Your Guide to Referring Friends to GrabPoints

December 11, 2018

GrabPoints has been around since 2014, and since that time, our user base has grown to over 4 million members. We’re proud of our ability to give our members an excellent experience – not to mention give them the highest payouts in the world – but the members themselves also deserve some credit for the growth of the GrabPoints community.

Most of our members are committed to referring and encouraging their friends and family to join GrabPoints. They’re not just doing this for kicks, of course. GrabPoints has a great referral program that lets these members earn whenever one of their referrals joins GrabPoints. In addition to answering surveys, watching videos, and completing tasks, referrals present a great earning opportunity.

But getting referrals isn’t as simple as spamming all your contacts (which you should never do!). To help you get referrals – and all the earnings they bring – we created this guide to help you.

How to Earn Via Referrals

When you complete your registration at GrabPoints, you get a unique invite code, which can be seen on the Refer Friends page. The code comes in the form of a unique link that your referrals can click on. The link will take them to a specific landing page if your referrals are interested in specific topics.

You can then share this code on your social media feed, blog, or YouTube channel (we’ll be discussing these methods in a bit). Whenever someone signs up using your code, you’ll get bonus points when they earn their first 1,000 points. The amount of bonus points you get will depend on your location:

Tier 1 Countries – 250 bonus points per referral

Tier 2 Countries – 150 bonus points per referral

Tier 3 Countries – 25 bonus points per referral

Referrals are indeed a great earning opportunity. But aside from the earnings you get, there’s another benefit to getting people to join GrabPoints – the community thrives because GrabPoints works with big companies and advertisers. A large user base will ensure that GrabPoints can keep working with these companies… and that, ultimately, benefits all of us. It’s a win-win situation.

How to Get Referrals

Okay, we showed you why you should refer people to the site. In this section, we’ll be showing you how to do it. Here are some ideas to get you started – but you’re not limited to these methods, of course. You can get creative (provided you don’t spam or misrepresent yourself or the site, of course). At the end of this article, we will also be providing some additional tips that apply to all these promotion methods.

1. Share your invite link on social media

Just about everyone has a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account these days. These platforms give you a great opportunity to spread your invite code. And since you’ll be sharing your code to mostly friends instead of strangers, there’s a strong chance they’ll click on it.

We suggest coming up with a unique or personalized message to accompany your post. For example, if the holidays are coming up, why not make a holiday-themed post? (e.g. “Wanna earn free money this Christmas? Join GrabPoints! Follow my referral link below”)

2. Participate on Reddit, Quora, and other online communities

There are a number of thriving online communities (Reddit, Quora etc) dedicated to rewards sites and work from home gigs. These sites would be great places to share your invite code, since many of the members will be looking for new rewards sites to try out.

But take note, many of these members will be reward site veterans. So make sure you contribute to the various discussions instead of just copy-pasting your invite link on multiple threads.

3. Start a blog

This method is a bit next-level, since it requires a bit more dedication. But you can start a blog that reviews survey sites, as well as give people tips on how to earn from home. When you run an article on GrabPoints, you can add your invite to the article and encourage people to join. WordPress is our recommended platform, due to its ease of use – if you can create a Facebook Page, you can create a free WordPress blog.

Of course, your content needs to be good, to attract a decent number of regular visitors. But if your content is enticing, you can expect lots of people to use your invite code – and that translates to lots of earnings for you.

4. Create video content

This method is a bit next-level, since it requires some pretty specific skills and equipment. But producing video content has to be one of the best ways to show people how GrabPoints works, and encourage them to use your referral code. YouTube is the most popular platform for this. And the great thing about YouTube is that you can embed your videos in your blog or social media accounts.

The entire process of using rewards sites is pretty dynamic and visual. And that’s why video is suited to explaining the ins and outs of GrabPoints. The format allows you to give users a walkthrough of using GrabPoints — from registration to completing surveys to watching videos and more.

Reminder: just because you’re producing a video, that doesn’t mean you should neglect making a catchy title and tagging the video accordingly. Proper tags will make your content searchable, and a catchy title will entice people to view your work. You can also embed your referral code to the video as an annotation so it’s impossible to miss.

5. Reminders and Best Practices (For All Methods)

Here are a few general reminders and best practices to keep in mind. They apply to whichever method you use to promote your invite code:

  • Highlight the fact that GrabPoints has the highest payouts around. Here’s a sample tweet or post:
    GrabPoints is the highest-paying survey site on the internet! Here’s a comparison of rewards on our GrabPoints vs. others:
    Comparison Chart
  • Don’t forget your hashtags. Adding hashtags will broaden the scope of your posts. We suggest you use the following hashtags:
    #PaidSurveys, #MakeMoney, #FreeMoney, #FreeGiftCards, #GrabPoints
  • Always provide meaningful info
    Getting referrals isn’t as simple as sharing your invite code and hoping someone clicks on it. Make sure you provide some enticing or meaningful info with your posts. If you think your followers will respond to the fact that GrabPoints has the highest payouts, but that in. Customizing your messaging according to your audience will increase the likelihood of them using your invite code.
  • Engage the communities
    When you share your invite code in Reddit and other communities, don’t just parachute in and leave after sharing your invite code. That’s a surefire way to get ignored (or even banned). We would suggest you actively participate in the discussions in that forum. It takes more energy to do that instead of just randomly sharing codes, but it’s a better method. You can engage the communities and show them why GrabPoints is the best choice as far as rewards sites go.
  • Become an authority
    When you create content – whether it’s written or video – don’t just cover GrabPoints. As much as we love the idea of you dedicating a blog to GrabPoints, that won’t be very useful to readers. Instead, tackle other rewards sites and side-hustles. (We’re confident that you’ll find GrabPoints to be the best of the lot.) When you cover different topics, this makes you an authority in the field. And that gives you a better online following. And who knows? Your blog or YouTube channel might become so big, we’ll be contacting you for a possible collab!