35+ Part-Time Work From Home Jobs

35 Part Time Work From Home Jobs

So you’re busy with family, career, hobbies, and social life, but you can definitely do with a bit more income. How can you earn some more without compromising your current lifestyle or circumstances?

Perhaps part time work from home jobs would suit you best.

It doesn’t matter if you want to augment your savings, put some money into college tuition for your kids, travel some more, invest in something you love, or just about any financial reason you can come up with. All of a sudden, your mind is filled with the possibility of taking on home-based jobs, AKA work-from-home side hustles.

Well, you’re in luck because this article will talk about the ins and outs of part-time remote work! But first, why work from home and not report to work as a regular office-goer or employee? Or why not go full-time to get an even bigger income? Let us examine all the potential motivations for it.


Best Part Time Work From Home Jobs

Practical Reasons To Consider a Part-Time Work From Home Job

  • Your lifestyle requires a more flexible work schedule.

You might be a high school or college student needing some additional pocket money while studying and taking your classes. You may be a homemaker who could use some extra income for household and family-related expenses. Or you can be practically anyone who would appreciate some more cash on top of your other pursuits.

If you could only work part-time and preferably from home (or anywhere else that’s convenient) because of your regular schedule limitations, side hustles are some of the best and most practical answers to address these requirements.

  • You have to take care of your family.

You might have small kids who need constant attention, or older parents requiring round-the-clock medical supervision. It’s understandable that for a lot of working adults, the family is still a top priority. Small wonder the rising phenomenon of WAHMs or work-at-home-moms is largely due to mothers who opt to work part-time from home so that they can take care of their families in the daytime.

  • You already have a full-time job.

Taking on another paying job on top of your regular one isn’t a new thing. There have been – and will always be – people who experience lean periods at certain times of the year. As well, there are those who are in need of a second stream of income who will typically seek another job.

So on top of your regular 9 to 5 work, you can always take on a part-time job. But bear in mind that these new streams of income are preferably ones that don’t encroach on your regular work schedule nor present a conflict of interest with what your main bread and butter is about.

  • Traffic and commuting to work daily is proving to be stressful.

In this day and age of worsening traffic and ballooning commuter fares and gas prices, it’s perfectly understandable that people will prefer working from home (even on a part-time basis). The stress that goes with being stuck in traffic and having to endure such things as uncouth commuter or driver behavior – plus a myriad other unsavory everyday events – is usually enough to drive anyone to seek remote work instead.

  • You have health concerns.

On top of the stress brought on by daily commute and traffic (plus potentially pesky workmates), pollution and other toxins can wreak havoc to an already compromised immune system. These days, we have serious diseases – and even new pandemics – to consider, so working from home is an ideal situation for those who already have delicate constitutions. At least at home, the levels of sanitation and hygiene can be controlled and adjusted according to one’s health requirements.

  • You don’t want to invest in an expensive work set-up.

For the most part, remote work only requires a (flexible) schedule, a laptop, and a steady and reliable Internet connection. Unless you are planning to launch a home-based startup that requires some renovation, business licensing, and other important and costly prerequisites, you pretty much have all the tools at the ready if you want to embark on part-time remote work.

  • You want to achieve a work-life balance.

You might argue that this is true of anyone who works for a living, regardless of the schedule and location they may do it from. However, millions of WAHMs and other home-based workers can attest to the convenience, balance, and flexibility that remote work has added to their lives.

This Buffer article on the state of remote work for 2019 further highlights its benefits with the following illuminating statements from Iwo Szapar, CEO of Remote-how:

    • “A flexible schedule is the biggest benefit to remote work.”
    • “Employees in their 20s and mid-30s value meaningful experiences more than possessions, and they want to be able to pay attention to all the important aspects of their lives.”
    • “Having a flexible schedule allows employees to juggle between work, hobbies, and time with friends, resulting in a positive work-life balance and also reducing workplace stress.”


