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Francis (6255136)

August 09, 2020
Thanks, great site... maybe one-two bug need to be fix, but 19 hours for accept and send my 10$ paypal.... on weekend, when you told us is between 2 ans 5 days open days! :D Amazing! Hope, Peanut Labs will be fix. Loops and white screen, without those, it's was a 20$ paypal or 30 maybe!


August 08, 2020
I am very pleased to be able to be part of that group. I want to have more chances to win prizes.


August 07, 2020
Beat site as always, thank you so much.

Natalie Desnoyers

August 07, 2020
Thank you for keeping me on as a Canadian Bilingual, loyal, stable participating survey panel member. Keep up your excellent work!

Joshua Benheim

August 07, 2020
Awesome field in which I have worked

Nilesh singh

August 07, 2020
Best survey site

Arlene Gonzalez

August 06, 2020
Great site delivers what promises.. Thanks guys.


August 06, 2020
Enjoy doing your surveys helps this 87 yr old lady pass time and of course I like the extra moneY too Thanks so much

reda tolba

August 05, 2020
Thank you for GrabPoints . We look forward to receiving you more rewards! I'm very satisfied with GrabPoints, extremely grateful for a valued rating. Thanks and best regards .


August 02, 2020
Perfect way to make some money.


August 02, 2020
I highly recommend Grabpoints , they are legit and awesome!! I Just redeemed my points via PayPal and got my cash !!

Victor Salvador

August 02, 2020
For me the best paying site ever!

Peter Rea

August 02, 2020
Super fast payments best survey site in the world

Lynette Gibbs

July 31, 2020
I really enjoy grab points Thankkyou

Yudit Aliansyah

July 31, 2020
OMG this is the best 🔥🔥


July 31, 2020
Best site as always ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Sruthi reddy

July 30, 2020
I was in a doubt will i ever be able to make money from grabpoints. Thankfully, i succesfully redeemed after 2 months and it is real. Thank you grabpoints.<3


July 29, 2020
Easy surveys and guarenteed payment.

Ecm Digw

July 28, 2020
Honestly, it's a fair rewarding site!

Mario Usai

July 27, 2020
First payment Received.! All is well!

John L Collins

July 26, 2020
A very easy to use survey site that pays perfect!


July 26, 2020
Thanks again for the prompt payment


July 26, 2020
best website to earn money from surveys


July 26, 2020
Great website for part time earning