75+ Remote Jobs During COVID-19

Working Remotely During COVID

We have been posting about remote work here at the GrabPoints blog for some time now. Among its benefits, practicality and flexibility remain the best reasons to work from home. Aside from that, statistics show that most home-based workers report a greater increase in productivity, as well as accomplishing more work in less time (compared to working in an office).

Today, however, things take on a significant turn with the COVID-19 quarantine and lockdown affecting regular income-making as we have come to know it. No longer are there commutes to and from work, standing in long queues and being part of crowds just to catch the train (or bus, a cab, or whatever transportation takes you to an office or place of employment). The streets are quiet and empty, the office buildings, factories, shops, and other workplaces even more so.

As it is, plenty of employers are seeing a pivot in the way they conduct their business via their staff and employees. From holding virtual meetings to making sure everyone is on the same page on a project, the new norm seems increasingly to be working remotely during COVID-19, and going digital – all while being physically distant from each other.

Work From Home Jobs – Major Changes To Expect

If you are just starting to transition from a traditional work setup to a home-based one, it will understandably take some getting used to. Since worldwide quarantines have been imposed, plenty of workers found themselves setting up their computers and communication devices at a cozy nook in their house for the very first time.

The common notion is that, while it’s a temporary setup at best, it might just be the new norm for an indefinite period. The post-pandemic scenario could be a mix of people going back to work in their respective offices or places of employment, and those who prefer to work remotely for a much longer time. Whether it’s former or the latter you will be doing, working remotely during COVID-19 will definitely bring about changes to how you are going to be earning a living.

So what kind of changes can you expect with jobs where you can work from home? The differences should be scalable and easy for workers to comply with, for starters. That means those who manage organizations, companies, offices, and businesses have to be effective communicators and implementers of these changes to keep both morale and production on an even keel. Then there are the attitudes needed to make remote work effective and successful, which is applicable to both heads of organizations and their employees.

  1. A revision or amendment of work policies
    It is a must to revisit the work policies and regulations of an office that has suddenly transitioned to a remote work setup. There are no longer face-to-face meetings for the time being, so other tools like apps and software are set in place instead. Some restructuring as far as schedules and end-of-day (or week) reporting might also be needed just so everyone is on the same page about the pace and process of the work being done.

    As well, it’s a good idea to start talking about back-to-work guidelines once the lockdown is lifted. Should there be a skeletal team at the office, or would it be more feasible for everyone to continue working from home until it is truly safe? Amending current office rules and policies is key to adjust to this new norm. The bottom line is that there would most probably be a different kind of compliance set in place and which everyone involved has to follow for a definite period.

  2. Stricter timekeeping and work tracking
    Speaking of apps and software, timekeeping and tracking ones are some of the best tools for remote work. They are great compliance aids for those whose tasks are time-sensitive and who have deadlines to follow on a regular basis. They provide support for collaborative work while ensuring everyone is on the same page with every step of a project or process.

    It also makes it easier for HR and other managers in charge of coordinating schedules and projects to ensure everyone is doing their jobs well and on time (and are properly compensated for it) – even without physical supervision.

  3. Regularized checking-in among staff and higher-ups
    To make things more collaborative, smooth, and efficient – as well as to ensure that everyone’s morale is up – daily check-ins could become a necessity during a remote work setup. Doing so provides the kind of structure everyone can benefit from, It will also give the most important tasks the kind urgency and attention they need.

    This also means regularly asking remote workers about their emotional, psychological, and physical well-being, as well as how they are coping with the quarantine brought about by COVID-19. After all, the best work from home jobs are those that care for their remote staff even if they do not meet face-to-face.

    Never underestimate the power of asking people “How are you feeling/doing?” during a pandemic – especially for those who might be living alone or are struggling with anxiety and uncertainty. Increased reliable connectivity, albeit remotely, is needed during these times.

  4. Digital modes of payment
    If digital payment gateways aren’t in place at work yet, the best time to start doing so would be during remote work while on quarantine. This means people won’t have to go to banks, remittance centers, or ATMs to get their salaries, thus minimizing the risk of getting infected.