Part-Time Work From Home Job

What to Avoid When Looking For Work From Home Jobs

Now we have come to a somewhat unsavory part of this blog post, but there is no avoiding it. It must be discussed.

Since the statistics of home-based and remote workers have been steadily rising – unfortunately, so are those of unscrupulous scammers who are out to swindle job seekers. This section intends to shine a light on potential opportunists, and the ways by which you can steer clear of them.

  • They ask for an “onboarding” fee (or any money upfront).

Whatever warped logic anyone might try to apply to this particular situation, it simply doesn’t make sense for a job seeker to shell out money just to make some money. This is especially true when it comes to work from home jobs. There are typically no uniforms or dress codes involved in home-based work, for one.

If it isn’t anything of the buy-and-sell business model or similar, there really is no reason for anyone to have to pay to get part-time work. So those asking for your credit card info or a fee for “company information kits” should not even be given any scrap of attention.

  • There is vague or no information about payment schemes and schedules, or what the job is all about.

Companies or entities looking to hire part-time remote workers usually do it because of an immediate need to fill a particular vacant task. Therefore, it won’t make any sense for a prospective employer not to have any ready information on what that task entails – much less what they are willing to pay for it (and when).

If you ask the potential employer straightforward questions about the job, the salary, and schedule that goes with it, see if they can answer with confidence and without hesitation. Only when they answer satisfactorily can you decide if it’s worth a go.

  • They promise too much (pay) for too little (work).

Part-time work from home jobs are also referred to as “side hustles’, which should already give you the idea that they aren’t something you can get rich from. At best, you can expect to earn enough to address an immediate financial need, or set aside some cash for emergencies and future use.

To avoid getting scammed by promises of get-rich-quick schemes, it’s best to do your research regarding how much the going rate is for the side job you’re aiming for. This will help you gauge the kind of salary to expect. You can then judge whether it’s too high or too low for you – or, if it’s too good to be true or not even worth the bother of applying!

  • They have generally bad reviews at trusted business assessment sites and forums.

Organizations like the Better Business Bureau and similar sites and forums exist to help potential employees discover the companies and business entities that are legitimate. They can also serve as a guide to determine those that do not meet business and industry standards. Although they are not 100% reliable, they do give you an idea of their pertinent information, plus the usual complaints and issues – and on the flip side, the praises and compliments – coming from current or former employees/clients.

But a word of caution if you want to try this particular route to determine the legitimacy of a certain business or company: learn to discern. Some disgruntled ex-employees or paid shills could be doing bad reviews or padding up the positive testimonies of certain workplaces with malicious or self-serving intent.

  • They got in touch with you first.

This might sound like a dream come true for potential remote job workers because it means you won’t have to wait around to get interviewed and accepted. And it might even be true of jobs with referral systems in place (it’s best to check for evidence of the entity’s social media or any credible online presence first).

However, if it’s a company or someone who seems to have gotten in touch with you out of the blue without you even applying for a job, then it’s only wise to practice caution. For starters, they could have just gotten your information from unsavory sources and decided to try their luck at recruiting you for some scammy set-up. Or you might be unwittingly playing along to some illegal scheme that needs your face and name as a front – in which case, don’t even give them enough time to try their business pitch on you!

So with those notes of caution and safety out of the way, it’s time to take a look at what’s available for would-be home-based remote workers like you this year.


Where To Find The Best Part-Time Work From Home Jobs In 2020

What constitutes the “best” kind of part-time work from home job, anyway? To sum up what was previously mentioned, it should be something that meets the following criteria:

  • It is legitimate and has a good remote employment history
  • It suits your schedule and lifestyle
  • It pays decently
  • It doesn’t’ require you to pay any fee
  • It matches your talent, work experience, and skillset
  • It promotes a healthy work-life balance

With that in mind, consider the following home-based remote jobs and see if they are a good fit:


Remote Sales Agent

Remote Sales Agent

If you have a background in sales and marketing, why not try your hand at doing it remotely instead of being out there, chasing clients and getting tired in the process? Fortunately, there are plenty of companies that are willing to hire home-based sales agents to promote and sell products and services on their behalf. Most do not even require a degree in marketing or similar!

