs in the world today. It’s a fun task to accomplish on a flexible schedule while making sure the targeted reach and marketing of your client are adequately met.

  1. Upwork is an online job portal specializing in “in-demand talent on demand” (pretty catchy slogan right there!). One of the specialized talents being offered on the menu has to do with freelance social media management. If you want to get an idea of the hourly rate of a typical social media manager who has signed up for this site, simply scroll through the accounts featured on the page. Then you can sign up, get work posts, select the projects you find ideal, and respond to client invitations who are willing to match your skill set, salary, and schedule!
  2. Simply Hired functions as a job search engine, but it is also a good resource for job seekers with such offerings as a resume builder and salary estimator. You can start browsing for social media manager jobs by clicking on the links for All Jobs, All Salaries, All Cities, or All Companies. Or, you can simply type in your job title, skills, or location on the search bar!
  3. Career Builder wants you to “Like what you do. Where you do it. And get paid more.” Now, which WAHM wouldn’t find that premise attractive? You can search for social media manager jobs right away using the search bar with a variety of keywords, including city, state, zip, job title, skill, and industry. Or you can build and upload your resume so potential employers can find you and hire you if they like what they see.
  4. LinkedIn is worth mentioning again in this list because of its “networking” aspect. You can also search for social media management jobs here as with other online job portals. However, the added boost to using this particular platform comes in the form of how other people in your network can vouch for your skills and experiences as a social media manager (and other potential positions).
  5. Glassdoor also comes as an app for both Android and iOS users. You can register with the site to start unlocking social media manager jobs, which you can access via their job boards, or by browsing through companies, jobs, and locations. The site also has helpful community tools to guide you in your job searcher’s journey.

Earning cash back

Earning cash back

Again, earning some cash back that you’ve spent strictly isn’t a job per se. What it is, though, is a golden opportunity to earn some money back when you need it most. This is especially helpful to moms and homemakers who are perpetually juggling finances and struggling with budgeting tasks. One of the best things about cashback apps and sites, though, is that they don’t require a steep learning curve for you to start using them. Plus, they won’t encroach on your busy daily schedule.

  1. Ibotta is arguably the most popular cashback app currently in existence. What makes it so alluring is that, for starters, you can already get a $20 welcome bonus just for downloading and using it! Ibotta can be used for both online and in-store shopping, with purchases ranging from grocery items, clothes, pet supplies, beverages, electronics, and more.
  2. Rakuten was formerly known as Ebates. It still promises to give you up to 40% cashback at thousands of stores. It works in pretty much the same way as most cashback sites and apps. Stores and retailers partner up with Rakuten for being featured on them, after which they earn a commission for having sent you to shop with them. That commission is shared with you – the consumer – in the form of some cash back!
  3. Snapcart calls itself an “actionable shopper” app, which means they have partnered with retailers and businesses to integrate promotional tracking. These businesses value consumer insights to help them shape their future products, services, and how they conduct marketing. They are willing to reward users for giving them these insights, as with any rewards programs. The Snapcart app makes it easy in turn for customers to scan their receipts and get some cash back for their purchases.
  4. Extrabux aims to reward users for shopping at over a thousand stores they have partnered with. This cashback shopping site offers deals, cashbacks, coupons, and a guide to help you navigate the staggering number of daily discounts, deals, and other offerings on the menu. Plus, they also give a $20 welcome bonus upon signing up!
  5. Be Frugal proudly refers to itself as the number one free-to-use site for cash back and coupons. Aside from that, the site guarantees the highest cash back rates ever, along with exclusive and carefully selected deals and coupons. Superlatives aside, it does promise to give up to 40% cash back at nearly 5000 stores.

Providing customer care online or by phone

Providing customer care online or by phone

Remote customer care services rank high among those looking for work from home jobs these days. In fact, many businesses and institutions prefer hiring home-based workers who work by phone or digital messaging systems over keeping them in a rigid office environment. Small wonder, because they provide practical and economic solutions!

The hours are typically flexible, though for the most part, customer care does entail shifts to accommodate a 24/7 service open to clients. To ensure that the hours fit your personal schedule, do some prior research and ask the right questions before accepting the job.

  1. Freelancer encourages registered members to find the outsourced work they like by skill, language, or through browsing the featured and the latest jobs on offer. There are over 1350 job categories to choose from, with customer experience specialists being part of a staggering list of business, accounting, and human resources categories.
  2. Concentrix has a home team business module, which allows work-at-home-moms based in the US, Canada, and Europe the chance to earn some income while caring for their families and pursuing other endeavors. This module, in turn, helps lower the costs for their business clients – so it’s really a win-win situation! You can click on the Search for Jobs link on the top menu bar, which will lead you to a page of potential customer service jobs. You can narrow the field down further by indicating your country, city, job category, and other relevant keywords.
  3. Arise is all about customer service outsourcing so it’s a great resource for work from home moms who want to try their hand at being customer care agents. The platform believes in the power of virtual assistants who are available on demand. If you are interested in working with them, simply register on the site.
  4. Enterprise offers remote career opportunities in many fields, including customer service. You can click on it in the drop down menu which will lead you to a page containing hundreds of job opportunities under the call center and customer service industries. If you want to tweak the results to suit your needs better, simply use the filters available in the search bars.