    Remote workers could get paid via PayPal with pertinent fees being shouldered by their employer, or via other similar payment methods. This means scheduled invoicing should also be encouraged to prevent delays and problems with workers receiving their salaries.

  5. Setting up a home office with all the tools needed
    As a basic work from home tip in this previous GrabPoints blog post mentions, it’s a good idea to dedicate space in your home just for work. This space must be sufficient enough to hold all pertinent tools you will need for tasks, such as a laptop or desktop computer, a comfortable desk or chair, recharging stations for your devices and gadgets, and other helpful office equipment.

    Get everything within reach in your workspace or home office so you won’t have to keep getting up to get things from another room. This will save you time, energy, and effort. You will also need a reliable internet connection to be able to effectively communicate with your other remote co-workers, clients, and higher-ups.

  6. Some blurring between work-life boundaries
    Keeping daily life from work means adhering to work hours in the same manner as you would when going to an office. All other distractions – be they kids, pets, noises from television, neighbors, the radio, or other sources – should be avoided or discouraged. In the same vein, other people at home have to be made aware that you are not to be disturbed during these hours (unless for an emergency or other urgent matters). Doing these allows you to easily “switch off” your home mode and get into working mode.

    But sometimes, these things are easier said than done especially in a full house. Noises happen, kids or pets can get rowdy, and unexpected stuff like deliveries could disrupt your work-life integration. If and when these happen, do not fret, but take note of how you can improve or remedy the situation so they could be avoided in the future.

The Best Work From Home Jobs During COVID

With all the potential changes already laid out above, it is time to consider which legitimate work from home jobs you can take on. You might already be undertaking one of these careers and your company has suddenly embraced remote work. Or you might be thinking of shifting to one that is friendlier to home-based workers. The good news is that anyone who wants to earn an income remotely – from high school or college students to work at home moms or WAHMs – can do so without too much hassle.

A lot of these are jobs where you can work from home requiring minimal to zero prior experience. However, it will still largely depend on the client or job portal you are applying for. Previous posts in this blog already illustrate which jobs require certain skills and work experience (such as transcription work, online tutorial, editing, etc.), and which ones simply have an age limit as their main requirement. Read on to see which ones will suit your needs, experiences, skill sets, and other personal factors best. Hopefully, this list (though far from being an exhaustive one) will prove to be a valuable resource for you on your journey to becoming a remote worker.


Online tutorials

Online tutorials

Since most academic setups are going the same way as work from home jobs due to COVID-19, it is safe to say that online tutorials are bound to become the new norm for most students and educators. These sites mentioned below have been around longer than most pandemics, so it’s a good idea to check them out if you have a background and passion for education but wish to work from home.

  • Tutors is a good place to start searching for remote work dealing with education during the lockdown. Click on the Tutoring Jobs link at the top bar of the homepage. There you will be given choices of subjects you can teach, ranging from Math, English, Chemistry, Fine Arts, Languages, Law, and more. It is free to sign up with the site and you can set your own price, schedule, and the kind of students you wish to tutor without the site making a commission off what you earn!
  • SameSpeak deals more with international students who want to speak better English. So if the English language is your forte and you have enough patience to guide someone who can barely speak it, then you’re a shoo-in for this particular remote job. Simply click on the Coach English button to sign up with SameSpeak.
  • Tutapoint is an award-winning professional US-based online tutorial site. The services they fulfill include academic tutoring in a range of subjects, plus test preparation for the SAT and ACT, a writing center to edit papers within a 24-hour turnaround period, college counseling, and even international academic tutoring and test preparations.
  • SkimaTalk aims to “share the world’s knowledge” with an online English tutorial platform that is available to any student in the world. The eligibility requirements for their tutors include being a native English speaker, being committed, professional and reliable, with some prior teaching experience and training (preferred but not required), and a passion for teaching.
  • Sylvan Learning claims to have over seven million parents who have entrusted to Sylvan their children’s academic success. They have a new live online tutoring feature expressly made as a COVID-19 response which promises to be a “new format with the same amazing programs.” If you are interested in applying with them, click on the Career Opportunities button at the bottom of the homepage, which will take you to another page featuring available positions.
  • Connections Academy offers hundreds of career opportunities to home-based teachers. You can narrow your search by using choice keywords, or comb through the hundreds of listings for the kind of teaching job (subject, location, etc.) that appeals to you. The company has a non-discrimination policy for applicants, and takes pride in being an online accredited private school for grades K to 12 in the US.