So if you have a persuasive personality and can learn sales pitches in a snap, this might just be the right work-at-home job for you.

Where to look?

    • Amazon offers virtual positions to qualified individuals in selected areas. These positions can be full-time, part-time, or seasonal, so it’s simply a matter of picking the best option that suits your lifestyle and schedule. Jobs range from being an “Alexa Support Associate” to remote customer service associates, principal sales specialists, commercial sales strategists, and more.
    • FlexJobs wants you to “find a better way to work” – which pretty much sums up what part time work from home jobs are all about! They promise flexible jobs as being far better than a “typical job” for freelancers, full-timers, and part-timers alike. Those looking to become remote sales agents or representatives can look for work using the site’s search bar.

  • Media Bistro promises to “power-charge your freelance career” by connecting you to hiring managers. There’s a helpful job search bar if you’re looking for something specifically sales agent-related. Or you could browse through the hundreds of jobs on the site’s Job Board, instead.
  • Remote is a website that will get several mentions in this article because, as it succinctly claims, it is all about “all things remote work”. There is a button for Find Remote Jobs, which leads to a page with tabs of different industries. One of the categories is “Sales” and if you click on it, dozens of remote sales-related jobs ranging from “sales operation specialist” to “sales development representative” will appear.


At-Home Product Tester

At-Home Product Tester

Plenty of businesses and companies need the kind of honest and candid market research they can get from product testers. Thankfully, they are willing to pay real users cash or in-kind to test their products before rolling them out to the public.

There are different types of products to be tested, ranging from technology like gadgets and software to clothing, foodstuff, cosmetics, publications, and more. However, not all who sign up to be product testers will immediately be chosen to do so. Factors like demographics, availability, and others could affect how often you receive new stuff to try out.

Where to look?

  • User Testing, as its name immediately implies, lets people do usability test reviews of various websites in the comfort of their own homes. Though technically falling under the more niched “beta testing” side job, this is still something enjoyable and easy even without the presence of actual, palpable products. Each review will take approximately 20 minutes, and the site pays around $10 via PayPal.
  • Vindale Research is primarily a paid survey site. However, they also need product testers who are at least 18 years old, self-motivated, flexible, and efficient (and also computer-proficient). The site pays on a by-completion basis, with flat rates between a dollar and $50 depending on the difficulty of the task. On the sign-up page, there is a question about which position you are most interested in, so select “product tester” on the drop-down menu if that’s something that appeals to you.
  • Google User Experience Research encourages participants to take part in some of their studies that will match the answers they put in the preliminary questionnaire – kind of like an initial demographic survey. In this light, the more information you provide, the better your chances of getting contacted by the Google team. The studies for Google’s various products could be done either in one of the Google offices or research vehicles, but a lot of time, participants can also be home-based. The rewards for participating in the studies are often in the form of gift cards or a donation to your favorite charity.
  • Influenster is a site providing product reviews from ordinary people and consumers. The product categories up for feedback are pretty diverse, ranging from makeup, skincare, hair, nail, health, to food, beverages, snacks, pets, electronics, and arts and culture. Influenster boasts of having over 40 million current reviews, from a community of around six million people. These eligible members get a VoxBox from the site containing full-sized products of popular brands. So, while not getting paid cash like other side hustles, it is nice to get some real items you can really use – and not useless ones in teensy-weensy sample sizes.



Online Tutor

Online Tutor

The great thing about being an online tutor is the flexibility involved. It’s something you can do after your regular work hours (or even after school, if you are a student). Thanks to leaps and bounds in technology and communication, tutoring can still be done “face to face”, albeit virtually and online. If you’ve had some experience in teaching or think you are qualified and can make a good tutor on chosen subjects, why not try this side hustle on for size?

