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How to Get Free Clash Royale Gems

The world of video games is rapidly changing. Mobile gaming has become one of the most important and popular ways to play. A hobby that once consisted of buying controllers, consoles, and physical games, can now be enjoyed from the comfort and simplicity of your smartphone. 

One of the most prominent online games out there is Clash Royale Online. In 2016, the Clash Royale App was the top-grossing IOS game in the U.S. 

Gems are an in-game currency that players of Clash Royale can use to buy various perks. Normally you have to pay for them. This article will walk you through how to get free gems in Clash Royale. 

Free Clash Royale Gems

Clash Royale free gems can be accessed in a number of ways. 

The first, and most popular, is to complete specific in-game quests. You can also win them from Clan Wars and Fantasy Royale, which are in-game competitions. 

The game also runs its own Special Event Challenges as a sort of promotion. If players complete these challenges, they may very well get free clash royale gems. 

However, there’s another way to get free Clash Royale Gems. . . 


grabpoints.com allows users to get free gems, by offering a little something in return. By completing surveys, answering questions, and watching videos, you’re providing a valuable service to GrabPoints; we will love to repay you in Clash Royale Gems.

This is the perfect opportunity for anyone who wants more Clash Royale decks, Clash Royale cards, and Clash Royale Characters.  


When trying to get yourself free gems, it’s important to stay away from scammers. 

A good way to spot a scammer is if they ask you for your personal information. You should never have to give away personal information to someone in exchange for free gems. 

Stay away from anything that calls itself a Clash Royale free gems generator. Generators are scams; through them, you could wind up with your personal information stolen.

Other Legit Ways 

There are other ways to earn yourself free gems. Many popular chain stores — such as target — offer a panoply of gift cards that you can redeem for online services. 

It may surprise you that a mobile game could gain this level of popularity, but Clash Royale codes are often offered at these stores. Become a part of a stores loyalty program by shopping there, and they may offer you rewards in the form of gift cards. 

How to Claim

After you complete your surveys, answer questions, and watch videos for GrabPoints, you’re going to need to redeem your GrabPoints codes. GrabPoints will send you a code that you can redeem directly in-game, or go to your local store and have them redeem it for you. 

Up Your Clash Game

Clash Royale proves that the world of mobile gaming is just as formidable as the world of console gaming. Up your Clash game, by using GrabPoints to get free gems today.

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