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How To Get Free Apple Music

It’s pretty fair to say that Apple has taken over the world. From cellphones to laptops to a music player’s platform to high-quality earbuds, it seems like there’s nothing that this company doesn’t do well. 

To add to that amazing resume is the (relatively) new streaming platform Apple Music. Apple Music has risen in recent years to challenge Spotify’s throne as the most popular music streaming platform. This has led to many people wondering how to get free apple music. 

If you’ve found yourself wondering this, you’ve come to the right place. This article will walk you through all you need to know to gain a free apple music code. 

How To Get It For Free

There are many ways to get Apple music.

One of the easiest methods is to use a free trial. Apple Music offers a free trial program to anyone looking to try out their services. They offer a generous three-month trial period to allow you to listen to free music for a quarter of the year. 

Someone looking to gain apple music codes should also keep an eye out for promotions. Apple Music runs many promotions which might apply to you and might just get you a free apple music code.


You can also make use of websites like ours here at GrabPoints, which are built to get you free codes. GrabPoints allows the user to gain free apple music redeem code by completing surveys, recruiting friends, and watching video content. 

In return for their work completing these tasks, users will receive codes of their choosing. The codes will be emailed to them to either be used directly on Apple Music or to be redeemed in person. 


When looking for free codes online, one must always be careful of scammers. Never give your personal information out to anyone for any reason. 

There’s also a type of website out there called a “code generator”. These sites claim to generate the “random” numerical/alphabetic codes you see on gift cards. Do not trust these sites — they are notorious scams, and will steal your information.

Other Legitimate Ways 

Another legitimate way that many people use to gain Apple Music codes is not even related to Apple itself. 

Many large chain stores sell gift cards. If a person happens to be part of a rewards program for that store, they might just be able to complete a permission to gain free gift codes of their choosing. 

Enjoy Free Music

In the 21st century — music is practically free. You no longer need to go to a record store and hope they have your favorite artist. Instead, you can make sure of one of these many tactics to enjoy the plethora of free music that Apple Music offers.

If you were wondering how to get Apple Music for free, now you know all you need to know. For more information, register an account with GrabPoints today, and get accumulating points towards your free gift cards.