Where to look?

  • The aptly named site Tutors is geared towards students who need help on particular subjects. There are available tutorials for Math, English, Languages, Science, Music, Social Studies, Fine Arts, and even for test preparations. There is a helpful link called “How to Become a Tutor (and earn $50 an hour)” towards the bottom of the website which gives succinct steps on applying to become one.
  • Sylvan Learning takes pride in getting results and setting young students up for success in the long-term. They believe that technology accelerates learning and that every child’s learning process is unique. If you think you are a good fit with the Sylvan learning method, try contacting the nearest Sylvan Learning Center for openings.
  • Connections Academy is an online tutorial service specializing in motivating students at all times. They have an online learning platform that requires dedicated teachers to report to their virtual classrooms and teach a myriad of subjects under their curriculum. On the site, you can click on the job listings link and it will yield dozens of teaching posts, including part-time ones.



Work-From-Home Writer

Work-From-Home Writer

If you love writing and have the gift of prose, the best part-time work from home for you would have to do with being a writer. The good news is that there are so many companies and businesses needing writers – whether it’s for creative, business, or academic purposes. It’s a simple matter of putting together a folio of your best writing samples and matching your skills with what the client needs.

Where to look?

    • Zip Recruiter is a job-seeking portal that matches a network of freelance talents with millions of job opportunities – including being a part-time writer. You can use the search bars for a job title or keyword and include your city, state, or zip code if you want to be location-specific (though if it’s remote writing, this should hardly matter). The “writer” keyword yields dozens of job openings as of this writing, so suffice it to say you will have a lot of options here.
    • Working Nomads, as its name implies, is for those who refuse to be confined in one employment space while making a living. There are currently thousands of remote writing jobs on the site, ranging from copywriting, social media “science storyteller”, a US “Call of Duty” writer, through to breaking news team staff and just about everything in-between. It’s a simple matter of taking your pick!
  • Media Bistro offers several ways to look for the perfect part-time remote writing job for you. One is to use the search bar with select keywords. Another is to simply click on the Writing Jobs tab. You can also scroll through the site’s Job Board and pick out what you think is best for you either via the job description or the company or business advertising for a writer.
  • We’ve already mentioned Remote a couple of sections up, but it’s worth mentioning once more for this category. Like the others listed here, it is a job portal offering hundreds of part-time, home-based writing jobs. There are also helpful tips and advice via the site’s blog, plus a variety of ways to search for the perfect job that suits your lifestyle, skills, work history, and other personal considerations.



Medical Legal General Transcriptionist

Medical, Legal, and General Transcriptionist

Being a call or audio transcriptionist, you are expected to have good listening skills, be a speedy and accurate typist, and have enough patience to wade through hours of audio files. There are different types of transcribing needs, but since most industries require some form of it, it’s safe to say that this particular home-based job won’t be going away anytime soon.

Compared to other part-time work from home jobs in this list, becoming a medical transcriptionist or coder does require a learning curve and some experience in the industry. This is essential because of the complex medical terms involved. If you want to become one (given that it pays sufficiently more compared to other types of transcription work), you will likely be required to undergo some training first.

Where to look?

