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December 04, 2019
Wow... I love you so much Grabpoints. Thanks for 3.00 $ USD

Alex Vale

December 04, 2019
It's the best site to make some extra cash with surveys and also the site that pays the best for your time! You also almost never run out of surveys, you have so many options you can choose from. I would definitely recommend them.

Lakshmi gopinath

December 03, 2019
Very useful surveys

Robert Bernal

December 02, 2019
thank you for the money, it will come in hand


December 02, 2019
I’ve been a grab points member for a week or two and I’ve earned around $70! Although I do get kicked off of a lot of surveys, I love that there are surveys that pay the same every time and I can try as many times as I like until I come across one that works for me. There are some flaws, like the kicking off surveys, but overall it’s a great site and if you have a lot of spare time, you can earn a decent amount from this!

Mike Murphy

December 02, 2019
Excellent fun surveys

k sri rama chandra raju

December 02, 2019
One of the best site paying for our time


November 30, 2019
I am a beginner and I have already started earning. This is a genuine site. Thanks much


November 30, 2019
Grabpoints is the best paying app I have ever used.


November 30, 2019
I got my first payment today. Excellent survey website. I would say the best in the market. I am enjoying working with them.

Octan Gaming

November 30, 2019
Very nice get paid to service. Works all the time and it’s Legit.


November 29, 2019
Thank you very much! Grabpoints team keep it up!


November 29, 2019
Excellent survey platform. Access to many other survey companies. Great rewards for surveys. Very helpful customer service that is quick to respond to any questions. Absolutely one of the best survey platforms available.

Roop Singh

November 29, 2019
This site is very good for freelancing. Grabpoint is one of the most trusted site.


November 28, 2019
Thank you for sending me my PayPal reward.

Jane A Martoccia

November 27, 2019
The best site since Earnings Station closed down for me! This senior needs all the help she can get to make monthly bills and Grabpoints fits THAT bill nicely!

Norberto Minioza

November 27, 2019
the best app for having fun & earning rewards at the same time.i got my first PayPal transfer.thank you grab points for this great app!


November 26, 2019
great pay. again and again, thank you for being the BEST

Deepak ranjan dash

November 26, 2019
It is very good and powerful surveys site


November 26, 2019
I honestly thank Grab Points web site for their efforts to see that the users are given an opportunity for the time they spend on their web site. Two months back, I have started searching for about 30 web sites but I have gained nothing. I thought that I am wasting my time, electricity, and net consumption. When it comes to Grab points, I never felt that I have been wasting my time. I was realy benefited by the grab points for the time I spent on the site because, even if you are not qualified, you are given a benefit. I have made it a habit that when I open the net, fist I open the grab points, then only I search to other sites. Thanks a lot for Grab points. N. Jeevan

Amlan Kumar Murmu

November 25, 2019
Awesome platform to earn by doing survey just gota true to yourself.....


November 24, 2019
Earned yet another card, who said honesty doesn’t pay?

Gurvinder Kaur

November 24, 2019
I like grabpoints app .thanks grabpoints I received my first payment.


November 23, 2019
Very nice survey app. Highly recommended and greatly appreciated.