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Did you know that more than 60 million people play Pokemon Go every month? Even now it’s still one of the most popular mobile apps on the market! If you, like so many others, love playing Pokemon Go, you’re familiar with the stress and hassle of collecting Pokemon Go coins. 

It takes a lot of time and energy to collect this rare currency. You either have to pay real money from your Google Play credit or iTunes balance or you have to take down and fortify a gym. This can be a difficult prospect, especially if you’re just starting out.

Luckily, there’s an easy way how to get free Pokemon Go coins! If you want to learn more about how to earn free Pokemon Go coins without stress, read on!

What Are Pokemon Go Coins? 

Pokemon coins are the game’s currency for buying items and upgrades. Some items, like clothing for your Trainer and permanent upgrades to your storage, are only possible with Pokemon Go coins.  

The easiest method to get Pokemon coins is to buy them. However, not everyone wants to spend their hard-earned money on this virtual currency. And, why bother paying for something you can get for free? 

In order to get Pokemon coins in the game, you have to find a gym and take it down. After you fortify it, you can put your Pokemon there. Every 21 hours you can cash in at the shop, and you will receive Pokemon Go coins for every Pokemon at the gym.

To fortify a gym, you have to make sure the gym is not taken over by enemy invaders and constantly feed berries to your Pokemon. This is a lot of hassle and requires frequently checking in with the app.

How to Get Free Pokemon Go Coins

The easiest way to get free Pokemon Go coins is to use Grab Points! It’s quick and easy, and free Pokemon coins are a great reward.

Signing up is simple. First register on the GrabPoints website, then confirm your email. Then your free account is set up and ready to go!

After you’ve registered, you can earn rewards by watching videos, completing surveys, and offers. With each task you complete, you accrue points which you can trade in for free Pokemon Go coins! You can earn even more GrabPoints by referring your friends!

Watch Out for Scams

Because Pokemon Go is so popular and Pokemon coins are rare, there are lots of scams out there.

Code generators, hack sites, and other common scams often offer free Pokemon Go coins for no work at all. However, these websites try to install malicious software and attempt to steal personal information.

GrabPoints is trusted and well-reviewed and is a safe way to get Pokemon Go coins.

Earn Free Pokemon Go Coins Today! 

Now that you know how to get free Pokemon Go coins, you have no reason not to register with GrabPoints today! It’s safe, easy, and can give your Pokemon Go experience a big boost. 

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