  • Quicktate offers clients call transcription as part of their menu of services. Anyone who needs voice calls, voice mails, recorded phone calls, dictated memos or manuscripts, legal or medical audio files, and just about anything that needs transcribing can get the job done here. In turn, if you want to be a Quicktate transcriptionist, you can click on the link near the bottom of the site and fill out the signup page to get started.
  • Transcribe Anywhere proudly proclaims to “help aspiring transcriptionists build successful businesses with affordable, all-inclusive education and lifetime support.” If that sounds ideal to you, then you’ve come to the right place to begin your part-time transcription journey. They offer mini-courses for aspiring transcriptionists, and also a chance to snag a plum job by joining their roster of official “graduates”. The programs in their directory are geared for both general and legal transcription graduates.
  • Tiger Fish was established in 1989 and has steadily gained the reputation of being able to deliver thoroughly researched transcriptions on time and with high accuracy. Those who want to apply here will need to follow a style guide, though. There is also a transcription test prior to hiring – which is perfectly understandable since the site holds a high standard for minimal errors and speedy typing. You can choose which transcription field you would like to specialize in – medical, technology, legal, or finance. There is also a helpful availability calendar where you can customize your work hours as you see fit.
  • Transcribe Me! is a popular site for businesses seeking transcribers, and those looking for transcriptionist jobs in turn. The transcribing services offered run the gamut from technology, medical, consulting, market research, education, and even translation. There is a helpful bar for aspiring transcriptionists, including a link on how to create an account and start working for their clients.



Online Survey Taker

Online Survey Taker

Paid survey sites and online rewards programs have become favorites of many people seeking supplemental sources of income. There is very little required to become a member of one (or several), and the tasks involved are typically one does online on a regular basis, anyway. Some of the activities that can earn you points and redeem for cash (or other rewards) include completing offers, watching videos, downloading apps – and perhaps the most common of all – answering survey questions. Of course, the best survey and rewards sites are those that pay decently and fast.

Where to look?

  • GrabPoints has been around long enough to gain the reputation of being one of (if not THE) the highest-paying rewards sites currently in existence. This infographic will perhaps explain it in clearer terms and visuals. In a nutshell, you will make nearly $2 more by completing surveys on GrabPoints compared to other popular rewards sites!
  • Zoombucks partners with brands that are seeking engagement for their products and services. In turn, the site recruits members to perform online tasks such as complete offers, watch videos, and answer surveys. Once tasks are completed satisfactorily and enough points are earned, users can redeem their rewards in the form of either gift cards or cash via PayPal (sent in as little as 48 hours)!
  • GCLoot was created to reward gamers in mind. Thus the rewards for completing offers, watching videos, playing games, and answering surveys are also gaming-related. This means gift cards from Steam, PlayStation, Roblox, Minecraft, Overwatch, and dozens of others. You can also opt to redeem a prepaid Mastercard to get in-game currency and other items so you won’t have to shell out more money to enjoy your favorite games.
  • Pinecone Research has earned the reputation of being a reliable survey provider for the “influencers” who meet and pass its somewhat stringent standards. Once you do get in, it’s extra money you can use and save up without breaking a sweat. The site provides both cash and other kinds of rewards for completing surveys, with the cash option being available in $3, $5 or $15 increments.



Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant means performing a myriad of tasks under one broad umbrella. But fret not, because these tasks are usually highly doable and easy minus the difficult onboarding of other kinds of jobs. Virtual assistance is also a flexible part-time job that allows even the busiest of people to perform it in the comfort of their own home (and schedule).

Where to look?

  • Monster is a job search portal that promises potential employees to find a job better and faster. They have an impressive list of companies that are hiring, so if you want to become a virtual assistant to any of them, that’s a good place to start. You can also opt to search for VA job vacancies by skills, industry, or location.
  • Upwork allows registered users to get connected to industries and businesses seeking “specialized talent”. Virtual assistants can find work falling under the scope and complexity they are comfortable with, whether it’s long or short-term, and if the project involved is large-scale or a small one. Thankfully, “Virtual Assistant” is currently featured in the site’s Top Skills list, so rest assured you can find a lot of employment opportunities here.
  • Fancy Hands encourages US-based virtual assistants to find the perfect employment matches on their site. The good news is that they are currently hiring for thousands of clients! So if you have a reliable and speedy Internet connection, know how to use (or are willing to learn) the appropriate software and apps commonly utilized by a variety of industries, and have an overall friendly and helpful personality, then go ahead and apply as a virtual assistant via the site today.
  • People Per Hour wants to continue serving the freelance economy, which they claim to have been doing since 2007. There are 2.4 million freelancers that have become part of their community and have taken advantage of the career opportunities posted on their website. If you are keen on joining them, take a look at the current openings posted under their freelance services.