Data entry

Data entry

Known as being one of the most reliable remote jobs today, data entry is a pretty straightforward task to perform from anywhere in the world. It is also considered one of the most stable and doable jobs for anyone, be they college students, fresh grads, or long-time professionals. For starters, there is not a lot of onboarding involved with data entry, although circumstances would be dictated by the kind of job or client involved. Consider the following reliable resources for remote data entry work.

  • Amazon mTurk allows clients to access a global, on-demand workforce 24 hours a day, for seven days a week. This crowdsourcing online marketplace offers benefits to both employers (“requesters”) and remote employees (“workers”), with data entry often on its menu of jobs. If you want to start working on data entry tasks, simply register and sign in as a worker on their homepage.
  • Working Solutions is all about work from home jobs, so you can be sure to find data entry tasks here. Just click on the Jobs link at the homepage header and you will be taken to a page where you can find information on available vacancies. The site also has a job recommendation feature which promises to match you to the perfect one that will suit your circumstances and preferences.
  • Micro Workers boasts of having over 1.6 million workers worldwide performing microtasks such as data entry, data mining, data annotation, content moderation, categorization, surveys, data extraction, and more. If you want to specialize in a certain type of data entry work, try this site on for size because they have specialized templates for their clients to use.
  • The Smart Crowd is run by Lionbridge, which is a US-based company specializing in cloud technologies to help their clients market their products and services all over the world. The company offers remote workers small tasks they can easily complete and earn from, with the added advantage of having a flexible schedule and the options to do data entry, language, testing, and other doable tasks. There are no sign-up or membership fees, and the site promises “a competitive rate” for each task completed.
  • Clickworker offers data management services to their clients, so they need their clickworkers to accomplish them on their behalf. Some of the tasks expected of a Clickworker include data processing and entry, writing, translating, research, and more. The site promises workers an independent and flexible schedule, with just a reliable Internet connection and computer access as their prerequisites.
  • Remotasks is a company that wants people to start working from home today. Some of the tasks here involve tagging images, transcribing audio files, moderating content, and of course, data entry work. The only major requirement from potential employees is that they be fluent in English. You can sign up via the site or your Facebook account if you are interested, then get certified in different task categories, work on the tasks, and then get paid weekly via PayPal!
  • To see if Birch Creek Communications has data entry positions to fill, simply visit their homepage. They typically announce their current employment opportunities, including both for transcription work and data entry. It would be best to start your application though, so as to get notified right away once a data entry vacancy opens up with them.
  • SigTrack links crowdsourced US-based data entry freelancers with grassroots campaigners via their database application. Their system requirements include a high-speed and reliable Internet connection, a Windows 10, MacOS 10.13 or higher. There are two helpful links at the homepage to learn how to apply and how to get paid.
  • FlexJobs takes pride in providing “the best remote work from home and flexible jobs”. If that slogan piques your interest, you’ve come to the right place. You can start looking for available data entry tasks by using the search bar, or by clicking on the Find Jobs link at the homepage bar. The site is also currently providing resources for those whose work was impacted by the COVID-19.
  • Simply Hired is another helpful job search engine where you can browse for data entry jobs, compare local and national salaries, learn about job markets in specific cities, and discover companies that are a good match for your needs. The site offers helpful job tools for remote workers, such as a salary estimator, resume builder, local job posts, and more.
  • UpWork specializes in “talent in-demand”. Some of the tasks they offer include web development, mobile development, design, writing, admin support, customer support and service, marketing, accounting, and data entry tasks (falling under data science and analytics). They also have resources for both businesses and independent professionals affected by the COVID-19.
  • Capital Typing has data entry, market research, transcription services, and language translation in its menu of services. They believe that all businesses should be working smart. They have been around since 2002 to provide innovation, efficiency and organization as their business solutions. There is a link to new jobs at the top bar which you can click on to check out new data entry job vacancies.
  • Remote, as its name suggests, is a job portal that is all about virtual jobs, teams, and company setups. It is the perfect solution for the COVID-19 crisis for both business owners and remote workers. You can easily post or find remote jobs because all pertinent links and information are presented right off the bat at the homepage.


