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Receive Free Starbucks Gift Cards with GrabPoints

On average, people spend about $1,500 on pricey lattes and other coffees from Starbucks per year. When you add up those numbers, it totals well over thousands of dollars over the course of several years. 

If you love your morning Starbucks but are not ready to throw in the towel, you should know that there is a way to earn free Starbucks gift cards.

Keep reading to learn more!

What Are Starbucks Gift Cards?

Starbucks gift cards work like any other gift card. They contain a fixed amount of money that’s only redeemable at Starbucks locations. 

The gift cards are cards that you can purchase in the store, through your Starbucks app. Starbucks also has a rewards/loyalty program where you earn stars for each purchase. Once you get enough stars, you can redeem them for a free drink, food item, or merchandise. 

How Can You Earn Free Starbucks Gift Cards?

You might think that free Starbucks is out of the question, but there are ways to get your free cup of coffee! Here are some ways you can achieve this. 

If you visit Starbucks frequently and you have a smartphone, it’s extremely convenient to join their loyalty program. Simply download the app, sign up for the program, and put money on your card via debit or credit card, or have a barista at the store help you if you want to use cash. You’ll start earning stars for every purchase, and you get a free drink on your birthday!

Other apps will give you money for doing small tasks on your way to the store or while you’re in the store. Do these tasks and eventually, you can cash in the money earned for gift cards. 

Grocery store apps will also give you money if you buy certain products at specific stores. Simply scroll through the offers, add them to your list, and upload a picture of the receipt when you’re finished shopping. Your money or points will be added to your account. 

How to Earn Free Starbucks Gift Cards With GrabPoints

You can also earn free gift cards when you sign up for GrabPoints. GrabPoints allows you to do tasks online without ever leaving your home! You can watch TV, do surveys, complete offers, and even earn cash to get those gift cards. 

If you invite friends to play along, you can earn even more!

One of the best ways to sit and earn Starbucks gift cards with GrabPoints is to sit in the Starbucks cafe, open up your laptop, and start earning! Being in the cafe, surrounded by the Starbucks atmosphere, and drinking coffee could be just the motivation you need! 

Ready to Earn Free Starbucks Gift Cards?

If you’re spending too much at Starbucks and you’re ready to earn free Starbucks gift cards, then sign up at GrabPoints today! It takes just a quick second and you could be on your way to earning gift cards in no time.