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Earn Free PSN Codes with GrabPoints

In the list of the top five selling consoles of all time, PlayStations take up three spots! The PlayStation 2 is the number one selling console of all time with 159 million sales. The PlayStation 4 is number four, and the PlayStation 1 is number five.

Each has over 100 million sales. The immense and continuous popularity of PlayStation consoles is a reflection of their utility, versatility, and entertainment value.

But, after buying a console you still have to buy games, movies, and more in order to use your PlayStation. This can really add up.

Free PSN codes can help you save money when you buy new games, films, and more content to enjoy. These codes can save you lots of money in the long term, and provide you with endless entertainment. Read on to learn more about how to get free PlayStation codes!

What Can You Use PSN Codes For?

PSN is short for the PlayStation Network and can be used in place of money to buy any kind of entertainment in the PlayStation Store.

You can buy games, upgrades, movies, and more! New games can cost upwards of $50, so entertainment is not cheap. This is especially true with triple-A games.

Triple-A is a term for games with high-level budgets, development, and promotion. Triple-A games are high-quality bestsellers, and often achieve game of the year awards. They’re rarely less than $60. 

For example, the new Resident Evil 8 costs $60, with the deluxe edition priced at $70! And yet, these triple-A games are some of the most popular, impressive, and entertaining with lots of content to explore. It’s worth purchasing them to experience the latest in gaming technology. 

The PlayStation Store also has indie games, developed by independent studios. These games have less production value, but equally compelling storylines and entertainment value.

PSN codes are ways to save money when buying games, whether triple-A or otherwise. If you have enough PSN credits, you can even get these games for free. With the PlayStation 5 now out and more games on the horizon, it’s worth stocking up on credits! 

Furthermore, you can use PSN credits to buy and rent movies, TV shows, and other content on your PlayStation to enjoy a movie night or just binge-watch your favorite shows all day. 

How Do You Get PSN Codes?

The typical way to get PSN codes is to buy them. You can buy physical gift cards that can be exchanged for credit on the PlayStation Store, or you can buy virtual codes online. They make great gifts for family, friends, or just to treat yourself.

However, this saves you no money at all. The amount you spend is equal to the amount of credit you get at the Store. If you buy a $20 gift card, you’ll receive $20 of credit. It’s basically just buying money with money.

How Do You Get Free PSN Codes? 

Now you understand why free PSN codes are so valuable. If you get free PSN card codes that work, you can get free or low-cost games and save your real money for other things.

You can use GrabPoints to get free PSN codes. It’s quick and easy! 

To start getting free PSN codes (and other rewards), make a GrabPoints account. You’ll just have to supply and verify your email and pick a password. It’s free and takes only a minute. 

Once you have a GrabPoints account, you can start earning GrabPoints immediately. You can earn them in three main ways: filling out surveys, watching videos, and completing offers. Check out the list of available tasks and pick what appeals to you.

Payouts come in the form of GrabPoints. As you accumulate GrabPoints, you can request payouts in the form of a reward. You can get gift cards, in-game currency, and more.

One of the most popular rewards is PSN codes. It’s easy and straightforward to use GrabPoints to get free PSN codes. GrabPoints was one of the top sources for free PSN codes in 2020! 

Ways to Earn Points

Companies are always doing research to figure out more about their target audiences. They work with GrabPoints to create surveys that will help them do market research. GrabPoints only works with legit and high-paying companies, so surveys are priced competitively and you’ll get a good reward for your work.

Watching videos is a way for companies to show ads without paying the price for airtime. Instead, they’ll pay GrabPoints directly and the money will come right to you as you watch videos. You can just get paid to watch ads!

Completing offers is a great way to earn both GrabPoints and experience the benefits that some companies offer. Offers might include free trials to streaming services and online publications. You can enjoy and review these services and complete the offer to get your payout.

You can always earn more GrabPoints by referring friends too! 

Protect Your Privacy on the Hunt for Free PSN Codes

Lots of people find themselves wondering how to get free PSN codes, and as a result, they end up putting themselves at risk.

Many sites advertise themselves as a free PSN code generator. They’ll say they found a hack for the system and can give you a free PSN codes list for no work at all. However, these sites are full of malware and spyware. 

They’ll often force you into downloading programs that can steal your information and violate your privacy. PSN codes are great, but they are not worth sacrificing your personal information and safety. 

GrabPoints holds a 4.7 rating on Trustpilot and has a well-earned reputation as a safe way to earn rewards include PSN codes. You can maintain your privacy and your safety while getting free rewards.

Start Earning GrabPoints Today

Now you understand the value of free PSN codes, and how to get them with GrabPoints. There’s no reason not to start earning GrabPoints today! Use your GrabPoints to get PSN codes to revolutionize your gaming and entertainment experience.

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