Survey and rewards sites

Survey and rewards sites

Though not strictly a lucrative career per se, becoming a member of tried-and-tested survey and rewards sites could also fall under the realm of legitimate work from home jobs. Of course, there is some work involved – because you should steer clear of so-called rewards sites promising you cash or prizes for doing nothing! – but they are stuff you normally do online on a daily basis, anyway. And while they probably won’t become your bread and butter or main sources of income, you could earn enough to address a specific financial need with these sites.

  • GrabPoints has proven itself time and again to be one of the highest-paying survey and rewards sites around. The company gets paid by advertisers to have customer engagement, which is why members get recruited to perform easy, everyday online tasks. You can earn cash (paid via PayPal in as short as 48 hours!) or gift cards of your choice for completed tasks you perform.
  • ZoomBucks was relaunched a couple of years ago due to popular demand. It works in a similar fashion to GrabPoints in that they recruit members for brands demanding engagement on their behalf. After members do tasks like complete offers, watch videos, and answer surveys, they can cash out the rewards of their choice (cash or gift cards).
  • Swagbucks wants you to earn cash and gift cards for doing everyday online things like shopping online, watching videos, answering survey questions, searching the web, and others. You can choose to cash out via PayPal or select popular gift cards from Walmart or Amazon as your reward for successfully completing tasks.
  • Simply put, Prize Rebel provides “paid surveys for money”. Members can sign up so they can take surveys and redeem their points for money via PayPal, or choose from an array of gift cards. It is as simple as that.
  • InstaGC rewards members for doing everyday online activities like completing surveys, watching videos, shopping online, and searching the web. The site boasts of offering over 340 gift cards for members to redeem. They promise to deliver instantly so that users can start using these gift cards online or in-store right away.


Transcription work

Transcription work

You can trust transcription work to always be there, no matter the season. It goes without saying that it is one of the best work from home jobs when it comes to reliability. All sorts of companies and organizations need some form of transcription work done at any given date, after all. So if you want to get cracking on a career in transcription, check out the links below.