Managing an online shop

Managing an online shop

Apart from WAHMs, a not-so-new group of mothers who wanted an extra stream of income emerged roughly a couple of decades ago. These enterprising women were referred to as “mompreneurs”. Some set up shop via brick and mortar stores, while others chose the more practical and flexible route of online shopping sites.

  1. Amazon is a popular online shopping portal where thousands of items are categorized in a catalogue style for easy browsing and purchasing. Selling on Amazon is pretty easy – there are simple steps to follow if you wish to sell as either an individual or a professional. Once you have filled out all the requirements, then you’re all set to becoming a certified Amazon seller!
  2. Among other things, eBay wants you to “turn spring cleaning into cash”. Now if that does not appeal to the multi-tasking homemaker, we don’t know what will! You can start your own eBay shop by clicking the Sell link on the top right hand corner of the homepage. Once you’ve got your shop up, you can start listing the items or products you want to sell, have eBay help you price them appropriately, get paid by interested buyers, then ship the items to their new destination!
  3. Facebook Marketplace might not have the kind of reputation that online marketplace giants like Amazon and eBay have. However, what it has to offer is the ease of use which social media sites are known for. Anyone with a Facebook account can immediately put something up for sale in the Marketplace, and communication between potential buyers and you, the seller, is infinitely faster and less complicated than other platforms.

Being a virtual assistant

Being a virtual assistant

Most stay at home jobs like virtual assistance are best suited for those who can multitask and do light tasks in their free time. That is why hundreds of thousands of WAHMs the world over have taken to virtual assistant jobs like ducks to water. The job itself encompasses several various tasks, ranging from personal assistant jobs like handing the client’s schedule, bookings (to hotels, flights, venues, etc.), paying their bills, and more. On the other hand, professional virtual assistance could also involve plenty of spreadsheets, transcription, phone and email correspondence, company reservations and scheduling, and other chores.

  1. Zirtual is geared toward people who want to become virtual assistants, so it’s a great place to start your job search. You can scroll through the homepage for readily available positions, which currently features several remote virtual executive assistant jobs plus a host of other doable tasks. It is for US-based applicants only at the moment, though.
  2. Time Etc. is another site that is specifically for those searching for virtual assistant work. It was established in 2007. Freelancers from the US and UK can apply for a job here, choosing from a broad range of VA tasks that include managing and organizing schedules, data entry, booking for venues, flights, and events, email and phone correspondence, proofreading and editing, social media management, and more.

Performing micro-tasks

Performing micro-tasks

Arguably, the most perfect stay at home jobs for moms have to do with micro-tasking. They are short tasks that can be accomplished in a matter of hours, and could be varied and flexible as far as activities and schedules are concerned. Work-at-home-moms could certainly appreciate being able to stick to their daily itinerary while earning some money in-between obligations both familial and social.

  1. Remotasks wants you to simply start earning by working from home today. It lists down some potential micro-tasks on its menu: image tagging, audio transcription, content moderation, identifying spam, providing human insight on videos, images, text, and others. The only real requirement here is being fluent in English. The site pays weekly via PayPal, which is very convenient.
  2. Micro Workers is all about micro-jobs and tasks. There is a wide plethora of them to do here. The more interesting ones involve translating robot and Artificial Intelligence commands to natural conversations, annotating videos to determine shoplifting behavior, image categorization to create online shopping templates, data mining for frequently used words and terms, conducting “sentiment analysis” on Twitter, and determining the quality of images, among others.
  3. Fiverr is a well-known freelance service marketplace where anyone can offer their services for little doable tasks, and earn upwards of $5 for successfully accomplishing each one. You can type in any kind of task you want to do in the search bar, or simply refer to the categories tabs in the upper part of the homepage.
  4. FlexJobs wants you to find a better way to work – and remote micro-tasks, in our honest opinion, fall neatly under that scope. They offer home-based work that can be part time or full time, as well as flexible on-site jobs and training if you’re more inclined toward those. The site claims to have the biggest curated list for remote and flexible jobs, with plenty of job research resources for those who need them. You can start looking for micro-tasks by using the search bar, or just scroll through the hundreds of available postings on the homepage to see which ones you like.