Home-Based Call Center Agent

Home-Based Call Center Agent

Ever had to make a call to a shop’s customer care number, and had it addressed by a call center agent who was friendly and willing to assist you? For the most part, you could have been speaking to someone in a cubicle in a huge office. However, there’s also a huge chance that your call was re-routed to a remote call center agent working from home. The same holds true for email support – anything can be done remotely these days.

The great thing is that today, that home-based call center agent could be you.

Where to look?

  • Indeed allows you to find call remote call center jobs by company, location, or even by salary. You will first need to create a profile, so make sure to include any or all call center or customer care-related information you might have. Then simply upload your resume, and let employers find and hire you.
  • Glass Door wants you to “find the job that fits your life” – which is really what part time work from home jobs are, in a nutshell! You can explore the kind of call center agent job you fancy by researching the companies posting about them on the site. By doing so, you can compare the salaries being offered and opt for the best one that suits you. Glassdoor also offers apps for both iOS and Android users, so you can continue to look for the best match anywhere you may be.
  • LiveOps is geared towards people who want to “do great things from home”. By “great things”, they mean remote employment, of course. There’s a lot of online career opportunities listed on the site, including for inbound sales, technical support, and customer service. LiveOps also has a helpful menu called “Before You Apply” which provides links to tech requirements, meeting other virtual call center agents, and other useful information prior to applying.
  • VIP Desk aims to reduce customer frustration and humanize customer interaction while making a difference in the environment. They want to underline the importance of remote work on both businesses and ecology. If you are aligned with VIP Desk’s vision-mission, head on over to their Current Openings page or sign up for job alerts to get notifications on new openings for home-based call center agent posts.
  • Arise provides customer service outsourcing via a platform that promises “radical flexibility” for both its clients and home-based agents. If you want to start being a remote call center agent, click on the orange Work From Home tab, which will lead you to a page containing information on the Arise Platform, helpful blog posts, plus links to new job openings.



Remote Data Entry Worker

Remote Data Entry Worker

Remote data entry jobs are some of the most common (and popular) side hustles of today, and it’s easy to see why. Data entry encompasses a number of doable tasks that, while not as creative and exciting as other remote jobs, nevertheless offers a lot of opportunities to have a second stream of income.

It’s highly doable in one’s own home and doesn’t require a lot of onboarding experience. You just need to be patient, focused, and not get easily bored with spreadsheets, files, email correspondence, and other data-related tasks and activities!

Where to look?

  • Of course, Remote makes it to this list again for being able to provide what it promises – which means plenty of application links for home-based data entry workers.
  • FlexJobs has plenty to offer for those who prefer flexible, off-site and part-time job seekers who prefer an “alternative schedule”. This means you can work at night when things are quieter at home, or very early in the morning before starting your regular schedule. If you type in “data entry” in the search bar, you will get dozens of job postings to peruse. But if you want something more specific to suit your lifestyle and schedule, add the appropriate keyword to narrow down the field.
  • The Smart Crowd takes pride in offering its employees another way to earn money without disrupting their regular schedules. They promise no long-term commitment, join-up fees, or scope creep with their job postings. They simply want to match your talent and skill set with that of their clients’ needs for data entry, research, language, etc. – and pay you competitive rates in the process.
  • Clickworker is all about data management services, so it’s a good place as any to begin your journey as a remote data entry worker. You can register as a Clickworker and “profit from your talents”, as the site puts it. Some of the tasks that go with being a Clickworker includes categorizing data, creating and correcting texts, and more. The best part about it is that you get to decide when and how often you want to work with clients on a freelance basis!