  • AccuTran Global is a company specializing in transcription services for clients worldwide. Established in 2002, the site takes pride in providing transcribers, editors, and writers for a variety of outsourcing projects and in specific formats. They aim to constantly engage with new contract transcribers, stenographers, and voice writers, so this is a good place as any to start a remote transcription career.
  • Appen wants you to find a job you love – preferably the flexible kind. Since transcription work encourages a flexible schedule, you might just have come to the right place. Click on the Jobs button on the home page and you will be taken to another page where you can find part-time flexible language or corporate jobs.
  • Birch Creek Communications has openings for transcription workers as independent contractors. They focus mainly on audio files and corporate/financial transcriptionists, so this is not the place to apply as a medical or legal transcription specialist. The company pays their transcriptionists .40/audio minute to 1.75/audio minute, with the range depending on turnaround time, quality of work, and percentage of accuracy.
  • Casting Words currently has available jobs for freelance transcriptionists, but you will have to create an account with them first and apply for their workshop. Then you will need to study their somewhat strict documentation and style guide. But the compensation, paid via PayPal, is fair and worth it once you get in.
  • Daily Transcription careers are for freelancers who wish to work from home, so this is a shoo-in during the time of COVID-19 for those needing an extra stream of income. You can choose to join their team as a transcriptionist, subtitler or captioner, or bilingual Spanish transcription specialist. The site promises such benefits as flexibility of schedule, weekly payments, higher rates versus competitors’ (starting rates at $0.75 -$0.85 per audio minute), work-life balance, and more.
  • GMR Transcription wants their users to “transcribe better and earn better”. The “earn better” part comes with the promise of earning a thousand to $3000 per month, depending on skills and the kind of work a transcriptionist takes on with them. Scroll down the Careers page to see the current job openings they have, and see if they are a good fit for you.
  • Go Transcript takes pride in their human-generated transcription services. They also guarantee 99% accuracy in all their transcription work, so if you wish to apply here, you are going to have to be accurate and careful while transcribing. You can sign up with the site and see if the following kinds of transcription work appeal to you: focus group, legal, medical, academic, research, verbatim, audi, or visual transcribing.
  • QuickTate is a site dedicated to transcribers and those who need them. To be a contractor, you will need to first sign up, meet all their requirements and qualifications, read through the legal agreements, and provide references.
  • Scribie describes itself as “a fully remote company” and is therefore suitable for COVID-19 transcription job seekers. They promise around $5 to $25/audio hour pay rate for audio files that are just ten minutes (or shorter). Scribie also doesn’t assign transcribers files, because it is up to the worker to preview and choose which ones they want to work on. There is also a monthly bonus of $5 for every 3 hours completed!
  • If you want to work when and where you want, SpeechPad is probably one of the best places to start. You can click on the Jobs button at the top of the homepage to see available positions for transcribers, captioners, translators, or reviewers. The site pays per audio minute, ranging from $0.25/min for entry-level work to as high as $1.00/min for jobs requiring more experience.
  • Tigerfish is one of the oldest and best-known transcription service providers around, having been established as far back as 1989. They have earned the reputation for delivering high-quality transcription work on time, and for hiring only skilled transcriptionists who have passed their stringent test and style guides.
  • Transcribe Me! aims to have workers monetize their downtime – and perhaps in current times, make the most out of the COVID-19 situation. To become a transcriber with them, you don’t necessarily have to have experience as being one. However, they place special emphasis on hiring those who are fluent in English, have excellent typing skills, and are knowledgeable in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • If you want to join the Transcriptions ‘n Translations team, simply fill out the sign up page. They tout an organized management structure that ensures efficiency and effectiveness for their clients. The scope of work included in the site cover transcriptions, closed captioning, subtitling, translation, and other services required by customers.
  • Ubiqus is always on the lookout for people to join them. They need qualified individuals to become transcriptionists, language experts/translators, and event professionals. There are job openings listed in the home page ranging from interpreters, hearing reporters, audio technicians, proofreaders, transcriptionists, and proofreaders. Send a CV and cover letter with the job you intend to apply for to be considered.
  • Verbal Ink provides transcription and translation services to their clients. You can create an account with them via the sign-up page. They are looking for transcriptionists, translators, writers, and subtitlers.


Editing and proofreading

Editing and proofreading

If you have a sharp eye for grammatical, spelling, or syntax errors, someone could be willing to hire you remotely for their copy and publication materials. In the past, the realm of editors and proofreaders was mostly within publishing houses or ad agencies. Fast forward to today – reporting to an office is no longer a requirement for those who have experience as editors and proofreaders. Take a look at the following online job portals to see if there is an opening available for you today.

