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How to Get Spotify Premium for Free

So you love music and you love Spotify, but you just don’t want to pay for premium. Luckily there are options for you. Keep on reading if you want to learn how you can get free Spotify Premium easily. 

Spotify transformed the world of music.

Before, music was a collectors game. If you were a casual music listener, you could just turn on the radio and let the DJ decide your music for you. But if you were a music fan, you had to go hunting for great records yourself. 

You had a few options: Record stores, borrowing from friends, catalogs, but still — being a serious music fan was tough. If your favorite musician never really took off, they might go out of print within a matter of years. If you saw a great band and wanted to hear them again but they never got a record label — so much for that great musical experience. 

With Spotify, that’s no longer true. Spotify helps hundreds of millions of people listen to all sorts of music — any music they can dream of and more — every single day, without having to journey to a record store. However, this comes at a price.

What is Spotify Premium? 

Spotify can’t provide everybody their massive catalog of music for free — they have to make money somehow. To do this, they run ads. Most listeners will hear ads around once every fifteen minutes, between songs. 

While these ads help keep the experience free for listeners, they can get annoying. Music is largely about immersion, and getting interrupted in the middle of an album is surely an annoyance. 

Enter Spotify Premium. 

Spotify Premium is Spotify’s paid service that allows music fans to listen to their music without interruptions. It comes at a cost, with several variations for family plans. People have to take this into account when deciding on Spotify free vs premium.

However, the economy is tough, and not everyone wants to pay for yet another subscription service once a month. This has led many people to search for a free way to enjoy Spotify Premium. 

Free Spotify Premium 

Thankfully, there are ways to grab Spotify Premium for free legally. 

Spotify offers the first three months of their premium service free as a trial. This is a very generous offer that you can use to your advantage. Take your three months of free Spotify, and then cancel your subscription. 

You can also join a friend’s family account. Spotify’s “family plans” cover six people, and they don’t really care who these six people are. If you know a friend who has a family plan, and they have less than six people in their family, you can ask if you can join their Spotify premium account family plan, and get Spotify premium free. 

However, there’s an even more efficient way… 


… that way is! GrabPoints offers a revolutionary new way to get yourself free services in technology, whether it’s Xbox gift cards, CSGO skins, or Spotify Premium. 

GrabPoints works in a very simple way. You go onto the site and complete various tasks, such as watching videos, taking surveys, and completing offers. When you complete these tasks you accrue (grab) points, that you can trade in for a number of free services such as a free Spotify Premium code. 

You can also make some money by referring other friends to GrabPoints. This ensures that GrabPoints gets more users and that you and your friends can all enjoy Spotify Premium together. 

Beware of Scams

As always, there are scammers out there who will try to steal your money and information. This is always a consideration when trying to acquire free things on the internet.

A great way to spot a scammer is by what they’re asking of you. If a person claiming to offer free Spotify Premium needs your personal information, run in the opposite direction. You should never have to give out your personal information online.

You also always stay wary of people who are offering Spotify Premium for nothing in return. At GrabPoints, you’re completing valuable tasks in return for your Premium codes. Someone who’s offering you something for nothing most likely has an ulterior motive. 

Other Legit Ways

There are other legitimate ways to get Spotify Premium as well. Many stores sell Spotify gift cards that you can redeem for Spotify Premium’s features.

One such way you can get Spotify gift cards free is to be part of a store’s rewards program. Sometimes shopping in the same large chain store consistently pays off, and they give you the option to take home a gift card.

One of the popular chain stores that does this is Target. If you’re a music lover who has a target near you, you’re in luck. 

If you take this chance, you can very easily choose Spotify Premium. 

How To Claim 

GrabPoints can’t send you “Spotify Premium” directly — it’s on the internet and ephemeral after all. The way GrabPoints gets you Spotify Premium is by sending you redeemable gift codes. 

GrabPoints will send you a code of numbers and letters that you can either redeem directly on the Spotify website or redeem in-person at your local retailer. 

Enjoy Free Music 

Music is free now — if you play your cards right. Spotify requests that you listen to pesky ads or pay a fee if you want your listening experience to be complete and unfettered. 

Thankfully, there are ways to get Free Spotify Premium benefits. Stay wary of scammers, check out GrabPoints, and keep an eye out for Spotify gift cards. If you want to start listening to all of the music you love without commercials, make an account with us today.