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Nonhlanhla Thwala

May 14, 2019
i love this app,its legit and i make extra cash💗💗💗


May 11, 2019
Fantastic service, no fuss making withdrawals and money received promptly! GrabPoints seems to be getting more popular now so I am sticking with them as long as I can, hope they keep on going like this :)


May 11, 2019
Great way to earn a little extra!!!!

ismail gazi

May 11, 2019
I got my money

Daisha Reeder

May 08, 2019
Great! Fast payment only waited 3 days! thanks so much <3


May 07, 2019
I received my payment within 24 hours. Very impressed.


May 07, 2019
The best reward site, hands down!

Matthew Gibson

May 06, 2019
GrabPoints is great! I would highly recommend signing up with them. I enjoy taking surveys and I really like how their site is setup for this purpose. They have a vast amount of redemption options; including gift cards and even PayPal.

Mantu Bayan

May 04, 2019
It is a good way to earn easy money

Jeffery Hart

May 04, 2019
Grabpoints is the real deal i only fill out surveys on the side but they have already paid me about 70.00. Also they are the highest payout for completed surveys. So nice to have this honest survey company!

Jason Liu

May 02, 2019
I really enjoy Grabpoint's services! In just over a week, I've already made over $10 for doing almost nothing. 5/5 starts!

Shelly Lonely Wolf

April 29, 2019
Great!!! I do not have cell service where I am. They sent me a code in less than a hour! Will be on Grab Points for a long time!!!! Love them!!!!!

Frances Garrett

April 27, 2019
Thanks! Good website, fast progress

Neil Culanculan

April 24, 2019
Amazing work!!! GP FTW!!!

Sushil Kumar Goyal

April 22, 2019
What a plateform to earn. I have never seen like Grabpoints. It is the best among all the online survey plateform.


April 20, 2019
This is an incredible and easy way to make a few more cash in your freetime, that absolutely recomended.

Melissa Arditti

April 20, 2019
Really love Grab Points! So many opportunities to earn points and redeem for a number of awesome gift cards of choice. Customer service is top notch on those rare moments when I run into an issue. Happy to be a member of this community!

Jesse Sweeney

April 20, 2019
Star best program rewards the Android.

Joseph Anderson

April 19, 2019
My experience with GrabPoints has been exceptional so far, and I have had no trouble receiving payment. Could not be happier with choosing to do this as a side money-making opportunity!


April 19, 2019
Legit app. Still keeping in touch this survey. It’s a good app.

Warren Williams

April 19, 2019
Grab Points have lived up to expectation both in the magnificent design of their page and the ease and speed in which payments are processed

Rachel Unsire

April 19, 2019
I am very happy with your site.

John Saldova

April 18, 2019
This is an awesome site!

Debra Young

April 18, 2019
Great survey site Fun interesting surveys