  • TextMaster is a professional translation service provider that also offers other jobs that fit the projects they handle for their clients. Aside from translation services, they also provide professional proofreading and content writing services. If you want to write for them, you can expect to do some SEO content writing, simple editorial content, simple product descriptions – or, if you have a wider range as a writer, do technical data sheets, editorial content, and other specialized forms of copy.
  • Career Builder has a special search feature for those who want to find a job during the COVID-19 pandemic, so use it at the homepage if you are looking for something specific. There are also resources available to help you, whether you are a job seeker or an employer. You can look for editing and proofreading jobs by using either the search bar, or scrolling down potential employers, trending searches, or using the site’s app to get notifications when positions become available.
  • You can easily find an editing or proofreading job at Glass Door by clicking on the Find a Job drop-down menu on the homepage. You can also research companies you think are a good fit, compare salaries before you start applying.
  • Freelancer, as its name suggests, offers jobs for freelancers of any industry imaginable. You can use the search bar to look for editor or proofreader jobs, and narrow it down further with filters such as newest first, pricing, etc.
  • Fiverr offers freelance services for different types of businesses. There is a prominent search bar on the home page, with suggestions for popular searches like translation, voice over, articles and blog posts, and logo design underneath. There is a feature on popular freelancers if you scroll down the homepage, which means the site also promotes the more successful remote workers on their behalf.
  • HubPages is a job portal where writers can start contributing articles on subjects they like and are passionate about. From recipes to travel guides through how-to-do-it pieces, this is the place to try your hand at getting some income from writing via Adsense and affiliate programs.


Remote sales support

Remote sales support

The great thing about sales and marketing work is that they can be done from practically anywhere using modern technology (either by phone or digital messaging apps or software). This makes them a shoo-in for remote workers, especially during these times of strict social distancing. It could become the new norm as far as providing customer support and reaching out for sales are concerned. The good news is that plenty of online job marketplaces offer remote sales and call center work for those specifically looking for them.

  • Amazon Virtual Locations is an “office that comes to you”. There is an interview process before you can be deemed qualified to become a full time or seasonal agent with them, though.
  • U-Haul currently has call center and customer representative jobs available in their featured jobs section, so take a look and see if you qualify for them.
  • Mediabistro allows you to have a job alerts notification for when remote sales support jobs are available. You can also use their search bar or or view their featured companies if you want to work for a particular one.
  • Indeed encourages job seekers to post their resume so that potential employers can easily find them. You can also search by location or keywords to narrow down your choices.
  • Glass Door wants you to find a job that fits your life, and if current circumstances dictate that the job be remote – they have that to offer, as well. Simply create an account with the site and start searching for the perfect remote job via their drop-down menu.
  • LiveOps is all about online call center jobs from home. There are plenty of job opportunities here for you, ranging from inbound sales, insurance, technical or payroll support, customer service, health care, food order taking, and more.
  • Arise deals with customer service outsourcing. There is an orange Work From Home button in the homepage which takes you to another page. It gives instructions on how to deliver call center services from home.
  • VIP Desk aims to elevate customer care for iconic brands. You can join their team to be part of a “more human” support and interaction for their clients.
  • Enterprise is all about moving in the right direction as far as your career in sales is concerned. There is a work from home call center option when you click on the drop-down menu for Career Opportunities, right there on the top bar.
  • Concentrix takes pride in its “home team advantage”, which is all about their extensive experience in global WAH (work at home) deployment. If you’re ready to be part of their team, click on the teal Apply Now button today.


Virtual assistants

Virtual assistants

Expect a rise in the demand for virtual assistants now that a lot of companies, organizations, and businesses are shifting to remote work. With the proper communication tools present, virtual assistance might just become one of the most in-demand remote jobs in existence. If you want to try your hand at it, take a look at the following handy resources.

  • Assistant Match aims to help business owners manage their businesses by matching them with the right VA. They are always looking for ‘pre-screened, US-based, virtual assistants’ who can assist clients with business details. VAs can choose to work as many hours as the client needs.
  • Smith AI has always touted the work-from-home setup for both their virtual assistants and business clients. For those who want to work as full-time VAs, expect to be on call for 40 hours a week at least (with shifts broken into two to five-hour blocks). Part-time VAs have to be available at least four hours a day for five days a week.
  • To apply as a VA at 24/7 Virtual Assistant, send your resume to [email protected]. If your skills set match those of their current clients, you will be hearing from them ASAP. It’s a plus if you are fluent in other languages aside from English because they have clients all over the world.
  • Equivity VA is on the lookout for virtual assistants who are, as they describe it on their site: “resourceful, detail-oriented, proactive and extremely organized”. If you are willing to work part-time 9 AM to 6 PM Monday to Friday, have a laptop and smartphone with broadband access, and a quiet location at home for phone calls, then you are a shoo-in!
  • Fancy Hands has the battle cry: “Assistants for Everyone!” They claim to be the fastest and most affordable virtual assistant provider in the US. VA applicants can find job openings by clicking on the Jobs link at the bottom of the homepage, and clicking on the blue Apply for an Assistant position button.
  • Zirtual has a blue Become An Assistant button on their homepage, which gives instructions on the sign up page on how to apply as a VA with them.
  • Virtual Staff Finder helps businesses owners match with the perfect VA for them. The site has helpful resources for virtual assistants, as well – from blog posts on VA salary guides, to testimonials from past and present VAs that have gotten jobs through them.
  • Boldly takes pride in its “ridiculously talented remote staff”, and you can become a virtual assistant with them by applying. Expect to do such tasks as social media marketing, personal support for busy executives, writing and editing, and other jobs associated with being a VA.
  • LifeBushido claims to always be hiring for growth, which is appealing to those who might be considering a new normal in the realm of home-based work. Their virtual assistants’ skills and experience are matched with their clients in small businesses, entrepreneurs, real estate agents, and other industries.
  • Contemporary Virtual Assistance expects its VAs to do a myriad of remote tasks on behalf of their clients, including providing customer support via email, phone calls, or helpdesk, as well as updating websites, blogs, and other pages. You might also be tasked to handle the client’s appointments and schedules, plus plan and host webinars and the like.


Online coupons and cashback sites

Online coupons and cashback sites

Even though earning back the money you spent on things you need might not qualify as a real job, cashback and online coupon sites can nevertheless help you save money and augment your income. In this day and age, every little bit helps when it comes to building a nest egg and savings for times of uncertainty.

With apps, sites, and software to help you, you won’t have to worry about eating up the time dedicated to work just so you can earn back cash or get significant discounts when you’re shopping online. We’ve come up with a list of tried-and-tested cashback platforms for you below:

  • You can get up to 40% cashback at over 5000 stores by using Be Frugal. It doesn’t use a points system like other cashback sites, but promises fast payouts via PayPal, direct deposit, or with your choice of gift cards.
  • Ibotta (or “I bought a”…) wants you to earn cash back and save with its in-app offers. You also get a $20 bonus just for using the app for the first time!
  • Rakuten used to be more popularly known as Ebates. The site still offers up to 40% of your cash back in over 2500 stores, with no fees, points, or forms to worry about. If you sign up with them, you instantly get a $10 bonus.
  • Snapcart uses its “actionable shopper” insights on behalf of its clients and partners to reward loyal users for purchasing certain products and brands.
  • Extrabux is another cashback shopping site that offers coupons, deals, and handy guides to its users. They have brands of the week features and have been around since 2006.


Graphic and merchandise design

Graphic and merchandise design

Most visual arts creatives can jumpstart their career via work from home jobs where they can earn an extra stream of income. This time of lockdown and self-quarantining should not hinder you from pursuing your creative passion while making sure you stay financially afloat. Fortunately, there are now online platforms where you can sell your designs to be featured on choice merchandise. Consider the best ones below.

  • RedBubble is a place where independent artists and creatives can design merchandise and highly saleable products onsite, such as stickers, phone cases, wall art, stationery, personalized gifts, and more.
  • CafePress has special features for artistic expression on their site, including for pets, special occasions, TV shows and movies, memes, and other trending topics.
  • Etsy places special emphasis on hand-made and one-of-a-kind (or OOAK) crafts, but there are also merchandise for sale by artists that aren’t one-offs.

These days – and in the coming ones ahead – having a career that is home-based seems not only viable but also necessary. Most businesses and institutions are accommodating temporary home-based setups until the situation gets better and lockdowns everywhere are lifted. However, we think it is safe to say that the future of work is truly in the remote realm, if only to guarantee everyone’s health and safety while sticking with their passion and earning a living.